White Shark Media: A Digital Marketing Company on the Rise

White Shark Media came into existence back in 2011. Since that time, this organization has been working hard to distinguish itself within the realm of digital marketing. In today’s business climate, an enterprise must have a strong online presence and marketing is a part of this process.

White Shark Media has the tools and resources to help businesses to excel. They have about 150 employees that services about 600 clients. The employees at White Shark are exceptionally talented individuals who understand the internet and how important it is to a business’s success.

This organization provides high quality search engine optimization and online marketing benefits. They want to ensure that their clients are getting the best service that they can provide. Their techniques include the use of all marketing techniques that are impacting the market today. Pay per click, search engine management and ad word placement are just some of the processes that White Shark uses to get results for their clients.

The founders of White Shark Media consist of Alexander Nygart and he is the CEO of the organization. Gary Garth is the next co-founder and he works as the company’s Chief Business Development Officer and Andrew Lolk who provides his expertise to the company in the form of support. All three men are from Denmark and they moved to America to promote this endeavor. White Shark Media is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

The core values of White Shark Media are very important to the company’s success. This organization treats their clients as if they have a personal stake in their business. They also present their work in a highly polished and professional manner. This even causes the members of White Shark Media to go all out to meet their client’s expectations.

White Shark pays attention to details and produces high quality results for customers. They provide good enough service and are able to retain at least 10% of their former clients. This company has been steadily increasing their revenue since they were first founded. They are truly on the rise and is expected to become a dominant digital marketing provider in the future.

4 Key Strategies for Managing your Online Reputation

A great reputation takes great effort and time to establish. Therefore, everything must be done to ensure that your built reputation is maintained. The way to do so is by learning strategies to enhance your reputation while preventing it from being tarnished. Here are a few strategies that can go a long way.

Controversy Sells

Take the bold step today and sell your business today using controversy. Get people talking about your business? This is definitely a great way to increase awareness of your brand. However, if you decide to use this strategy, you must be very careful. Not just any controversy will sell your brand. If you do it wrong, you could lose clients that you have already acquired. Therefore, you need to analyze how effective your controversy will be before you can actually implement it.

Monitor Your Brand

At all times monitor how your brand is doing. Sign out of your browser and search yourself on the major search engines including Yahoo, Google and Bing. What are people saying about you? If you are constantly monitoring your business reputation then you will identify a crisis immediately and work on it before it can adversely affect your reputation.

Determine how to Deal with Online Reputation Attacks

In order to decide what measure you need to take against the attackers, you need to first identify who is attacking you. If it is your clients, you might want to be lenient. Get back to them personally and make them understand what is going on. Also assure them that the quality of your products and service is still as great as before. However, for other attackers who are just malicious, you might want to take a more stern action, may be even file a lawsuit.

Be Proactive

Protect your reputation from being tarnished, instead of waiting for damage to be done so that you can repair. However, if damage has already been done, you need to have a plan to handle it accordingly. At all times, when dealing with an attack, ensure that you remain professional and do everything possible to reassure your customers.

White Shark Media: Setting Up A PPC Management Service



Are you in need of digital advertising advice or guidance? Need someone to show you how things work in the advertising arena? Wondering why numerous businesses rely on the experts at White Shark Media for advertising management?


White Shark Media is a well known ad agency, focusing on PPC advertising. The business has an established history of supplying exceptional service, and assisting clients accomplish fantastic outcomes with their ad campaign.


Running a PPC advertising campaign is not an easy task and requires the expertise of qualified advertising professionals.


White Shark Media has highly experienced and also knowledgeable experts that are fully devoted to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Any person can enter into search engine advertising and marketing, however it takes experience as well as proper administration to extend an advertising and marketing budget and create a return on your financial investment.


White Shark Media has lots of clients around the world that depend on the company’s services due to their superior client service. They have created top notch results for numerous clients and a huge amount of money of ad spend.


When it comes to assisting business enterprises the best conversion rates, White Shark Media has got the knowledge. White Shark Media has been providing services for many years, and can enable you prosper. They review complaint instantly, and resolve the issue to assure that the customer is delighted with the resolution.


At White Shark Media, their complete satisfaction of the client is their top priority. A primary reason for their success and continued client full satisfaction and loyalty is due to their reporting, communication and transparent approach.


Have a look around White Shark Media’s website, check out the various sections to become familiar with their terms and conditions, then contact them for free consultation.

How You Can Battle Negativity Using Online Reputation Management

Bad press is one of the barriers that make most businesses to take too long before penetrating into a market and others fall from stable positions to the floor of the table. Before digital marketing became a common phenomenon, most businesses would battle bad mentions using traditional media, which was both expensive and slow.
However, this should no longer be the case since online marketing is a growing trend that has proved results if executed in the right manner. Through online Reputation.com and review sites, a company is able to regain its reputation and even increase its popularity.

Keep track of online reputation management campaigns
As this Blasting News publication cites, you can perform a search of your company on popular search engines to understand where it stands as far as online marketing is concerned. Look at the kind of mentions you are getting and the opinions customers have left on several platforms to gauge whether your marketing efforts are making any progress.

Tackle specific problems using reputation management
It may sound strange but some bad mentions may not affect the reputation of your company online. The business world is a complex system and some competitors may use methods like pushing for bad mentions using social sites and websites so they can grab part of your market.

But such efforts are easy to handle since what you offer to the customers is what matters most and your assurance of quality and reliable services/products could keep them. Only deal with legitimate issues that are likely to directly affect the business and this is possible if proper online reputation management is engaged.

Use social media accounts to fight bad press
Today millions of people are using social media and probably as many as 60 percent of your target customers are also on several social sites. Therefore, these sites should offer you a perfect platform on which you can market your products and services. If you find this challenging, you can choose online reputation management companies to help you in your endeavors. They are equipped well and understand the ins and outs of reputation management and digital marketing.

Talk Fusion Launches An All-New Video Marketing Solution

Talk Fusion has launched an all-new WebRTC Recorder. The new software will enable Talk Fusion users to connect better with their own customers. WebRTC is a real-time communication technology that entirely web based. Users apply the technology in recording high-quality videos, which they send to their customers as video newsletters or video emails. The software is compatible with both Firefox and Chrome browsers.
Talk Fusion users who adopt the new platform will enjoy various new features including seamless synchronization and faster playback. Moreover, the system has instant recording and real-time communication abilities.
According to Jeff Younger, a developer at Talk Fusion, WebRTC technology is miles ahead of other competing platforms. Its cutting-edge technologies ensure that Talk Fusion users can achieve productive and high-quality real-time communication with their customers. Younger believes that Talk Fusion will continue to dominate the world of real-time video connections.
Bob Reina, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, believes in WebRTC technology. He confirmed that the technology would be incorporated in all the products made by the tech firm. Reina also posited that the technology had already been deployed in some Talk Fusion products other than the WebRTC recorder. The quality of Talk Fusion’s WebRTC technology was established in February when Video Chat, a product that uses it, won the “WebRTC Product of the Year 2016” award.
WebRTC Recorder is already live and can be accessed by all Talk Fusion users provided they are using either Firefox or Chrome browsers. In order to access the new features, a user should go to the Talk Fusion Product Dashboard then click on Video Newsletter or Video Email options. From there, the user can click on the recording button labeled ‘webcam’. This button launches the WebRTC Recorder application. Talk Fusion also announced that they were giving free 30 day trials to every company, person, or charity interested in the technology.

About Talk Fusion
Talk Fusion is a global leader in video marketing and is known for launching the first video marketing solution. The company hopes to revolutionize marketing by using video to make the process persuasive, memorable and engaging. Rob Reina, who also serves as its CEO, founded Talk Fusion. Currently, the innovative products of the company are marketed in at least 140 countries around the globe.