USHealth Advisors Insurance: A Good Choice

Shopping for health insurance for yourself and your family can be challenging. You probably want to find a company that offers affordable rates and good coverage, and this can be a lot harder than it seems. However, USHealth Advisors insurance is a good choice for many families, and you might find that it’s a good choice for your household as well.

USHealth Advisors Insurance: Why It’s a Good Choice

The USHealth Group has over 50 years of collective experience in the world of health insurance, so it’s definitely not new to the game. You can choose from various different plans, so there is sure to be one that is a good fit for your family. Plus, you can always count on USHealth Advisors provide you with good coverage, affordable rates and excellent customer service.

USHealth Advisors Location: Is it an Option for You?

As you might already know, not all insurance companies offer coverage for customers in every state. This means that even though you might be interested in USHealth Advisors insurance for yourself and your dependents, you might be unsure of the USHealth Advisors location and whether or not it’s a viable option for you.

USHealth Advisors is based out of Fort Worth, Texas, but it has agents all over the United States. By checking out the USHealth Advisors website and entering your ZIP code, you can find out if there is an agent located near you who can help you get signed up for coverage.

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Maggie Gill- The Exceptional Leader of the Reputable Memorial Health Medical Center

Maggie Gill is the president and CEO of Memorial Health Medical Center. Before working for Memorial Health, Gill worked at Tenet South Florida as Chief Financial Officer. She has also worked at Coral Gables Hospital, Shore Medical Center, and Palmetto General Hospital. Gill started working at Memorial Health as the vice president of finance in 2004. One year later, she ascended to the position of Chief Operating Officer. She later rose to the position of president and CEO of the firm in 2011. She is now responsible for corporate communications, government relations, physician relations, internal audits, orthopedic procedures, and neuroscience programs.

Maggie’s Education Background

Maggie graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University. She later acquired her MBA from Saint Leo University. Gill attended Wharton School for training in strategic management.

Memorial Health Medical Center’s Performance at the 16th Annual Heroes Awards

In the 16th Annual Heroes Awards by the Georgia Medical Society, Memorial Health team clinched seven awards; The Heroes Awards are held to recognize professionals who have committed their careers towards improving the well being and health of the community. Their work benefits not only the current generation, but also impacts the future generations. Individuals and organizations are nominated in six classes: health care education, health care innovation, institution/organization, community outreach, physician lifetime achievement, and allied health professionals. The winners from Memorial Health were:

  • Community Outreach: The two winners from this category were Jimmy Gordon, Memorial Health’s regional emergency coordinator and safety officer. Cynthia and Dwaine Willet, supporters of Willet Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Center
  • The Infectious Disease Response Team working at Memorial Center
  • Health Care Innovation: The Accelerated Track Program
  • Health Care Education: The Teen Drivers Program
  • Physicians Lifetime Achievement: Carl Boyd, leader of Memorial Center’s trauma center


And Linda Sacks, the leader of Memorial Center’s neonatal intensive care unit. Maggie has proven herself at the helm of Memorial Health Medical Center. With her extensive experience in health care, and her track record in the health industry, Maggie is set to earn Memorial Health more awards and a high reputation in the medical fraternity.