Fabletics Uses Kate Hudson’s Brilliance

Jumping into a market already dominated by powerhouses is no easy task. Jumping in the world of fashion is an even harder task. Jumping into a fashion market already dominated by powerhouses is one of the hardest things anyone could ever try to do; yet, that’s exactly what Fabletics did.

In 2013, Kate Hudson teamed up with some TechStyle Fashion Group developers and launched Fabletics. Since then, Fabletics has become one of the top brands in the activewear market. It took less than five years for Fabletics to grow over 200 percent into a $250 million business.

Now, Fabletics is known for its on-trend fashion and popularity amongst young people. With over 20 million social media followers, 18 retail stores, and 1.2 million monthly members, Fabletics is experiencing success that most companies only dream about. What really put Fabletics over the competition is the personal mission behind the brand.

That personal mission belongs to Kate Hudson. From day one, she’s wanted to create a brand that inspired women to become more active and embrace healthier life choices. Regardless of a woman’s age, size, or ability, she wanted women everywhere to love themselves enough to start that healthy journey.

It’s not about getting women into the perfect shape, as it’s dictated by society’s idea of the perfect female shape. It’s about making women feel comfortable to take that first step at their own pace. First of all, not every woman is represented by most activewear brands. Plus-size women are often left out of many fashion ventures.

Kate Hudson didn’t want Fabletics to leave any woman out. Fabletics produces lines in sizes from XXS to 3X. As a fashion icon, it’s easy for her to work with the design teams at Fabletics. It was a new experience to work with sales numbers and the marketing department.

Marketing is a lot different now than it used to be. Consumers rely mostly on online reviews to make their final purchase decisions. This trend put companies in the unique position of having to create more review-centric marketing strategies. This is something Fabletics adapted very quickly.

Fabletics was founded on listening to every member’s opinion. It’s why customer relationships are so important to savvy brands. Fabletics actually achieved success by leveraging people’s preference for online reviews to improve loyalty and customer retention.

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Unicorn Hair for Brunettes? Lime Crime Makes It Happen

Brunette babes your time has finally come! No longer will you have to envy your blonde BFF and her perfectly pastel unicorn hair. Lime Crime has just announced a new line of products for their Unicorn Hair Collection with us darker haired beauties specifically in mind. Gone are the days of bleaching your dark hair until it cries out for help! Lime Crime’s hair products condition your hair to leave it feeling silky smooth and won’t cause the damage that goes along with bleaching.

There are four new colors: Chestnut, Squid, Charcoal and Sea Witch. Each one will give your hair the color boost you’ve been desperately craving. Turn your mousy hair into a Pinterest worthy work of art and combine the deep purple of Squid with the arresting green of Sea Witch achieve a dazzling mermaid look. Or go bold for fall with Chestnut’s lovely maroon shade for an all over color that is sure to turn heads.

Lime Crime has a host of other products that complement their trendy hair colors such as their ultra pigmented Diamond Crushers Iridescent Lip Toppers. Go for a shade like Trip or Choke for a shimmery compliment that won’t outshine your gorgeous new locks. You could also rock one of Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetine Liquid Lipsticks in Cashmere or Marshmallow for a more low key look that brings the focus to your hair.

The Unicorn Queen Collection from Lime Crime has dozens of gorgeous lip colors, eye shadows, highlighters and pop on nails that will make you the envy of your social circle. Not only will Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Collection give you beautiful Pinterest worthy hair color, but you can feel good about supporting a company whose products are 100% vegan and cruelty free! It’s a win for you and for the earth. You’ll look good and feel even better!