Sujit Choudhry partners with George Anderson on constitutional essay collection

Canadian constitutional lawyer Sujit Choudhry and former Canadian government deputy minister George Anderson have authored a book of essays explaining the complications constitutional processes face with territorial disagreements.

The collection, “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions,” focuses on 17 situations where countries are making constitutional changes. These are both small countries, politically diverse countries and areas where territorial politics play both key and secondary roles. Case studies shown in the book include Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, Spain, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Cyprus.

The published work includes recommendations on policy from the eye of realists looking at the complexity of both politics and territorial governance. Many in the field of constitutional law see this work as incredibly relevant to situations happening worldwide. That is especially true for Myanmar, Yemen and Libya.

The two have also authored a policy paper as a companion piece to their work. The paper is given the same title and details how crafting constitutions is affected by territorial claims. It also offers input to advisors involved in constitutional drafting.

Sujit Choudhry, considered a leading expert on Canada’s constitution, is a principal at Choudry Law. He also founded and is the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Internationally known as a constitutional scholar, Sujuit Choudhry has worked for decades helping those in government advance rule-of-law processes and build constitutional governments.

With law degrees from Toronto, Oxford and Harvard, Sujit Choudhry served as law clerk under Chief Justice Antonio Lamer on the Supreme Court of Canada and served the Bar of Ontario. He was a constitutional law scholar at UC Berkeley, New York University and the University of Toronto for almost 20 years. More than 100 publications bear his name and his work has been used by Canadian courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

George Anderson is the former CEO of the Forum of Federations and a Centre for Democracy and Diversity at Queen’s University fellow. He served the United Nations Department of Political Affairs as a part of the Sanby Team of Experts and has been a consultant all over the world.


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Jason Hope A Well Renowned Futurist, Philanthropist And Investor

As a qualified futurist, Jason Hope has developed a reputation. He utilizes this expertise with a enthusiasm for and explicit comprehension of technology to observe the sector and predict where the technology’s future is going. Based on present developments in technology, Hope thinks that the strength of the Internet of Things (also recognized as IoT) can be an significant factor in the future of contemporary culture as a increasing amount of machines become connected.

Hope’s technology tips and perspectives are useful for contemporary companies and people searching for the finest ways to capitalize on this technology in the future. Jason Hope having grown up in Tempe as an Arizona resident and obtained a degree in finance from Arizona State University, as well as an MBA from the W.P. Carey Business School of ASU.

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With a good morning meal and physical activity, he begins every day. Hope has a regular routine when he first log on to any laptop to check emails, messages and social media accounts. Taking regular computer breaks to keep composure. He likes to begin with maintaining stuff fundamental. It will only spend time on over-complicated concepts and promote failure. Contact individuals who are very near to me to obtain feedback about his thoughts. Any job or project on which he operates is one move at a moment.

Jason Hope understands that it is hard for young learners or businesses to get a business venture off the floor. Some youthful minds have wonderful thoughts, but the economic state would not allow them to save enough cash to get began.

Entrepreneurs should concentrate on one venture at a moment. New entrepreneurs are accustomed to jumping to every little chance that goes with them and completely disregard their primary task. Giving up your main revenue source is always a bad idea, even if on the other hand you think the grass is greener. Jason Hope continues to spread his ideals and improve his business life simultaneously.

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TJ Maloney – leading the future of Private Equity with Lincolnshire Management

Founded in 1986, and headquartered in New York City, Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that specializes in investing in middle-market companies. Middle-Market companies are an essential aspect to America’s economy, with an estimated 200,000 companies that account for a third of America’s private sector, driving more than 30 million jobs. According to their website, Lincolnshire Management maintains large investments across many industries, through an aggressive 85 acquisitions since their inception. At the helm of such an exciting company is TJ Maloney.


According to his official biography, TJ Maloney holds a BA from Boston College, and JD from Fordham Law School. TJ Maloney has served in various board positions, ranging from educational institutions such as Boston College, to financial institutions, such as the Boston College Wall Street Council. He has also given many lectures to various financial and educational institutions. TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire Management in 1993. TJ Maloney currently serves on the investment committee, which entails active involvement in the various portfolio companies Lincolnshire Management maintains investments in.


Today, Lincolnshire Management maintains over one billion USD in capital. Through their many acquisitions, they have acquired deep industry exposure, with some of their acquisitions including Amports, a logistics company, Holley Performance Products, a professional auto parts distributor, and Transcraft, a flatbed trucking company. What makes Lincolnshire Management a successful Private Equity firm is their investment strategy: instead of investing in well-known large corporations, or taking a large risk with fledgling startup companies, Lincolnshire Management takes the middle ground and invests in middle-tier, established companies that have maintained a successful operation for more than a number of years. This strategy implies that, while there may be an inherant risk to an investment, a certain level of stability is achieved. In addition, a company that has established itself, yet still provides room for expansion, offers key factors for growth, and, obviously, a wider profit margin.


With the investment strategy of Lincolnshire Management, and their extraordinarily competent CEO TJ Maloney at the helm, Lincolnshire Management is set to become the next leader for Private Equity investment.

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Portland-based Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna Enjoys the Fruits of His Determination

Nitin Khanna is currently the CEO of MergerTech, a company specialised on advising on mergers and acquisitions and also provides tech consultancy services. The company has created relationships with diverse business around the globe, thanks to its diverse expertise in the above areas.

Early Life

The business magnate was born in Himachal Pradesh in India. The province is located north of India near the monstrous Himalayas Mountains. His dad worked in the military as a colonel. The rest of the family members were entrepreneurs. In his young years, Nitin Khanna worked in several businesses from motorcycle repairs factory to a cement plant. This experience proved important when he got his hands into a business enterprise.

He would later join Lawrence School, one of the best schools around. At age 17, he settled in the United States where he attended Purdue University located in West Lafayette, Indiana. He took a major in Industrial Engineering before taking a Masters in the course at the same university.

Career and Business Life

After completing his studies, Nitin Khanna did a two-year management trainee program at the International Paper. In the company, he worked at different positions. He then headed a cardboard box factory for two years before calling it quits.

Nitin was then employed at Oracle in1995 and worked for three years before joining his brother in a business venture. His brother Karan Khanna had has his MBA. Together, they started Saber Software in the year 1999. For the next decade, Karan and Nitin Khanna grew the business taking up various projects. Soon it was the largest software vendor for USA government systems. Some of the departments it has served are DMV and Child Welfare.

It was in the course of the business that the brothers decided to start another company that deals with mergers and acquisitions. This was the start of MergerTech in 2009. The company has since added an investment and advisory arm.

Mr Nitin Khanna is the head of MagerTech Advisors, the MergerTech investment arm. He is also involved in the community around him with several projects, including urban management and children welfare. Nitin also heads Cura Cannabis Solutions, a cannabis vaping products company as the CEO

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Women have managed to achieve so much in the field of entrepreneurship just as much as men. A woman like Smita Shah, a 35-year-old woman, has been able to prove to the world that a woman possesses the same skills as men to reach the highest echelons of power. Smith believes that she is a true embodiment of mathematical genius. At the high school level, she managed to take home almost all the trophies in mathematical competitions statewide. The same trend continued even after joining the University of Chicago Laboratory School, where there was no match for her in solving mathematical problems.

Upon attaining her master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1998, she established her firm, Spaan Technology. Her main objective in this firm was technology and project management. She is currently the president of the company. The company is responsible for solving engineering problems. These include conducting electrical system upgrades for schools and fixing complications with traffic lights as well as producing designs of traffic lights for the highway authorities.

Business statistics analyzed from 10 years ago proved that the company is ranked number 1821 among the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the world. The annual revenue for the company has also increased to 10 million dollars, with a total of 50 employees. Miss Shah enjoys her work, and this is confirmed when she termed her projects as festive. A term she used to describe one of her projects. The project involved the movement of the call center of Commonwealth Edison during a blackout from Oak Brook and being the chief consultant in conducting the upgrades in plumbing in the U.S senate’s office in Chicago. Learn more:

O’Hare International Airport that is on the verge of a $6.6 billion expansion plan is also hiring her company. She is to take part in a $14 million project that requires her skills in the design of the lighting system. The system should aid in the navigation of the runway. The director of the aviation projects also asserts that she can assume a hard to deal with negotiators since she has no room for average results.

She has been able to exercise her expertise in different fields, given the opportunity from engineering constructions to politics. At one point after college, she managed to secure an internship at the white house office where she was responsible for filing paperwork. She confirms the mantra that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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Business Consulting Done Right with Luke Lazarus

As a business consultant, Luke Lazarus has managed to create an astonishing record of success in the past two decades. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Luke Lazarus has worked with a variety of CEOs and executives to not only formulate a successful business plan but also demonstrate how to execute it. Luke Lazarus earned his MBA from the Melbourne Business school at the age of only 24. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

According to Luke Lazarus, the education he received at the university inspired him to seek the entrepreneurial life. At the age of only 33, Luke Lazarus was not only able to form multiple successful companies but sell them at a profit as well. We recently sat down with Luke Lazarus to hopefully go a little more in-depth about his career, life as well as share any advice for the younger generation of entrepreneurs.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Luke Lazarus states that most of his mornings consist of meditating for around 10 to 15 minutes, a practice that allows him to alleviate any stress that may be lingering around. Afterward, Luke Lazarus goes full throttle, walking the dog, answering emails and phone calls and everything in between.

He further adds that one of his key components of having a productive day is making sure to write everything down. This habit allows him to not only remember every little detail about his day but also aid him in reflecting on the day’s decisions and how he can improve on it the following day.

How do you bring ideas to life?

Creating a story and making it synonymous with your product is key, says Luke Lazarus. Providing a story to a product or brand is one of the first things a company at any stage of their business life should concentrate on. Providing consumers a story that makes them feel a certain way will also be that one thing that helps them connect your product to their lives.

What is one strategy that you always implement within your work?

Lazarus states that his number one strategy when working with a new client is centering the business around a story. Luke Lazarus truly believes that a business must first understand who they are before any growth models can be formulated. Hiring the best people for the job is another strategy that Luke Lazarus utilizes with every client. He states that getting clients in contact with other partners and clients allow them to set up a strong foundation.

What is one business failure you’ve had?

Luke Lazarus recalls a time when he and his childhood friend decided to create their own business. Although the ideas and product were there, Lazarus states that it was the conflicting ideas of the business plan or lack thereof that ultimately ended the company. He advised that although partnerships are not a bad thing, one should always iron out the details before any funds or resources are entered into the mix.

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Luke Lazarus Talks About His Experiences In Helping Startups

Creating a startup is one of the most popular options in the business world today. With its ease of creating, as well as the low starting cost, startups have been a famous means for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

Although startups are easy to create, they also have the reputation to fail after a couple of years of operation. However, there are individuals like Luke Lazarus who serves as startup consultant that helps in launching and sustaining startups.

Luke Lazarus is a graduate of Melbourne Business School, where he received his executive MBA when he was just 24 years old. One of his greatest achievements is starting and selling four successful firms, and achieving the feat before his 33rd birthday.

Lazarus believes in the power of Business Plans, and that it is important to do one in every startup. He also knows how Investor Presentations are and how having a brand story that resonates with early audiences can improve the odds of financial support. Lazarus ensures that his clients will get the best result by involving himself in the operational improvements.

When starting his day, Luke Lazarus always makes sure to meditate for the first ten or fifteen minutes to clear his head and relieve some of his stress. He will then hit the gym, but not before checking mais, walking his dog, and mentally making his to-do list for the day.

His discipline in going to the gym every day is carried over to his attitude in dealing with clients. As a part of being a disciplined consultant, he uses his time with the client efficiently and is always organized. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

Bringing an idea is usually the core principle of creating startups. When Luke Lazarus has an idea and he wants to bring t to life, he would usually tell a story about it. He believes that tying an idea to emotion is a great way to make customers feel the product and make the experience of using it memorable.

Lazarus also shared his excitement because of the growing trend of innovation and fresh ideas in the market place.

One of the habits that make Luke Lazarus more productive is jotting everything in his notebook that he always carries.

He also advice to always believe in own success. If you have $100, Lazarus recommends to spend it on clients or for possible network opportunities, which he deems as the best investments. Expanding a network is always beneficial to anyone.

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Isabel Dos Santos: A Hardworking Businesswoman

Isabel dos Santos is a businesswoman born in 1973, in Angola. His father is the former Angola’s president. She attended Kings College where she pursued her dream career: Electrical Engineer. She is known for being the richest woman in Africa. She has a Telecommunication Company and other forms of businesses. Upon completion of her studies, she held managerial positions in most companies, which had connections with European stock exchange. While she was in European stock exchange, she develops an interest in the business field.

By 2008,Isabel dos Santos had developed tremendous and enough courage to venture in the business field. A field such as Telecommunication, finance, media was just of her new areas of work. Before her venture in business, she was appointed by her father to be the chair and head to Sonangol oil Company. This was back in June 2016.

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In addition to the aforementioned achievements, she owns a significant percentage of shares in Portuguese Companies that dealt with Telecom and TV firms. In January 2017, Isabel dos Santos was in the front line to venture in business and purchased 2% of Banco Fomento de Angola through her mobile company known by the name Unitel. Later, within the same year, she sold her share from Banco BPI as a new investor bought the company.

In2011, she involved herself into partnership with Portuguese group of Companies to help run most of her operations of retail products within Angola. In telecommunication, she developed a connection with her counterpart Portuguese Company which she viewed as a good deal. By 2015, she had owned most of the shares from the two companies and acquired rights to Forbes in countries that spoke the Portuguese language.

Isabel dos Santos owns several firms in Angola. Companies including Trans Africa Investment, which deals in vehicle manufacturing and assembling, Unitel International Holdings that deals in telecommunication products and services and located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Santoro Finance company that also deals in manufacture of vehicle and spare parts, Esperanza Holdings also based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, company that deals in production of energy, Oil, and products. Also, she deals in a retail business located in Lunda. Website: