Organizing a Successful Campaign Rally

A successful campaign rally is contingent on multiple points, not the least of which begins with having a structured plan. Another one of the key elements to success is full acknowledgment of the time and effort that will assuredly be involved in a solid campaign. Structuring the time of the rally within the time frame of the campaign is essential.

Planning a successful campaign rally includes devoting attention to location, the appearance of surroundings, the structuring of a great speech, ensuring that there is a great sound system, and the details that accompany each of these respective planning elements. Location is essential to ensuring that press and attendees will have enough room. Choose a location that is easy to find with adequate parking and is not excessively large or small. The ultimate goal would be to fill the area while looking at capacity without overflowing. The visual appearance of surroundings is critical since there will undoubtedly be photos. The speech should include a few key sound bites to repeat and a speech that is concise while hitting all of the major issues. Introductions prior to the speech should be made by a trusted community member. A great sound system is sufficient for the size of the crowd, plus takes into account possible external noises such as the roar of a crowd or potential traffic.

Some of the benefits of rallies include the ability to improve personal name recognition, help inform potential voters about the campaign and convert those who are on the fence, the potential for press coverage, the ability to gain a larger audience for your intended message, and a way to get your voters enthusiastic.

Ensuring that the rally is completed on the proper time schedule is essential to its success. The rally should optimally be conducted two weeks before the schedule vote unless it is being done at the beginning of the campaign to create awareness. Media should be invited and the rally should be well advertised. Remember that rallies can be a fantastic way to recruit new volunteers while individuals are excited about the campaign.

These tips were recommended by NGP VAN, a privately owned progressive software company that has helped major Democratic candidates like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


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Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of civil and criminal justice solutions in technology. For over two decades of professional experience, Securus Technologies has worked to develop their animate solutions to become the best in the industry. Securus Technologies is also known for offering a wide range of technical solutions that other companies have struggled to beat for years. For this reason, it remains at the top of service delivery in the industry. Securus Technologies received both accreditation and an A+ rating from the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau stated that Securus Technologies worked hard to rank well according to their measurement of the justifying statements they make in the media as well as to their clients.


Securus Technologies is also considered as leading provider of technology solutions that lead to public safety, foster investigation, accredit monitoring, and correction in the inmate industry. Securus Technologies has also announced that they have received an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau based in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies Senior Vice President of Operations, Danny De Hoyos, said that the company has worked extremely hard to secure the accreditation through the world-class services they provide to their clients.


Danny De Hoyos also said that the company worked hard to receive the accreditation from the Better Business bureau because they were fit to hold office. They also received an A+ rating because they are consistent with the quality of information they deliver to the people. Accreditation is a voluntary action. This means the government does not mandate it under the law. This means Securus Technologies respects their clients by working with another organization to ascertain they deliver quality services in unparalleled grounds. Securus Technologies has established and maintained a positive record in the industry. Securus Technologies has also adhered to the established advertising standards and selling to be accredited.


Creating Positive Classroom Experiences with ClassDojo

Parent-teacher interactions are extremely important to the academic success of the student. When a teacher communicates effectively with a parent, it’s shows the devotion the teacher has to the student. It shows that they are willing to work with the student and the parent to ensure the child is successful in their education. When a patent communicates with a teacher, it allows the parent to be constantly abreast of what their child is doing during the day when they are away. Currently, there is a company that is making parent-teacher interactions easier and more effective. This tech startup, is working diligently to ensure the parent knows exactly how to tackle the academic success of their child. This communication platform is creating a positive culture between classroom and student.


ClassDojo is a tech application that connects teachers to their students’ parents. With ClassDojo, parents are able to keep updated on their child’s work as well as any activities they are participating in. Recently, ClassDojo just raised $21 million in a round of venture funding, which will allow them to improve the technology and make it more community-centric. This application allows parents to communication throughout the day, which keeps them aware of what’s going on. So, if for any reason, something happens they will know. This is better than the annual parent-teacher conferences. Founders, Liam Don and Sam Chaundry, state that ClassDojo allows teachers to share the student’s schedule with his or her parents. It also allows the teacher to take photos of the students work and share it with the parents.


ClassDojo is a communication platform that is effective in giving more access to their child’s classroom. This application is used in K-8 schools all over the United States. It is free for teachers.


ClassDojo is used to create communities within the classrooms. In addition to engagement between teacher and parent, students can also interact by adding their best work to their portfolios. This service is a great way to keep students excited about their education.

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