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As a business consultant, Luke Lazarus has managed to create an astonishing record of success in the past two decades. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Luke Lazarus has worked with a variety of CEOs and executives to not only formulate a successful business plan but also demonstrate how to execute it. Luke Lazarus earned his MBA from the Melbourne Business school at the age of only 24. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

According to Luke Lazarus, the education he received at the university inspired him to seek the entrepreneurial life. At the age of only 33, Luke Lazarus was not only able to form multiple successful companies but sell them at a profit as well. We recently sat down with Luke Lazarus to hopefully go a little more in-depth about his career, life as well as share any advice for the younger generation of entrepreneurs.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Luke Lazarus states that most of his mornings consist of meditating for around 10 to 15 minutes, a practice that allows him to alleviate any stress that may be lingering around. Afterward, Luke Lazarus goes full throttle, walking the dog, answering emails and phone calls and everything in between.

He further adds that one of his key components of having a productive day is making sure to write everything down. This habit allows him to not only remember every little detail about his day but also aid him in reflecting on the day’s decisions and how he can improve on it the following day.

How do you bring ideas to life?

Creating a story and making it synonymous with your product is key, says Luke Lazarus. Providing a story to a product or brand is one of the first things a company at any stage of their business life should concentrate on. Providing consumers a story that makes them feel a certain way will also be that one thing that helps them connect your product to their lives.

What is one strategy that you always implement within your work?

Lazarus states that his number one strategy when working with a new client is centering the business around a story. Luke Lazarus truly believes that a business must first understand who they are before any growth models can be formulated. Hiring the best people for the job is another strategy that Luke Lazarus utilizes with every client. He states that getting clients in contact with other partners and clients allow them to set up a strong foundation.

What is one business failure you’ve had?

Luke Lazarus recalls a time when he and his childhood friend decided to create their own business. Although the ideas and product were there, Lazarus states that it was the conflicting ideas of the business plan or lack thereof that ultimately ended the company. He advised that although partnerships are not a bad thing, one should always iron out the details before any funds or resources are entered into the mix.

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Luke Lazarus Talks About His Experiences In Helping Startups

Creating a startup is one of the most popular options in the business world today. With its ease of creating, as well as the low starting cost, startups have been a famous means for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

Although startups are easy to create, they also have the reputation to fail after a couple of years of operation. However, there are individuals like Luke Lazarus who serves as startup consultant that helps in launching and sustaining startups.

Luke Lazarus is a graduate of Melbourne Business School, where he received his executive MBA when he was just 24 years old. One of his greatest achievements is starting and selling four successful firms, and achieving the feat before his 33rd birthday.

Lazarus believes in the power of Business Plans, and that it is important to do one in every startup. He also knows how Investor Presentations are and how having a brand story that resonates with early audiences can improve the odds of financial support. Lazarus ensures that his clients will get the best result by involving himself in the operational improvements.

When starting his day, Luke Lazarus always makes sure to meditate for the first ten or fifteen minutes to clear his head and relieve some of his stress. He will then hit the gym, but not before checking mais, walking his dog, and mentally making his to-do list for the day.

His discipline in going to the gym every day is carried over to his attitude in dealing with clients. As a part of being a disciplined consultant, he uses his time with the client efficiently and is always organized. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

Bringing an idea is usually the core principle of creating startups. When Luke Lazarus has an idea and he wants to bring t to life, he would usually tell a story about it. He believes that tying an idea to emotion is a great way to make customers feel the product and make the experience of using it memorable.

Lazarus also shared his excitement because of the growing trend of innovation and fresh ideas in the market place.

One of the habits that make Luke Lazarus more productive is jotting everything in his notebook that he always carries.

He also advice to always believe in own success. If you have $100, Lazarus recommends to spend it on clients or for possible network opportunities, which he deems as the best investments. Expanding a network is always beneficial to anyone.

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Isabel Dos Santos: A Hardworking Businesswoman

Isabel dos Santos is a businesswoman born in 1973, in Angola. His father is the former Angola’s president. She attended Kings College where she pursued her dream career: Electrical Engineer. She is known for being the richest woman in Africa. She has a Telecommunication Company and other forms of businesses. Upon completion of her studies, she held managerial positions in most companies, which had connections with European stock exchange. While she was in European stock exchange, she develops an interest in the business field.

By 2008,Isabel dos Santos had developed tremendous and enough courage to venture in the business field. A field such as Telecommunication, finance, media was just of her new areas of work. Before her venture in business, she was appointed by her father to be the chair and head to Sonangol oil Company. This was back in June 2016.

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In addition to the aforementioned achievements, she owns a significant percentage of shares in Portuguese Companies that dealt with Telecom and TV firms. In January 2017, Isabel dos Santos was in the front line to venture in business and purchased 2% of Banco Fomento de Angola through her mobile company known by the name Unitel. Later, within the same year, she sold her share from Banco BPI as a new investor bought the company.

In2011, she involved herself into partnership with Portuguese group of Companies to help run most of her operations of retail products within Angola. In telecommunication, she developed a connection with her counterpart Portuguese Company which she viewed as a good deal. By 2015, she had owned most of the shares from the two companies and acquired rights to Forbes in countries that spoke the Portuguese language.

Isabel dos Santos owns several firms in Angola. Companies including Trans Africa Investment, which deals in vehicle manufacturing and assembling, Unitel International Holdings that deals in telecommunication products and services and located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Santoro Finance company that also deals in manufacture of vehicle and spare parts, Esperanza Holdings also based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, company that deals in production of energy, Oil, and products. Also, she deals in a retail business located in Lunda. Website: