David Zalik, Forging The Path

The man who brought himself to a wit’s end and still kept going no matter what it was that seemingly got in his way is named David Zalik and he is currently the original founder and the CEO of GreenSky Credit  which is an industry that gives people the ability to exchange credit and loans at a specified premium. The firm that he owns is actually the reason why he is the billionaire that he is today. He is succesful because he commits and focuses on his goals despite the distractions, and because of those habits that he formed as a little boy he now owns about a little over three billion dollars in assets. That is more than Donald Trump’s networth and it is due to the determination and perseverance David Zalik developed from a young and simple age of four when he and his parents moved from the land of Israel to go to the American soil that is the United States of America. He and his family moved there and his father who was born in Argentina became a school teacher in the University of Auburn. As previously stated David Zalik developed a heightens aptitude for learning at a budding age when he pursued education by reading math books at the age of four. This lasted about nine years before he decided regular school was too boring to stick too, so he enrolled in college at thirteen years of age by taking the SATs required to show that one is eligible to go to college. He did this and in that same year began a computer repair shop that he built from the ground up which is where he gets so much of his experience in the workd of finance. Nine years after building the computer business David Zalik decided that it was time to sell the structure that he put his heart and soul into when dot com was about to crash. He ended up selling it for a good sum of three million dollars. Yes, it can be easily said that David Zalik took his experiences seriously when it came to money.



ClassDojo is Helping to Improve the Learning Experience

There are various activities that learners carry out in school and would wish to have their parents know about them. For long, this has not been possible, but now it is. Through a communication app known as ClassDojo, the teachers, students, and parents are working together to ensure that students get a worthwhile experience at school. With this app, teachers, guardians, and students who use this app can share photos, videos at any time of the school day. The classroom experiences are now closer to each party.

The primary mission for ClassDojo is to transform the education of each student in the world. To be able to achieve this, the organization has resulted to connecting the three key players in education (parents, teachers, and students) and encouraging them to bring new ideas in the classroom. ClassDojo is not focused on creating a perfect class, but it rather operates on the belief that with teachers, parents, and students coming together, the result can be an ideal classroom. They also believe that once real people are bestowed with the primary ways of doing the right thing, great things happen.

With ClassDojo, the students take up different avatars which can be changed as preferred. They have their Portfolios, from which they can share their learning through photos or even videos. Once the students improve on their performances, they get to receive Dojo points. ClassDojo has helped the parents to start conversations with their children. The cliché greetings of how your day was are becoming a thing of the past since folks have seen videos or photos of activities that their children have been undertaking during the day. Teachers can communicate to the parents quickly in case they need to pass an urgent message. ClassDojo has also enabled teachers to record the behavior of students in just a click.