Could Unroll Me Be The Solution?

Everybody at one point or another has had a very large collection of emails in their inbox that they are not sure what to do with. The problem is not signing up and entering our email, the problem is all of the emails we receive from different places. Then what ends up happening to the emails? Most people mark them as spam and a few of the emails end up in a spam folder but many still come through into the inbox.

Well, Unroll Me is the perfect solution to this problem. This software is designed to filter out the spam emails from the important ones and it is all done for free. What better way to organize your inbox and spam folder. It also sorts emails individually and creates new folders for different styles of emails.

With software designed to help filter out the spam emails, Unroll Me can’t do everything to prevent loads of emails from reaching us. Some experts claim that people are beginning to drift away from email and would much rather see important messages changed to something more modern like text messages or Facebook messages. While this could be a viable option for some, many people would become very overwhelmed and would understand very quickly as to why emailing is better than these other options.

To put it into perspective, sending an email allows a person to send almost an unlimited number of characters while most messaging systems break the message up into many messages. What could be sent in a few emails often times would end up sending in 3-4 times as many messages, even though it’s the same amount of characters. But this is where the stress and other problems would come into play. Many people would think they have 15-20 pending messages where if it were in email format, it could possibly be 2-3 emails.

Converting emails to another form of communication could happen in the future, but it is probably not likely to happen soon. For now, Unroll Me is doing a great job at helping with many email related problems.

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Compiles Article For MarTech Advisor

Talk Fusion has been a key business in the video marketing industry and CEO Bob Reina has helped keep the company ahead of competitors in terms of video email marketing and newsletter solutions. He recently returned as a contributor to MarTech Advisor, a digital research magazine that posts information on technological marketing developments. His article “Video Advertising Trends of 2017,” is about different video styles and techniques that have scored big in the last year, and why businesses need to consider using them for marketing. Reina’s company also recently won an award from the Technology Marketing Corporation for Product of the Year with their videoconferencing and WebRTC recorder tool.


Bob Reina started Talk Fusion really out of just a hobby he was engaged in at the time. Reina resides in Tampa, FL is a retired member of the police force. He had taken up various multilevel marketing opportunities but wanted something that would tap into a market not explored yet. While vacationing in 2004, he had taken videos of a house and wanted to send them back to his family but couldn’t do so through email because the video files were too large. So then he got the idea to build a video email marketing platform. It took a little while to develop, but soon Reina had the platform developed and began Talk Fusion as a way to sell video email solutions to businesses and non-profits who needed them.


It didn’t stop there as Reina started seeing the potential for Talk Fusion in the multilevel marketing industry, so he then started the associates program that allows others to make commission income through reselling Talk Fusion’s product suite and referring others to the program. He also started free trials that allow customers to try all of Talk Fusion’s products risk-free for 30 days and they don’t even need a credit card to signup. Associates who make monthly sales volume and referral quotas as well as getting customers to signup for free trials can earn rewards such as authentic rolex watches, diamond jewelry, paid luxury vacations and even brand new sports cars.