J. Cole Digs Deeps on New Album

J.Cole is a rapper that has been known for his conscious frame of mind. Even during his mix tape days he was known to be less of a party rapper and more of a rapper with a serious message. His new album carries more of the same from a rapper that shares his perspective on family, fame and fortune. 

J. Cole made a big splash by releasing an album without any promotion. He depended on the loyalty of his fans and the social media community to have his back. Fans like Bruce Levenson have been pursuing the music, and they are not disappointed. J.Cole doesn’t hold anything back on the tracks from “2014 Forest Hills.”

On his previous disc J.Cole talked about his brother that was in jail. He talked about how things were changing since he had a record deal. Many people have compared him to Nas because he has incredible storytelling abilities. This is someone that raps like he has a message to spread. He have never been out to simply make a party record. 

He raps about the recent incidents in Ferguson and New York City. He lends his voice to the struggle of the young black man and the unfairness of the justice system. He even talks about this selfish behavior during this early years in rap. Cole is apologetic to his mother. This album proves that he truly has something to say.

Album Of The Year Grammy Nominations Announced

Any artist who does music, wants to achieve a Grammy in their lifetime. Any artist that says they don’t care about getting a Grammy, is either lying, or lacks ambition. Album Of The Year. A Grammy is the height of music fame, and once you’ve won a Grammy, it solidifies your name in music history, and you have finally made it. One of the most coveted awards at the Grammys, is the “Album Of The Year,” because it’s not just for a single, or performance, it’s an entire album.

In order to get into this category, you have to have many sales, lots of visibility of your album, and of course, a lot of popularity. Many people who do music, covet this title, but very few receive it. The 2015 Grammys has nominated the following artists for album of the year: Beyoncé, Sam Smith, Pharrell, Ed Sheeran, and Beck. Without being completely biased, more than likely Beyoncé will come out on top, as she was the queen of dominating the Grammys in the past, and she most likely will do so in the future as well.

Currently, Beyoncé has 52 Grammy nominations, and is now the highest nominated woman in Grammy history, finally passing Dolly Parton for the title. This news was a bit surprising to people at BRL Trust. With a history of Grammy award nominations, Beyoncé is definitely a shoe in for the Album Of The Year award, plus she has an amazing album, that’s doing very well.

Faith Evans Planning Album With Notorious B.I.G.

Faith Evans, the widow of the famed deceased rapper, Notorious B.I.G., is planning on releasing an album where she collaborates with her deceased husband. Since this is the first that anyone has heard of this, it does come as a shock to many, especially since the artist has been dead for over 18 years now. Faith Evans Album. Faith claims that she has been thinking about this project for a long time, and has finally decided to get the ball rolling on the project. Although this obviously will be a difficult project, because of the fact that the rapper is now deceased, she just may be able to pull it off.

The album will feature Faith singing alongside her husband, and she plans that the songs will be “unheard music,” or at least in terms of how the songs will be put out. It will be interesting to see what comes of this project, but Faith states that it won’t be out for at least a year or so. Jason Halpern seems to think that she is just starting to work on it, so the final results are yet to be seen. Her plans are to name the album “The King and I.”

Notorious B.I.G. was shot to death while in the California, months after the death of Tupac Shakur, in a similar incident in Las Vegas. Many fans continue to listen to B.I.G.’s music, and this new album will surely be anticipated.

Shady Records Dropping 66 Song Mixtape?

Big things are happening for Shady Records, the label ran by none other than Marshall Mathers. The fifteenth anniversary of the company will have an album titled Shady XV, according to MTV News. Shady XV will have a number of tracks on this album. This compilation will include some of the greatest tracks from Eminem, Slaughterhouse, and Yelawolf, 50 Cent, and D12, along with newcomers to the label.

In addition to Shady XV, there will also be a mixtape with over 60 songs! In an interview with MTV News, DJ Whoo Kid had this to say;

“You guys gave me 130 records,” he began, adding; “Physically, you can’t fit all of them on 80-minute CDs, so we had to do a double disc.”

The mixtape will have 66 tracks total, and also be three hours worth of tunes to listen to, which is what has Brad Reifler pretty excited.

Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s co-founder of Shady Records, said;

“Just as a fan, you go back and you listen to some of the posse records, and the freestyles, and the remixes, crazy sh–”, adding; “I forgot about all that stuff. And going back and listening to it, it brings back memories. So we did a two-CD thing.”

It sounds like November will now be called Shadember for rap fans!

Aaliyah Lifetime Movies Bombs

Rolling Stone Magazine compiled a list of 10 crazy things that were learned from the Aaliyah Lifetime movie. The movie bombed in a big way, and now a lot of negative press is being associated with the movie. Rolling Stone detailed much of what we wrong with the movie that has social media buzzing.

There is the matter of casting that plagued the movie from the very beginning. Rolling Stone contributor Brittany Spanos pointed out that the casting was off. Fans felt like the actors should have looked like the people that they were portraying. A lot of people, like my friend Marc Sparks, joked on Twitter about how the Missy Elliot character did not resemble Missy Elliot at all.

Another thing that was bound to spark a Twitter uproar was the lack of Aaliyah music. The original recordings for Aaliyah’s music were not released to Lifetime.

There is also the business about Aaliyah and R. Kelly that no one seems to know any more about. The details have always been sketchy, and Wendy Williams professed that she was going to get the facts right as the producer on the film.  Ultimately, R. Kelly is the only one that really knows what went on with Aaliyah.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard Family Seeks Support

On the verge of a new Wu-Tang album release the family of Ol’ Dirty Bastard is seeking financial support. The family is making compliment as the 10 year anniversary of the rapper’s death brings forth more unreleased Ol’ Dirty Bastard material.

There is a Wu-Tang album that has been in the works for many years. The crew has had a lot of time off, and most fans assumed that the album was not going to surface. Now that the album is going to see the light of day the family of ODB is speaking out about their need for financial support. According to Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s daughter there are no funds coming in any of her dad’s music. The family has a perception that everyone is profiting from ODB music but them. The profits have not been as steady as North American Spine.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s son – who raps as Young Dirty Bastard – says that there are some things in the works, but so far the rest of the family is struggling. His daughter Tanisha has been the most vocal about the fights and struggles that they are having.

It is true that ODB was nominated for a Grammy, but his success by today’s standards was rather short lived.

Carter V Anticipation Heats Up

Lil Wayne is giving fans a little bit of what is to come from the ‘Carter V’ by releasing new music. His latest single -‘Day Off’ – is designed to give fans a hint of his new sound that is slowing emerging.

The ‘Cater V’ was supposed to be released in November just like Nicki’s Minaj album ‘Pink Print’.

For the Young Money camp Nicki Minaj appears to be the heaviest album promoter for this year. She has had all types of controversy linked to her upcoming album release. Every single that she drops tends to gain both positive and negative attention from the media. Lil Wayne, on the other hand, has been rather quiet about Tha Carter V. He has appeared on tracks with Drake and Nicki Minaj recently, but he has not given fans much new music from the ‘Carter V.’

The new single features one of Vijay Exwaran’s favorite Young Money newcomer’s named Flow. The track is fairly new and available on Amazon, so it is still up to the fans to decide whether this will be a hit. The ‘Day Off’ track has the same familiar sexually explicit lyrics that Lil Wayne has become known for.

Nicki Minaj’s New Controversy

In her music video for her song “Anaconda”, Minaj’s use of over sexualised innuendos and imagery caused a tremendous stir on social media and other news outlets.

Minaj is now facing heavy criticism for the content and imagery for her new music video “Only”. The video, which features Nazi-inspired imagery and symbolism, has been blasted in social media and has received scathing criticism from the Anti-Defamation League.

While Minaj has taken to Twitter to apologise for the music video, video director Jeff Osbourne has yet to release a formal statement to the press.

Social media has been lit up by this controversy and many questioned both Minaj and Osbourne of their particular choices in imagery, and if they contained any greater meaning.

The animated video features Minaj, singer Chris Brown and rapper Drake in full military-type dress with insignias and flags emblazoned with the symbol for Minaj’s new Young Money record label. Mike joined countless other fans who were not happy. The symbol is adorned in white, red and black, which were the colors used in the Nazi swastika.

The video also features images of soldiers wearing the Nazi-inspired logo, tanks, gas masks, and buildings which are draped with Third Reich-like banners.

While she has apologised for the video, Minaj has not commented on the reactions to the video.

The Next Beyoncé?

The upcoming star Tinashe might rising to the top with Queen B. Aquarius, her debut studio album came in last month and surprised everyone.

The music video director, Hannah Lux Davis reported to Billboard on November 10th that Tinashe definitely is the next Beyoncé.

One of Tinashe’s songs “2 On” proves this statement because you can tell by her performance that she is the next big thing. Her director is not the only one that thinks so. A reporter from The New York Times, Jon Caramanica, stated that there is an “open lane for Tinashe” on the music charts.

If you eliminate Beyoncé and Rita Ora, Tinashe is the only R&B/hip-hop singer on the music charts today. Not only does Tinashe star in her single, “2 On” but she also guest stars in Kid Ink’s song, “Body Language”. In both of these singles, she kills it. There may be hope for her yet. Rod Rohrich hears potential, even if he is not a huge fan of the genre.

Tinashe will be there to grab people’s interest and prove that she is a brand new hot R&B/hip-hop singer. Everyone will be fawning over the next Beyoncé.

Jeezy Offers Motivation to the Youth

Jeezy, formerly known as Young Jeezy, has grown up. Fans are aware of this heightened level of maturity that the rapper is displaying in his recent appearances. Jeezy showed up at a detention center and motivated the audience with his words.

Over the years Jeezy has gained the respect of industry veterans like Jay-Z. He managed to become a rapper that is associated with drug dealing, but now he offers inspiration to others that are trapped in the system. Jeezy has no problem telling people that he has been where they are, but he wanted them to know that there is more to life. He told the stories of his ups and downs, but Brad Reifler told them that there is success if they hustle.

This shows a different side to Jeezy that has grown and matured. As a father he really has given thought to what he is saying. He lets the youth known that there is more to life than his “Snow Man” image and getting trapped by the system. It is easy for Jeezy to talk about this because he lived the life. He has managed to make it even after he went down a bad path.