EOS Lip Balm

EOS just introduced two new products to their line of EOS lip balms. What’s so special about the two new balms is that they are made with hemp seed oil. EOS isn’t the first to incorporate hemp seed oil into cosmetics recently, so it makes complete sense that these two additions have been launched alongside competitors’ products.

In an attempt to compete with manufacturers that release new cosmetics in a matter of weeks, EOS has decided to try something different. Since it usually takes EOS a year to turn a product around, they’ve launched their new EOS lip balm with micro-batches that allows them to bring trending products to market in a matter of weeks even if there are limited quantities.

Take a look at companies like Apple or brands like Air Jordan and you’ll notice that limited supplies make products much higher in demand and it’s a specific tactic used to sell out quickly every time a new product is released. These products will not receive the same marketing or press in order to expose it to their audience. This is an important omission that allows them to launch the product in such a short time in response to trends. According to EOS, this same approach will allow them to reward their loyal fans since those are the ones that will know about the new product releases done via micro-batches.

The two new limited edition EOS lip balms come in Happy Herb and Baked Brownie. They are modestly priced at just under $5. Similar to other favorite cosmetic oils, the hemp seed oil will provide moisture and soothing effects for chapped or dry lips. The EOS lip balms do not contain CBD.

EOS Has Great Lip Balm Flavors to Choose From

EOS has quickly become one of the top selling lip balm brands. The company has only been in business for about seven years, and rose to popularity after gaining placement at a popular U.S. drugstore. Now, EOS, which is stands for Evolution of Smooth, is well known all around the world. EOS offers a number of flavors that not only have a pleasant taste and scent, but work to condition and protect the lips.


The vanilla and vanilla mint varieties are quite popular, especially around the holiday season,  check on ebay.com for these. The lip balm has a sweet scent and includes ingredients like shea butter to protect the skin from the sun’s rays. Strawberry Sorbet is another EOS flavor that is a favorite among consumers, and this variety contains vitamin E and is gluten free. The pomegranate raspberry EOS flavor is another best seller, and contains antioxidants that protect the lips from sun damage and premature aging. These EOS lip balms are also free of mineral oil, which can clog the pores around the mouth and cause irritation.  Useful link here..


EOS also offers Shimmer Smooth balms, which are available in Sheer Pink and Pearl varities. These balms give a hint of color, and contain both shea butter and jojoba oil to keep lips looking their best.  Visit evolutionofsmooth.de for more information on purchasing quality EOS products.


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