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Equities First Holdings is quite knowledgeable in finance and has led them to provide many financial plans for companies were trying to improve their financial conditions. The United Kingdom gain access to the expertise of finance in 2013 when Equities First Holdings decided to start in operation in London. The London office proves to be a catalyst for other locations that will come in the future and will help the company lend over $1.2 billion to various companies. Find out more about Equities First Holdings: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Overview/Working-at-Equities-First-Holdings-EI_IE1401879.11,34.htm

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Equities First Holdings – Providing You With Excellent Loan Service

Equities First Holdings was established in 2002 and is fully equipped to cater to a wide variety of clients. The company has a global presence and its loan program, the stock-based loan, is designed to make it easy for clients to meet their needs. The lending experts at Equities First Holdings take the time to guide clients and ensure their satisfaction.

Agera Energy’s Purchase OfEnergy.Me Proves Worthwhile

It was only in the third quarter of 2015 that Agera purchased Energy.Me. However, the purchase seems to have paid off dividends over the past few years. Initially, Agera Energy purchased the company for two significant reasons. The first of these was Energy.Me’s customer base company; not only did the investment expand the companies overall customer base but greatly expanded Agera Energy’s presence in the Northeast and Midwest.

The second of these reasons was that the purchase provided an expanded great sales network for Agera Energy; Energy.Me Sales Agents, Brokers, and more that would be able to significantly increase overall revenues for the company.

The purchase has also paid off in awards; Energy.Me has recently been awarded the BBB’s Better Business Bureau Complaint Free Award. The award acknowledges the work of customer service and sales teams who strive to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their energy company in an ethical business way.



Anil Chaturvedi Performance and Result-Oriented Seasoned Banker

One of most seasoned bankers in the world of banking and finance globally is Anil Chaturvedi. He has traveled across the globe and worked for and have been associated for nearly four decades with some of the biggest financial corporations in the world, which includes ANZ Grindlays Bank, Merrill Lynch, Hinduja Ban k, and more. Currently, he is the managing director at the Hinduja Bank in Switzerland and is helping the bank spread out globally. Much of his work at Hinduja Bank is focusing on bringing business to India and helping welcome the European enterprises understand that the trade and business laws in India have transformed and eased out in the past few years. It is a change for the businesses that are looking to enter into the growing economy of India.

Anil Chaturvedi graduated from Delhi University, India with a degree in Economics. He later completed his MBA and moved abroad for better opportunities. He got a lucrative job offer from State Bank of India and was posted in New York. During this time, he worked with the business expansion division and was responsible for getting NRIs living abroad to join the bank. He worked with the bank for four years and then joined ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York. He was responsible for the overall operations of the bank and worked here for two years before he joined Merrill Lynch in October 1993. He was part of the company for nearly 18 years, and during that time, he had built an excellent reputation as one of the top financial advisors in the country. Hinduja Bank in Geneva was looking for someone with knowledge of the South Asian market and them; Anil Chaturvedi was the best candidate. He was offered the position of Managing Director, and he readily accepted.

Anil Chaturvedi was also listed by Barron’s as one of the top financial advisors for four years during the 1990s. The list of financial corporations that he has worked for his and has done business with is long, and it continues to get longer with time. He is one of the top corporate and financial advisors in the world of finance today.


The Illustrious Career of Randal Nardone

When Randal Nardone teamed up with Rob Kauffman and Wes Edens to form Fortress Investment Group, he knew they were going to face stiff competition from other worthy institutions. Fortress investment is an asset management firm with headquarters in New York. Apart from being a co-founder, Randal Nardone is also the chief executive officer of the firm. Fortress has grown exponentially over the years to become one of the leading investment companies in the world. Fortress Investment is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and manages assets of over $43.6 billion. Randal Nardone has worked hard to earn a substantial amount of money and become one of the few billionaires on the globe.

According to the billionaire’s list published annually by Forbes Magazine, Randal is number 557 with a net worth of about $1.8 billion. He is a well-educated man with a bachelor degree in English and Biology, and a Juris Doctor degree of Law from Connecticut University and Boston University Law School respectively.Before his current positions at Fortress, Randal Nardone had worked in several other enterprises and gained a vast wealth of experience. He had previously worked for BlackRock Financial management as a principal as well as a joint partner and member of the Thacher Proffit &Wood law firm. A few months before the start of operations at Fortress, Randal had a short stint at UBS where he was a managing director. Apart from his role as CEO of the firm, Randal Nardone has been a member of the management committee for over a decade. His role as CEO mainly includes overseeing the financial and legal matters of the enterprise.

Being a law and business guru, Randal has had opportunities to serve in various other companies in different positions. He is the vice president and secretary of the Newcastle Investment Holdings, director at Touch Care Holdings, president and chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings, and principal of the Credit Corporation.Under the stewardship of Randal Nardone, Fortress investment has been recognized and honored several times. In 2014, the firm received two awards due to its excellent reputation in the financial sector. It was named the Management Firm of the Year and Hedge Fund Manager of the Year by HFMWeek and Institutional Investor respectively. Fortress provides a conducive environment to its employees, and thus they can explore their full potential in delivering results. The company has also adopted a method of rewarding its hardworking workers to encourage and motivate them to work even harder.

Agora Financial Taps Into Publishing Researched Investment Strategies for Investors Accessibility

The publishing industry has gone through a revolutionary change in the last few decades, and Agora Financial is among the leading companies to bring innovative solutions to investment readers.

Through a phenomenal approach to readership that has reached one million subscribers, Agora Financial has tapped into online source material that works for convenience and thorough knowledge. The company first starts with leading experts in the investment industry. Using investment strategists, former investment bankers; one of which worked with a former U.S. President, and former hedge fund managers, Agora Financial is able to capitalize on a wealth of knowledge.

The inventive solution for having global investments researched and then reach an investor without having to leave an office, home or business, is priceless to investors.

The 20 publications are designed to not only give investors quantifiable solutions for investment strategies, but they allow investors to receive pertinent information even before mainstream investment brokers. This can have a significant impact on choosing long-term investments with companies that are more commonly chosen and more commonly known within the investment market.

With investment changes occurring all the time, Agora Financial is able to deliver information much more streamlined through its publications which results in a sizable financial advantage for making investment decisions. Agora Financial never earns revenue based upon those decisions.

Agora Financial is located in Mount Vernon, Maryland right in the heart of Baltimore City and in a historic part of the community that is known for media as well as creative and performing arts. Mount Vernon is within a few miles of the historic museum of famous Baltimore poet Edgar Allan Poe. The company has been in the media industry since 1979.

With Agora Financial, investors are able to receive publications that not only meet their strategy needs, but they also become part of a historic city and company.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Tremendous Effort Towards The Elevation Of Bradesco

In 2016, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was named as the Entrepreneur of the year in finance by DINHEIRO Agency. This was as a result of his acquisition of HSBC in 2015, seven years after his election. Prior to that, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was a clerk at Bradesco. He joined the company immediately after he had completed his higher educations.

Born in the year 1951, Luiz Carlos grew up in Mirilia the city of Bradesco. He then, later on, joined the Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Letters of the University of São Paulo and eventually graduated. In 1969 as his career continued, he was able to become one of the most trusted employees at Bradesco. He was therefore granted a chance to hold the chairmanship of the insurer of Bradesco Group. One of the other major reasons that made him trusted is that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had been through the company’s strategic areas. This enabled him to become more familiar with the environment as he also went through almost all the hierarchy levels.

Due to these reasons, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed as the vice president of Bradesco. The council of directors issued the appointment to him upon being impressed by his determinations. Luiz Carlos was to succeed Marcio Cypriano as the fourth president of Bradesco. The decision came long after he had served Bradesco for quite some time and was now starting to age. Furthermore, the status of Bradesco then did not allow presidents over 65 years old. Despite, Cypriano’s last-minute mismanagement to Bradesco, he left the scene with a brilliant performance. According to the sources, he had managed to lift Bradesco’s market value to U.S $ 30 billion far from the previous U.S $ 5 billion in a period of just ten years. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s presidency came with a twist that left many wondering. It is known in Bradesco that the process of selecting a president can be a nightmare. For an individual’s name to take the frontline therefore, was an enormous task due to the disputes. Out of the three Bradesco presidents, Amador Aguiar, Lazaro Brandao, and Marcio Cypriano, it is only Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi that has had his name take the front line despite the disputes. This, however, did not come easy as it was as a result of Trabuco’s persistence at Bradesco.

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After sometimes as Bradesco’s vice president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, come March 2009, became the president of Bradesco. At this time Bradesco had lost its long-term position as the top private sector bank in the financial market. A Brazilian bank, Itau Unibanco had just scooped the position due to the former president’s mismanagement. Luiz Carlos, then, had no other choice but to come up with an alternative that would bring back his bank to the top. For his innovativeness, he first purchased the Brazilian branch of HSBC that enabled great results to Bradesco’s market shares sector. For these reasons, Bradesco’s recovery was an overnight victory. As if this was not enough, Bradesco also won, against Itau Unibanco the branch network, the number of the account holder, and total investment funds.

Secondly, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had to create a corporate University with determinations to renew his leadership cadres. The process included, giving autonomy to the selected and the interrogation of the other members in order to come up with financial market professionals. Besides, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s leadership contributed much to the bank of Bradesco, during his era, the market shares of Bradesco experienced an immense uplift from 23% to 25% of the total premium, while the bank’s profit as from insurer contribution also hiked to 35 % from 26 %. Due to such impressive performance, he has been named as the soul of Bradesco.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://bradesco.infoinvest.com.br/relatorios-cvm/ptb/000906/20001231/5/31.12.200.pdf

Timothy Armour Discusses Buffett Bet

Warren Buffet is the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and often considered one of the best investors of all time. Buffet, who is one of the wealthiest people in the world as well, has often stated that most people would be better off investing in low-cost funds, as opposed to actively managed funds that have higher expense ratios.

To prove his point, Buffett recently entered into a bet against a few different mutual funds and hedge funds to see who could get a better return in a 12-month period. Buffet, who only invested in a few different index funds, ended up getting a better return over the year than all of the funds that he was up against.

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While it would seem that Buffett proved his point, some are still not sure that his strategy is the best option. Timothy Armour, who is the principal of The Capital Group, stated that one of the reasons that Buffett was successful was because he happened to invest in a bullish economy. During bearish economies, hedge and mutual funds have the ability to build in stop-loss protections and hedge against risk while index funds do not. Because of this, over the long haul, The Capital Group has an average rate of return 1.5% higher than an index fund, even after fees are considered.

The Capital Group is a prominent investment firm and asset manager. Timothy Armour has worked for this firm for over 20 years, spending much of this time in portfolio and asset management.

Learn more about Timothy Armour: https://www.business.com/advice/member/p/timothy-armour/

Can Equities Be Used As Loan Collateral?

A lot of small and medium sized businesses have cash flow problems at times. Usually, they will go to a lender who will provide a loan after long, complicated forms are filled out, and a business plan is put in place. The lender needs to know what the loan is for, and has control over the use of the funds.Some of the lenders will accept equities as collateral for loans. The government, however, regulates how much a lender can lend on equities, and the interest rate is usually fairly high. The loan to value ratio on equity loans is low, also.

Equities First AU is a private company, and the government does not regulate private companies in the same manner as they do conventional lenders. The loan to value ratio on equities as collateral at Equities First AU is higher — up to 80 per cent loan to value ratio. The interest rate is much, much lower on equity loans at Equities First, and the borrower can use the money for any purpose they deem necessary. There are no long forms to get in the way, and funding is faster and more convenient.

Equities First is a private company and can help small businesses with emergency loans quickly and easily. Emergencies do occur, and if you have an emergency, taking a month to get a loan is laughable. Equities First AU is there, ready to help. They will listen when others don’t, and they will lend when others won’t.


When an individual or a business with a net worth that is high and has an interest in non-purpose capital, then Equities First Holding is the place to be. So who would benefit the most from working with the company?Individuals with a high net worth as well as those wishing to access capital quickly are the best fit, although those that may not qualify for credit based loans of different types may gain from working with Equities First Holding. The company makes this possible by offering lending services that include equities lending. Many individuals when in need of loans they mostly go for banks and investment houses but this loans traditionally obtained have a red tape involved in both applications and in obtaining such loans. Equities First Holdings knows too well that liquidity is expensive but then promise better ways of cutting the cost.

It is very possible for both individuals and businesses to use equities as collateral to obtain loans for a period of three years. Equities First allows those with stock that is likely to appreciate to actually transfer such stock to the company and the shares are used as collateral. This is a great way for an investor to get the much-needed liquidity.Equities brings flexibility to many and offers individuals and businesses option. It does not limit the use of the loan like traditional methods do; they allow the user to use the money to expand or build a business, to pay an outstanding loan, and even allow the borrower to use the money for any personal need.

When you talk about an affordable finance strategy then you realize Equities First has that solution. This is the reason for the company leading in a global initiative to inform the world of the significant benefits of loans that are stock based loan. This is an innovative way of providing capital even when there is an economic crisis. Equities are standing out and becoming successful while benefiting the customer the most.