OSI Industries Furthers Expansion

While the food production and processing industry is very competitive, one company has continued to grow and do very well. The OSI Group is a company that is based out of the Chicago suburbs but has continued to expand across the world by making strategic purchases and sound business decisions. Over the past year, the company has made a number of purchases in parts of Europe and Asia.

One of the biggest investments and purchases that the OSI Group made in recently years was when the announced that they had purchased Flagship Europe, which is a company that is based out of Denver, CO. Flagship Europe is a part of the Flagship Food Group, which is a major competitor of the OSI Group. The Flagship Europe part of the company is that part that specializes in selling its products and services to areas of Europe.

The new acquisition will give the OSI Group a major new line of product offerings that it can provide. Flagship Europe was very well known for selling a wide line of food products including sauces, mayos, frozen meat, and a variety of other delicacy items. The company has a strong set of clients that are based all over Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world.

The purchase of the company is another major move made by the OSI Group to try and improve its footprint in the industry. Over the past few years the company has made several different moves that could help to expand its operations in Europe. This has included expanding on a current poultry-processing plan in Spain. This plant addition more than doubled the size of the plan and will greatly enhance the volume that the company can produce on an annual basis. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe

Overall, this will help the OSI Group continue to be recognized as one of the top companies in the food processing industry. Over the past few years the company has received a lot of recognition from its peers and industry professional organizations due to the quality product and service that it provides. The company has received top awards and accolades from a variety of organizations in both the United States and the UK. Furthermore, the company is widely considered to be a great company to work for. It has thousands of employees located all over the world and is considered one of the top privately held companies in the US today.

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Agora Financial Makes Investing So Much Easier

Agora Financial is the company that people can depend on when they need financial information about the market trends. There are an assortment of consultants that have made it their business to look at all of the different aspects of the stock market. They have become proficient in providing a wide range of investment strategies for people that may be new to the world of investing.

No one gets to the top in the investment world without a little help. Agora Financial has the consultants that can help those investors that are trying to build a solid portfolio create exactly what they want.

Agora Financial is setting the pace for investors that want to totally engage in investment opportunities outside of their comfort zone. It is good for people to get with a company like Agora Financial because this company has the investors that are going to take people outside of the areas that they are comfortable. No one has any problem investing in mutual funds or certificates of deposit if they have been doing this all of their lives.

They may be comfortable with this, and they may have no real desire to do anything else. The people that want to get outside of their comfort zone, however, are going to need a little help. They are going to need financial literature that gives them the chance to make better decisions.

It can be helpful for people to get financial information that can lead to better decision making. The investor that wants to put their money towards investments are going to reap great dividends with Agora. Investors cannot afford to overlook investment opportunities that Agora financial consultants recommend.

These consultants have a lot of data. They research the market and take inventory of the companies that are growing rapidly.

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Investment Tips As Revealed By Sam Tabar

At the beginning of each year plan their financial resolutions for that coming year. But the world of investments and securities is quite complex. Hence it can get overwhelming for those who are new to this world.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar is a trained attorney from Columbia Law School. He is a capital strategist too. He is always trying to help out those newcomers who are looking at increasing their net worth as well as planning for their retirement. Learn more about Sam Tabar: https://angel.co/sam-tabar

He advised that commodity trading can be much riskier as compared to traditional bets that include mutual funds besides others. This is because commodity markets are much more volatile as compared to stock markets or even mutual funds.

This means that investors must do their due diligence before they decide to invest in commodities. Hence commodity trading is not recommended for the novice or the casual investor.

A lot of research is required in order to profit from commodity trading. This also means that commodity investors must have deep pockets in order to absorb potential short-term losses that are usually taking place in a volatile sector like this.

He also provides an alternate to traditional stock markets. This can be in terms of investing in private business. Today social entrepreneurship is rising. Hence investing in social startups can be a really good opportunity. It helps in making some money as well as helping out others.

He has recently invested in THINX, which is a women’s undergarment manufacturer. For each pair of underwear getting sold by THINX, seven sanitary cloth pads are donated to AFRIpads. They are donating these sanitary supplies to the needy women in Africa.

He also stresses on the need of a properly diversified portfolio. This is because new investors tend to opt for some new investment vehicle or some stock that may be outperforming its peers presently. What needs to be remembered here is that all good things have to come to an end. Hence it is important not to keep all eggs in one basket. Sam Tabar advises all to start investing right now rather than repenting later.