Teach To One- A New Effective Way Of Teaching

“Teachers have 3 loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two together.” This is a quote from Scott Hayden that truly describes many educators. Teachers who teach a group of students together has a tremendous affect and is very beneficial for both students and educators. This is exactly what the program Teach To One offers. Teach To One focuses on bringing a couple of teachers to educate and support a group of students in which they specifically aid with mathematics. This is called collaborative teaching.

There are many students nationwide- from elementary to college- who are struggling and continue to struggle with mathematics. One of the reasons are not getting enough one on one help from the teacher as there is only so much one teacher can do to help every student in a classroom of 30 or more students. This is why Teach To One is such a great program that should be brought to your school. This program includes digital resources that have created math education in a unique way to help assist students in connecting with the course study that are used in the real world by professionals. To know more about Teach to One visit crunchbase.com

Collaborative teaching is one of the main qualities of the program that bring many benefits both sides. Students benefit from collaborative teaching by building habits of engaging in productive communication, problem solving in the real world, and collaborating with others to develop a advancing mindset. Students also benefit as there are more teachers than one to get help and work with one on one. Teachers benefit by having extra hands to help plan, prepare, present, and teach the children. The teachers can learn effective teaching strategies and more from each other which helps the education of students as well. They have both opportunists to lead and support.


Sujit Choudhry partners with George Anderson on constitutional essay collection

Canadian constitutional lawyer Sujit Choudhry and former Canadian government deputy minister George Anderson have authored a book of essays explaining the complications constitutional processes face with territorial disagreements.

The collection, “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions,” focuses on 17 situations where countries are making constitutional changes. These are both small countries, politically diverse countries and areas where territorial politics play both key and secondary roles. Case studies shown in the book include Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, Spain, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Cyprus.

The published work includes recommendations on policy from the eye of realists looking at the complexity of both politics and territorial governance. Many in the field of constitutional law see this work as incredibly relevant to situations happening worldwide. That is especially true for Myanmar, Yemen and Libya.

The two have also authored a policy paper as a companion piece to their work. The paper is given the same title and details how crafting constitutions is affected by territorial claims. It also offers input to advisors involved in constitutional drafting.

Sujit Choudhry, considered a leading expert on Canada’s constitution, is a principal at Choudry Law. He also founded and is the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Internationally known as a constitutional scholar, Sujuit Choudhry has worked for decades helping those in government advance rule-of-law processes and build constitutional governments.

With law degrees from Toronto, Oxford and Harvard, Sujit Choudhry served as law clerk under Chief Justice Antonio Lamer on the Supreme Court of Canada and served the Bar of Ontario. He was a constitutional law scholar at UC Berkeley, New York University and the University of Toronto for almost 20 years. More than 100 publications bear his name and his work has been used by Canadian courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

George Anderson is the former CEO of the Forum of Federations and a Centre for Democracy and Diversity at Queen’s University fellow. He served the United Nations Department of Political Affairs as a part of the Sanby Team of Experts and has been a consultant all over the world.


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The Academy of Art University – Students Showcase Their Designs

The Academy of Art University strives to come up with the best training and guidance for their students to provide an exceptional experience that guides them towards achieving their goals in the fashion industry. With talented professors and designers on hand to help provide such knowledge, this University is here to deliver incredible training.

 The New York Fashion Week is the place to be where the new designers launch their careers into the limelight. It gives them the chance to be seen by the most important people in the industry. This University held their 21st runway showcase back in September of 2017. It was done at the Skylight Clarkson Square, known for being the official residence of everything style for that specific week. This season specifically had ten BFA and MFA graduates debuting their womenswear and menswear collections.

There is such a diverse set of designers. All of them come from across the globe with one being from Mainland China and another in coastal Maine. Their range of ideas took the audience by storm, impressing the legendary Ms. J Alexander, among countless other people in the fashion industry. Every single class and all the training all work up to this very moment, so they are incredibly grateful that the right people took the time to watch the showcase.

Presenting their vision for the future, it was quite an exhilarating experience for them. Every single class, training program, and project done to showcase their designs for 15 short minutes in front of the biggest and most important people in the industry. It was quite a unique way for them to graduate and get themselves out there in a way that puts them in the spotlight. The Academy of Art University is definitely the place to be to continue learning about fashion and get only the best knowledge possible from the best fashion design teachers.

Follow this link to learn more https://www.academyart.edu/explore/


TJ Maloney – leading the future of Private Equity with Lincolnshire Management

Founded in 1986, and headquartered in New York City, Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that specializes in investing in middle-market companies. Middle-Market companies are an essential aspect to America’s economy, with an estimated 200,000 companies that account for a third of America’s private sector, driving more than 30 million jobs. According to their website, Lincolnshire Management maintains large investments across many industries, through an aggressive 85 acquisitions since their inception. At the helm of such an exciting company is TJ Maloney.


According to his official biography, TJ Maloney holds a BA from Boston College, and JD from Fordham Law School. TJ Maloney has served in various board positions, ranging from educational institutions such as Boston College, to financial institutions, such as the Boston College Wall Street Council. He has also given many lectures to various financial and educational institutions. TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire Management in 1993. TJ Maloney currently serves on the investment committee, which entails active involvement in the various portfolio companies Lincolnshire Management maintains investments in.


Today, Lincolnshire Management maintains over one billion USD in capital. Through their many acquisitions, they have acquired deep industry exposure, with some of their acquisitions including Amports, a logistics company, Holley Performance Products, a professional auto parts distributor, and Transcraft, a flatbed trucking company. What makes Lincolnshire Management a successful Private Equity firm is their investment strategy: instead of investing in well-known large corporations, or taking a large risk with fledgling startup companies, Lincolnshire Management takes the middle ground and invests in middle-tier, established companies that have maintained a successful operation for more than a number of years. This strategy implies that, while there may be an inherant risk to an investment, a certain level of stability is achieved. In addition, a company that has established itself, yet still provides room for expansion, offers key factors for growth, and, obviously, a wider profit margin.


With the investment strategy of Lincolnshire Management, and their extraordinarily competent CEO TJ Maloney at the helm, Lincolnshire Management is set to become the next leader for Private Equity investment.

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Aaron Lupuloff Is Changing Lives One Student At A Time

Aaron Lupuloff is a man who thoroughly cares about the education of the children in his community. He knows that it is very important for children to further their education past high school and go on to college. He also knows that a lot of times children sacrifice their college education because they know that neither themselves nor their families can afford to send them off to college. He wants to change this.

Aaron Lupuloff has been working hard with a public school district in the area around where he lives to make sure there are options available to the students so that they can apply to and hopefully go off to the college of their choosing without having to worry about how they are going to pay for it.

Based on stockwits.com, scholarships are a great way for students to get the funding that they need to go to school, but not every student is going to get a scholarship so Aaron Lupuloff is working hard to try and find other options to have available to those who do not receive scholarships.

Aaron Lupuloff says that in order to have a successful community you must have successful youth. Having successful youth means that you must have educational options readily available to these students so that they can be the very best that they can be.

Aaron Lupuloff is going to continue to work with education and he is going to try his hardest to allow every child the opportunity to go to school without having to think about finances for even a second. Lupuloff wants to change the future of our children and he knows that education has to be the center of that. Aaron Lupuloff is going to continue to do great things and he is going to change many lives along the way. To know more about Lupuloff you can visit interview.net


Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Interview

Aaron Lupuloff, executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, discusses the organization during an interview at the Corky Kell Classic.

Portland-based Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna Enjoys the Fruits of His Determination

Nitin Khanna is currently the CEO of MergerTech, a company specialised on advising on mergers and acquisitions and also provides tech consultancy services. The company has created relationships with diverse business around the globe, thanks to its diverse expertise in the above areas.

Early Life

The business magnate was born in Himachal Pradesh in India. The province is located north of India near the monstrous Himalayas Mountains. His dad worked in the military as a colonel. The rest of the family members were entrepreneurs. In his young years, Nitin Khanna worked in several businesses from motorcycle repairs factory to a cement plant. This experience proved important when he got his hands into a business enterprise.

He would later join Lawrence School, one of the best schools around. At age 17, he settled in the United States where he attended Purdue University located in West Lafayette, Indiana. He took a major in Industrial Engineering before taking a Masters in the course at the same university.

Career and Business Life

After completing his studies, Nitin Khanna did a two-year management trainee program at the International Paper. In the company, he worked at different positions. He then headed a cardboard box factory for two years before calling it quits.

Nitin was then employed at Oracle in1995 and worked for three years before joining his brother in a business venture. His brother Karan Khanna had has his MBA. Together, they started Saber Software in the year 1999. For the next decade, Karan and Nitin Khanna grew the business taking up various projects. Soon it was the largest software vendor for USA government systems. Some of the departments it has served are DMV and Child Welfare.

It was in the course of the business that the brothers decided to start another company that deals with mergers and acquisitions. This was the start of MergerTech in 2009. The company has since added an investment and advisory arm.

Mr Nitin Khanna is the head of MagerTech Advisors, the MergerTech investment arm. He is also involved in the community around him with several projects, including urban management and children welfare. Nitin also heads Cura Cannabis Solutions, a cannabis vaping products company as the CEO

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Academy of Art University: The Home of Creative Arts

At the time of its founding in 1929, the vision of the Academy of Art University was to offer advertising art. However, professionals in various industries and the growing demand for innovative faculties considered the vision a limitation. As a result, the institution opened its doors to other accredited programs, which include fashion, interior architecture, animation, and interior design.


Over the past decades, the Academy has become a full-fledged finishing school from which hundreds of accomplished visual-arts creative have obtained their skills. Some of them have the best creative talent in the United States; thanks to the evolving technological development.

The fact that it is located within downtown San Francisco has given it an upper hand. It is a short distance from the historic Embarcadero neighborhood. Anyone could argue that San Francisco is also dynamic, inspiring, and America’s most beautiful city.

In the recent past, the Academy has experienced diversification in its student body. Its students come from every region within the globe. Not many colleges and universities are having this representation, a status, which has given the Academy an international vibe. It has grown to the point of being able to enroll over 18,000 students.

The Academy’s President, Dr. Elisa Stephens, is a firm believer of proper instruction, hard work, dedication, and innovation. This is the reason why the Academy keeps up with industry trends and emerging technologies. Stephens’ inspiration is in transforming aspiring students into professionals. Some of them are now working for high profile companies such as Nike, Apple, EA, and Pixar, among others.

Academy of Art University has received various accreditations from different institutions. One of the certifications is from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The Council for Interior Design Accreditation also acknowledges the Academy’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Master of Fine Arts degree. The students have the options of attending classes or doing them online.

The school is also very enthusiastic about athletes. It has some of the champion teams in girls’ tennis and baseball. Students can easily get creative from the hundreds of clubs and organizations it offers.

Aaron Lupuloff takes care of evolution in schools

Aaron Lupuloff was recently appointed to be a new member of the GCPS team. In 2015, that’s when he joined the company, but as a senior executive director. Aaron over the years he has continued to show his support to the Gwinnett County community through giving back to the community. Together with the help of his wife Jan, they are assisting the member of the community how possible. In 2011, because of the work that the family was doing, they were inducted by NHS Foundation.

One of the foundations that Aaron Lupuloff supports is the Camp Twin Lakes. The camp offers children with disabilities a place they can go during the summer holidays. Also, the summer camp is available and adaptable to those children that come from a low-income family. Aaron is the one that gives scholarship of up to 70% of the fee spent during the camp. They also give their support to Georgia Faction that’s a foundation for juvenile diabetes. The foundation advocates that there are diabetes research, treatment access and programs that help those people suffering type 1 diabetes have been bettered all over the world. Additionally, they work with those partners that are in domestic violence situations. The program has helped reduce how domestic violence is affecting the people involved. Like for children in domestic violence homes they will not concentrate in school those affecting their education.

According to youngupstarts, Aaron worked with a local education system. That was before he joined GCPS Company, at the Norcross High School Foundation he was the founding member. The school was started in 2001 to offer their services to people living within the school’s two zip code. One of the zip code is where the high-earning and upper class were living, and then there was 29% of the residents that were struggling to make ends meet. Through the help of the community, by using the NHS Foundation, the school was able to offer the attendees with all they needed to flourish in school. In addition, the other thing that he founded was the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board and was a board member too.

The experience that Lupuloff has in financial management is the reason why he was employed at the GCPS Foundation. The company was sure that he was a great fit in assisting with the company’s growth. In the past, he worked for Bear Stearns and Jp Morgan where he was a senior managing director for 20 years. Also, at the Raymond James, he offered his services as the managing director. Even with joining the new company, he is sure that he won’t stop his work in changing people’s lives through education.

To so many parents they are afraid to take their children to school, to receive the education that they are aware will equip them with skills, and shape them for the future because of the funding being cut off. However, the GCPS Foundation is working hard to ensure that the financing of the schools in secure and it won’t run out.






Rocketship Education Strives To Bridge The Country’s Achievement Gap

The less privileged children across the country get to enjoy great learning experiences at Rocketship Education. The charter school system aptly combines technology and teacher-led activities to offer nothing short of the best to its students. Its contemporary teaching methods have gone a long way in helping them bridge the achievement gap witnessed in different parts of the nation.

Aside from ensuring that students achieve success in their academic endeavors, the chain of elementary schools works to develop their character. Rocketship Education has a growing presence in a host of states including Washington D.C., Milwaukee, Nashville, and San Jose.

As is typical with most charter schools, Rocketship Education was a brainchild of parents, teachers and members of the community. Entrepreneurs also played a role in its establishment, albeit mild. Charter management organizations are at the heart of the leadership team. The funding of such institutions is based on the total number of students. Private funding is also allowed as long as the CMOs deem it fit.

Rocketship Education has made a name for adequately preparing students for the next level in great effect. They have set up their own set of core values and policies with the students’ interests at the heart of all their activities.

Rocketship Education was up and running in 2006 and has grown exponentially in the subsequent years. They leverage on the right rapport with parents to offer the best services to students who seek their indulgence. The members of the community are also stirred to add value to their young ones. Ultimately, the development of students is the joint responsibility of teachers, parents and the community.

In spite of the great success over the years, Rocketship Education has also been on the receiving end of criticism. Some stakeholders in the education system do not appreciate their teaching methods. The criticism has however not deterred their impressive efforts. The charter school has kept on making the most of technology to improve the lives of the underprivileged children.

The school also works round the clock to tailor its services around the needs of their students. Though the task is daunting, they desire to ensure that students can exploit the right to explore the world around them and be imaginative. Given the great success they have achieved before, the future holds a lot of promise for Rocketship Education.

Read more about Rocketships on their publications here https://tntp.org/teacher-talent-toolbox/partner/rocketship-education

David Zalik, Forging The Path

The man who brought himself to a wit’s end and still kept going no matter what it was that seemingly got in his way is named David Zalik and he is currently the original founder and the CEO of GreenSky Credit  which is an industry that gives people the ability to exchange credit and loans at a specified premium. The firm that he owns is actually the reason why he is the billionaire that he is today. He is succesful because he commits and focuses on his goals despite the distractions, and because of those habits that he formed as a little boy he now owns about a little over three billion dollars in assets. That is more than Donald Trump’s networth and it is due to the determination and perseverance David Zalik developed from a young and simple age of four when he and his parents moved from the land of Israel to go to the American soil that is the United States of America. He and his family moved there and his father who was born in Argentina became a school teacher in the University of Auburn. As previously stated David Zalik developed a heightens aptitude for learning at a budding age when he pursued education by reading math books at the age of four. This lasted about nine years before he decided regular school was too boring to stick too, so he enrolled in college at thirteen years of age by taking the SATs required to show that one is eligible to go to college. He did this and in that same year began a computer repair shop that he built from the ground up which is where he gets so much of his experience in the workd of finance. Nine years after building the computer business David Zalik decided that it was time to sell the structure that he put his heart and soul into when dot com was about to crash. He ended up selling it for a good sum of three million dollars. Yes, it can be easily said that David Zalik took his experiences seriously when it came to money.