Serge Belamant- the founder of Blockchain Technologies

Serge Christian Pierre Belamant was born in the year 1953 in France. His father, a skilled tiler, migrated to South Africa together with his family at the age of 14 years. It was at this time when Serge Belamant learned reading and writing in English. He later joined Highlands North High school in South Africa’s capital, Johannesburg. He displayed brilliance throughout his school time and took part in various activities like rugby and athletics.

Later, Serge Belamant graduated and joined Witwatersrand University in order to pursue engineering. Although he changed his course to computer science with applied mathematics during his second year of study. He later moved to the University of South Africa to pursue information systems. He made a decision to join workforce at the age of 22. He was employed at a civil engineering company called Matrix. As he was working on software analysis on IBM computers and Cyber computers, he developed applications that analyzed levels of water in dams in South Africa.

Serge Belamant became the best analyst of the year in 1980. He was then appointed to fix performance problems in banks and he invented a new national ATM switch, which operated on fault resistant hardware and parallel processing system. He applied innovative techniques in developing a new switch for SASWITCH which enabled connection of all South African banks.

Serge Belamant founded the technology of blockchain. He is an innovative software and applications developer. His invention have fostered the financial sector. He got credited when he, for the first time, invented the blockchain technologies which formed the basis of creating massive cryptocurrencies. His achievements were spanned by the use of smart cards with a microcontroller that was able to create a distributed and independent transactional ledger. His technology enabled financial institutions, governments and people to securely and quickly process activities such as investments, deposits, withdrawals and payments.

Blockchain can be defined as a ledger of records linked with cryptography. Originally, blockchain technology was used to increase transparency, data accuracy and security of institutions and customers in financial services. He developed blockchain applications via the use of smart cards. The microprocessors in the smart cards functioned both online and offline.

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Stephen Hicks Gets Another Big Deal For Southridge Investments

Not too long ago, Southridge Capital – the brainchild of Mr. Stephen Hicks, the exclusive founder of the investment management and advice-giving firm – poured five million dollars into the proverbial gas tank of Elite Data Services, Inc., as an investment to grow Southridge Capital’s ever-growing portfolio.


The deal was initiated with Elite Data Services through the Southridge Capital subsidiary Southridge Partners II LLP, though both are practically the same company – they only differ in paperwork filed, bank accounts used, and other like-kind differences.


Southridge Capital founder Mr. Stephen Hicks felt he couldn’t pass up on Elite Data Services in the name of raking in greater returns – thus far, return from the equity purchase agreement has increased significantly.


Elite Data Services, Inc., operates in the technology sector as an alternative marketer and advertiser. Rather than simply paying an advertising firm to spread ads for them, a sign company to construct billboards, or television networks to distribute commercials to big-name channels, Elite Data Services maintains its staunch competitive advantage by analyzing the performance of advertisements, marketing emails, and other ad- and marketing-related content using advanced, proprietary software. Check out for more.



Further, Elite Data Services also purchases various assets – ranging from small trademarks to fully-fledged businesses – to maximize return on investments made in the form of advertising expenses.


Who is Southridge Capital LLC?


Over 20 years ago – way back in 1996 – Southridge Capital was created by Stephen Hicks, an entrepreneur who had then worked for financial services companies for longer than a decade’s worth of consecutive months spent in the workplace.


Southridge Capital works primarily with businesses, organizations, and other entities rather than individual or private investors. Southridge Capital is able to make better returns on investments by gearing its services to corporations; the company offers both advisory help on issues like mergers and acquisitions, mixing around line items on companies’ balance sheets so they look much better to investors, and settling with others – be it private individuals or public businesses – in courts of law.


Stephen Hicks will soon celebrate his 23rd year with Southridge.



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The Illustrious Career of Randal Nardone

When Randal Nardone teamed up with Rob Kauffman and Wes Edens to form Fortress Investment Group, he knew they were going to face stiff competition from other worthy institutions. Fortress investment is an asset management firm with headquarters in New York. Apart from being a co-founder, Randal Nardone is also the chief executive officer of the firm. Fortress has grown exponentially over the years to become one of the leading investment companies in the world. Fortress Investment is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and manages assets of over $43.6 billion. Randal Nardone has worked hard to earn a substantial amount of money and become one of the few billionaires on the globe.

According to the billionaire’s list published annually by Forbes Magazine, Randal is number 557 with a net worth of about $1.8 billion. He is a well-educated man with a bachelor degree in English and Biology, and a Juris Doctor degree of Law from Connecticut University and Boston University Law School respectively.Before his current positions at Fortress, Randal Nardone had worked in several other enterprises and gained a vast wealth of experience. He had previously worked for BlackRock Financial management as a principal as well as a joint partner and member of the Thacher Proffit &Wood law firm. A few months before the start of operations at Fortress, Randal had a short stint at UBS where he was a managing director. Apart from his role as CEO of the firm, Randal Nardone has been a member of the management committee for over a decade. His role as CEO mainly includes overseeing the financial and legal matters of the enterprise.

Being a law and business guru, Randal has had opportunities to serve in various other companies in different positions. He is the vice president and secretary of the Newcastle Investment Holdings, director at Touch Care Holdings, president and chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings, and principal of the Credit Corporation.Under the stewardship of Randal Nardone, Fortress investment has been recognized and honored several times. In 2014, the firm received two awards due to its excellent reputation in the financial sector. It was named the Management Firm of the Year and Hedge Fund Manager of the Year by HFMWeek and Institutional Investor respectively. Fortress provides a conducive environment to its employees, and thus they can explore their full potential in delivering results. The company has also adopted a method of rewarding its hardworking workers to encourage and motivate them to work even harder.

Agora Financial Makes Investing So Much Easier

Agora Financial is the company that people can depend on when they need financial information about the market trends. There are an assortment of consultants that have made it their business to look at all of the different aspects of the stock market. They have become proficient in providing a wide range of investment strategies for people that may be new to the world of investing.

No one gets to the top in the investment world without a little help. Agora Financial has the consultants that can help those investors that are trying to build a solid portfolio create exactly what they want.

Agora Financial is setting the pace for investors that want to totally engage in investment opportunities outside of their comfort zone. It is good for people to get with a company like Agora Financial because this company has the investors that are going to take people outside of the areas that they are comfortable. No one has any problem investing in mutual funds or certificates of deposit if they have been doing this all of their lives.

They may be comfortable with this, and they may have no real desire to do anything else. The people that want to get outside of their comfort zone, however, are going to need a little help. They are going to need financial literature that gives them the chance to make better decisions.

It can be helpful for people to get financial information that can lead to better decision making. The investor that wants to put their money towards investments are going to reap great dividends with Agora. Investors cannot afford to overlook investment opportunities that Agora financial consultants recommend.

These consultants have a lot of data. They research the market and take inventory of the companies that are growing rapidly.

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Can Equities Be Used As Loan Collateral?

A lot of small and medium sized businesses have cash flow problems at times. Usually, they will go to a lender who will provide a loan after long, complicated forms are filled out, and a business plan is put in place. The lender needs to know what the loan is for, and has control over the use of the funds.Some of the lenders will accept equities as collateral for loans. The government, however, regulates how much a lender can lend on equities, and the interest rate is usually fairly high. The loan to value ratio on equity loans is low, also.

Equities First AU is a private company, and the government does not regulate private companies in the same manner as they do conventional lenders. The loan to value ratio on equities as collateral at Equities First AU is higher — up to 80 per cent loan to value ratio. The interest rate is much, much lower on equity loans at Equities First, and the borrower can use the money for any purpose they deem necessary. There are no long forms to get in the way, and funding is faster and more convenient.

Equities First is a private company and can help small businesses with emergency loans quickly and easily. Emergencies do occur, and if you have an emergency, taking a month to get a loan is laughable. Equities First AU is there, ready to help. They will listen when others don’t, and they will lend when others won’t.

James Dondero: Experienced Financial Professional

Today’s economy can be uncertain, particularly when it comes to making large investments and saving for the future. Individuals who are looking for answers when it comes to retiring with peace of mind, as well as business professionals who want to make the right financial moves to ensure the success of their companies need a reliable financial company to help them organize their funds. That’s where individuals like James Dondero come in.

Financial expert James Dondero, who also goes by the name of Jim, is a CMA, CPA, CFA, and the president, co-founder and managing partner of Highland Capital Management, L.P. Dondero also serves as a portfolio manager for the company. He co-founded the company in 1993 and ensures that the firm’s strategic investments are managed correctly. Dondero also works as a portfolio manager for NexPoint Credit Strategies Fun since September of 2012.

Dondero also has the distinction of being the managing partner, co-founder and portfolio manager for NexPoint Capital, Inc, and has been the company’s president since 2014. He is a portfolio manager for Nexpoint Advisors as well. James Dondero is also the Chairman of the Board of Directions for NexBank Capital, Inc., and holds the same position at HCM Acquisition Company. Dondero also serves as the CEO and president for Highland Floating Rate Advantage Fund, and has been in this position since 20014.

As his professional resume indicates, Mr. Dondero on twitter has a wealth of credit market experience. He is particularly skilled when it comes to managed mortgage-backed securities, high-yield bonds, debt derivatives, emerging market derivatives, and preferred and common stocks.

Prospect Street High Income Portfolio Inc. also has the honor of having James Dondero as the Chief Executive Officer. During his time at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary (from 1989 to 1993), he assisted in growing the business from just a concept to an organization with a net worth of $2 billion. Before this position, Dondero worked on managing around $1 billion of fixed income at American Express.

Dondero graduated with honors from the University of Virginia, which adequately equipped him to serve in these high-profile financial positions.

James Dondero is perhaps best known for his work with Highland Capital Management, which is based in Dallas, Texas. The company also has offices in New York, Seoul and Singapore. Dondero’s company is committed to assisting customers with a number of financial needs, and his company has worked to manage public hedge funds, as well as long and short equities and endowments.