Raffaele Riva Built A Solid Foundation For Business Through Education And He Continues To Be An Active Learner:

When a business individual pursues their passions with great enthusiasm and a spirit of open-mindedness, they can achieve great things professionally. This has been the attitude that has been consistently adopted by Raffaele Riva throughout his professional life and it has led the international business to a successful career in fields such as investment, real estate, wealth management, and many other related fields. Raffaele Riva is a businessman who follows his passions and sees himself as a lifelong learner who is always looking to stay aware of the latest market trends and the most recent developments in the world of technology. One of his most notable accomplishments has been his founding of the AUREA Multi Family Office.

Earning a strong background in academics has helped Raffaele Riva in his relentless pursuit for professional excellence. He studied economics in Milan at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. He later went on to pursue post-graduate degrees at both the University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Canton Ticino Management Business School. He also found work experience in the field of accounting which also served to further bolster his deep base of knowledge. All of these experiences have been complimentary to the natural talents that Raffaele Riva has always possessed as an entrepreneur.

Raffaele Riva continues to upgrade his knowledge by maintaining a strong reading habit. This helps him to continually learn and to stay on top of the game in terms of new technologies and market trends. The payoff is the fact that he is better able to deliver products and services to his clientele. Finding better ways to help his clients has always been a goal for Raffaele Riva and he continues to passionately pursue this endeavor. It is a formula that has yielded one success after another for the businessman.

Taking On The Family Business With Gino Pozzo

Gino Pizzo was born to a mom and dad who were obsessed with football. Growing up he learned everything that there was to know about football. At a very young age Gino moved to the United States where he went to college. Gino attended Harvard University before moving back to Spain to start his life with his new wife. It was not long before he and his wife decided that they should move to London to start their family.

Gino Pozzo’s family has always had an interest in football and even had their own sports club that was first owned by Gino’s dad. The family put a lot of their investments into their football clubs. Gino Pozzo was known to be the mastermind of the family. He always made sure that their sports clubs were growing and making profit. He has even helped to take their clubs to the international level.

Gino Pozzo knew coming into this type of business that he would have to work hard. He knew that in order to continue growing this type of business and being able to do well from this type of work he would have to appeal to things that customers would want.

Gino Pozzo continues to work hard and invest his time and money in this business today. He wants nothing more than to see his family’s business continue to grow and succeed and he has high hopes that this business will be around for a very long time. Gino Pozzo has big plans for the future of the business and he is dedicated to continuing to expand them all across the world. Gino Pozzo is a hardworking individual who is going to see nothing but success for himself and the business he is working in for many more years to come.

Entrepreneur Isabel Dos Santos Addresses The Issues Holding Back Africa Economically

Entrepreneur Isabel dos Santos has been a leading voice pushing for a digital revolution in Africa. She calls for international investment across the continent to give people access to telecommunications services. She says that business owners are hampered by poor telecommunications infrastructure, which is holding them back from competing on the global stage.

Besides technology, she says that a lack of egalitarian frameworks is another reason Africa is not prosperous. Women’s careers are sidelined for men because they are regarded as the family breadwinner by society. This archaic belief holds back economic growth across the continent. At the companies Isabel dos Santos operates, women have the same access to jobs and promotions as men do.

However, she does say that Africa is made up of very different countries each with their own set of issues. These countries have their own legal systems, forms of government, and cultures. Companies and organizations that want to work in Africa need to recognize these differences if they expect to be successful. Read article about Isabel Dos Santos at Observador

Addressing education in her country, Angola, and across Africa, she said that it’s not good enough that people learn to read and write. Isabel dos Santos says that people need to be more ambitious than that. What is needed is to get young people the set of skills they need to get a job. She has called for schools and universities to work with businesses to determine what students need to learn. She says that with the right kind of training people will be able to work good-paying jobs.

She recently spoke at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. She was invited due to her position as the chairperson of Unitel, Angola’s leading telecommunications company. This forum addressed many issues in Africa including education, imports and exports, food security, and infrastructure development. Russia is a major exporter to Africa, topping $1 billion in 2019.

Isabel dos Santos talked about the business environment in Africa and what economic opportunities exist. She said that there are many natural resources that can be used to develop local economies and export to other nations. These resources include agriculture, gold, copper, oil, and copper.

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Hollywood And Wall Street Collide In The Career Of Jason Colodne

There are few investors on Wall Street who have developed as successful careers as Jason Colodne. Not only has the New York-based business leader created a career that is not only successful in terms of the money that has been made but also the longevity of the former Morgan Stanley executive. Wall Street is well known for the pressure it places on financial experts and executives as they face the prospect of consistently looking to aid their clients in making money. Jason Colodne has been at the heart of Wall Street for more than two decades and continues to look to new technologies and ideas to push his Colbeck Capital Management company forward.

The path of entrepreneurs has never been difficult or as lonely as it is in 2019 and Jason Colodne is one of the few financial experts to identify this as a problem. The man behind the establishment of Colbeck Capital Management has delved deep into his own career experiences with some of the largest financial institutions on the planet to create a caring and efficient company.

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During his career as an expert in hybrid lending and distressed financial situations, Jason Colodne faced up to the difficulties facing his clients during the 2008 economic meltdown and was determined not to see more entrepreneurs fail. In the end, Colodne took his work to heart and decided the entrepreneurs of the U.S> needed more support to ensure they were not left struggling if they suffered a setback. For Jason Colodne, the need to help entrepreneurs left him with an idea to develop the consulting services now part of the work being completed by Colbeck Capital Management. The chance for entrepreneurs to form relationships with those involved in the generation of their loans and sources of funding means both parties are more invested in the lending process and can build alongside each other in the future.

Taking control of every aspect of his own career has allowed Jason Colodne to work harder to develop the work of his Colbeck Capital Management group in many different ways. The expert in lending practices spent a large part of his time establishing Colbeck trying to perfect the paperwork that has been in place to keep every aspect of the funding provided secure and efficiently produced. Colodne himself set out to create the paperwork for the loans provided by Colbeck Capital Management and built on this by consistently updating this paperwork to stay current on the changes taking place in the credit sector.

Not only does Jason Colodne work within the bounds of traditional lending but he has sought to develop the work being completed to bring hybrid lending options to the clients of Colbeck Capital Management. As the traditional sources of funding have become increasingly difficult for the entrepreneurs of the U.S. to secure the need to seek non-traditional forms of funding is something Jason Colodne is hoping to help achieve. In the evolving financial sector, Colodne is bringing new ways of doing business to an ever-expanding group of clients. Learn More: http://colbeck.com/cgi-bin/team/Jason_Colodne.pl

Portland-based Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna Enjoys the Fruits of His Determination

Nitin Khanna is currently the CEO of MergerTech, a company specialised on advising on mergers and acquisitions and also provides tech consultancy services. The company has created relationships with diverse business around the globe, thanks to its diverse expertise in the above areas.

Early Life

The business magnate was born in Himachal Pradesh in India. The province is located north of India near the monstrous Himalayas Mountains. His dad worked in the military as a colonel. The rest of the family members were entrepreneurs. In his young years, Nitin Khanna worked in several businesses from motorcycle repairs factory to a cement plant. This experience proved important when he got his hands into a business enterprise.

He would later join Lawrence School, one of the best schools around. At age 17, he settled in the United States where he attended Purdue University located in West Lafayette, Indiana. He took a major in Industrial Engineering before taking a Masters in the course at the same university.

Career and Business Life

After completing his studies, Nitin Khanna did a two-year management trainee program at the International Paper. In the company, he worked at different positions. He then headed a cardboard box factory for two years before calling it quits.

Nitin was then employed at Oracle in1995 and worked for three years before joining his brother in a business venture. His brother Karan Khanna had has his MBA. Together, they started Saber Software in the year 1999. For the next decade, Karan and Nitin Khanna grew the business taking up various projects. Soon it was the largest software vendor for USA government systems. Some of the departments it has served are DMV and Child Welfare.

It was in the course of the business that the brothers decided to start another company that deals with mergers and acquisitions. This was the start of MergerTech in 2009. The company has since added an investment and advisory arm.

Mr Nitin Khanna is the head of MagerTech Advisors, the MergerTech investment arm. He is also involved in the community around him with several projects, including urban management and children welfare. Nitin also heads Cura Cannabis Solutions, a cannabis vaping products company as the CEO

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Dr. Sam Jejurikar Brings His Skills To Smile Bangladesh

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Jejurikar provides high-quality care to people in the Dallas community. He also works at the international level, publicly speaking about plastic surgery and explaining best practice for patient safety to his fellow plastic surgery practitioners. He is also a volunteer for Smile Bangladesh, spending March 2019 performing free surgery for underprivileged children with cleft palates.

Cleft palates are a birth defect usually caused by maternal malnutrition during pregnancy. Many people with a cleft palate live in remote communities where there are no surgeons to help them. In Bangladesh, there are only 30 plastic surgeons able to perform cleft palate surgery while there are 30,000 people with this condition. Developing countries rely on people like Dr. Sam Jejurikar to spend their time performing free surgeries. Volunteers for Smile Bangladesh have performed over 1,000 free cleft palate surgeries in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka since 2010.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar has also made a name for himself as a surgeon, leading the charge to make gluteal augmentation, aka Brazilian Butt Lift, safer. He became a board-certified plastic surgeon in 1998 when this type of surgery was being introduced in the United States. After graduating from the University of Michigan, he joined the esteemed Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. To improve patient safety for gluteal augmentation, he joined the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force.

There are three professional organizations behind this task force. These are the International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. The task force is performing anatomic studies that will help plastic surgeons safely perform fat injection surgeries.

A Brazilian Butt Lift involves taking fat from one location on the body and injecting it into the buttocks to create a rounder look. Dr. Sam Jejurikar says that complications can occur if fat is mistakenly injected into a blood vessel which can lead to an embolism.

Into the mind of Max Salk

Human beings have been going along for many years by now and thanks to technology, it has been made so we as humanity over time would be more in-tune with the world around us. However, that only leads people to scramble for equilibrium in the midst of the changes of the modern world


One such individual who manages to do this well is New York-based landscape photographer and businessman Max Salk. Silicon Valley may be the place for technological prowess these days but New York never stops being a center for culture and Max Salk is a big part of this. 


Salk doesn’t miss out on chances to enjoy himself simply because business is important and doesn’t allow trends to sway his beliefs in what works for him and what doesn’t. Salk’s transparency about his methods of maintaining a balance in his life shows how centered he is. 


Being prepared is part of Salk’s life and having his camera during a walk around the Netherlands helped transform his love of photography into something he could share with the world through his website. Also, he has shown that preparation functions as part of a lifestyle rather than simply a good idea to go with. 


Salk believes in going with the flow instead of attempting to have a hold on things that are beyond our control. In life, we will need to brace for changes that will inevitably happen whether we want them to or not. When it comes to taking photographs of landscapes, Salk realized that nature is no respecter of photographers and had to adjust his photography to the changes in nature. 


Salk takes advantage of the moment as it is happening rather than letting it go by wasted. Putting the best work possible in ideas before showing them set Salk apart. 


Being passionate about something requires so much effort and being consistent with something like photography has proved to be beneficial for Salk. That drive to fulfill anything we want to will result in eventual success. 



Brian Torchin: Head of HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin is an experienced professional and the president of HCRC Staffing. HCRC has many facilities that are located in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia and provides services in all 50 US states. For many years Brian has opened, managed, and staffed medical offices in Florida, Delaware, and Pennsylvania with chiropractic doctors, physicians, physical therapist, physician assistants, as well as other medical staff. Brian had teamed up with private practices, urgent care centers, groups, and other various organizations. Eventually, this led Brian Torchin to create HCRC Staffing, which is in the lead of full service consulting and staffing in the health and medical industry. Brian works hard to ensure that all his current clients are receiving quality treatment by providing quick and efficient solutions. Read more about Brian Torchin at Behance.

Brian Torchin has played a major role in healthcare recruitment and counseling. Brian has been able to build and maintainlong-lastingg professional relationships with his clients. Brian believes that his services reduce costs and increase overall satisfaction in patients. He also recognizes the importance of understanding competitive compensation and it’s trends in the health industry for improvement and growth. Brian remains active on the company’s blog post despite his busy schedule, to post about interview concerns, hiring tips, and online marketing.

Brian is a successful entrepreneur what’s a positive outlook on the improvement of the medical and healthcare industry. Aside from being the head of HCRC Staffing, Brian is a licensed chiropractor and a degree in physical therapy and sports medicine. Brian’s success comes from his knowledge and ability to understand the difficulties and frustrations that come with job seeking. He wanted to ensure that he developed services would lighten the burdens for medical personnel and professionals by creating services that would make it simple and easy to find opportunities for clients putting Brian and HCRC ahead of the industry.

Nitin Khanna’s Excellent Adventure

There might be nothing hotter than the cannabis market right now, except for the incubation-type, small investment banks. Nitin Khanna, the once-CEO of Cura Cannabis, is now the CEO of Mergertech, a Portland, Oregon-based small investment banking firm. Cannabis seems to be a hot commodity on the West Coast and the greater Pacific Northwest market, so Nitin Khanna might be a touch clairvoyant as the history books might illustrate. The Portland market, an area that is very cannabis friendly, might just be the best place to start a cannabis-based business, as Nitin Khanna did. That same Portland market, however, is not exactly a hot bed of investment banking action. Under the auspices of Mr. Khanna, this Oregonian city just might start to see some more investment banking interest.


Early on, growing up as a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit in India, Mr. Khanna was showing signs of having some special skills regarding startups. He spent some time around a cement company, as well as a motorcycle parts manufacturer, and he made note of what he saw and experienced. It has been said that many of his philosophies on business were born in those early days back in India as Nitin was developing his interests based on how these concerns were run.


It is not surprising that Mr. Khanna went to the Lawrence School in India, which has the motto “never give up,” where as a young man he continued to experience development, in both education and his evolving business philosophies. Taking all he learned in those early years in India, he eventually would create “Saber,” a tech-giant that over 10 years became a provider of state government solutions. This company that Mr. Khanna started would eventually have revenue of over $120 million, and that which he sold for over $450 million. It was the experience with mergers and acquisitions while running Saber that led him to develop “MergerTech,” the small investment banking startup he created in Oregon. Cura Cannabis, his venture that he started in Portland in the years after the Saber sale, and today that company is one of the best cannabis oil providers in the nation. Based on all of Nitin Khanna’s successes, we are likely to hear a lot more about MergerTech going forward.

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Tech Entrepreneur Robert Deignan Identifies Trends In His Industry

Robert Deignan is a co-owner of a southern Florida firm, ATS Digital Services. His company offers technical support and outsourcing services. His employees can take remote control of a device to troubleshoot it or provide in-person support. He is the chief executive officer of this company.

He wrote an article identifying the five key trends in technology. The first of these was artificial intelligence. Robert Deignan says that AI isn’t actually anything new and has been around as a concept since 1950. It is a field that has exploded in the last decade, though, and is getting a lot smarter.

He wrote that how AI systems are developed hasn’t really changed over the years. The AI has access to a huge database that it accesses in order to solve problems and offer solutions. He says that this technology is being used to do many things now such as mobile banking, providing search results, for ride-sharing apps, and in-home intelligent devices.

Robert Deignan sees voice recognition replacing traditional user interfaces. It’s easier and quicker to talk out loud to find out some information then type it into a browser. This technology is being rapidly improved so that it provides useful responses to what is being asked. Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft all have digital voice assistants. He sees these devices being increasingly bought by consumers.

He is excited about the promise of 5G. 5G is far faster than 4G mobile technology. It will provide a way for entirely new types of apps being developed due to its sheer speed. Depending on where a person is a 5G network is anywhere from 10 to 100 times faster than 4G. 5G networks could even replace traditional cable internet for many people.

He sees more and more things being automated in the transportation industry. Robert Deignan says that autonomous cars is just the tip of the iceberg. He sees transportation eventually becoming a service instead of a thing that people buy outright. If someone needs to get somewhere they will schedule a car to come to them and get them where they need to be.