Beyond the status quo: Magnises

Dream of putting yourself into the lap of luxury. Look no further than “Magnises”, your acclaimed friend to the high life you always craved for. Since its inception, Magnises has been doing the rounds in NY City for all the right reasons. The symbol, a personalized black metal card that grants you access to good living and what better way to spend your time than doing it in a manner befitting celebrities and swanky businessmen.

Started by a young 23 old entrepreneur Billy McFarland, the company had its humble beginnings turned into a fortune with the new concept in Magnises. For one to become a member of this eilte club, they need to get registered with the website. Once the formalities are carried out, you will be charged $250 a month and will be given exclusive VIP passes to all the places you go to. You are allowed access to private parties, meetings and a digital concierge app. The concierge app comes handy to the users wherein users can type and send text messages for various things like movie recommendations or a visit to the art gallery and the app then uses an algorithm and gives you various responses as per your set preferences. If you were to room a normal room in the Park Plaza, you might just get a serious suite update on your visit.

Magnises now has more than 8000 members in New York City, more than 1000 members in Washington DC and have generated more than $3 million in revenues since their initial launch. The company wishes to expand its bases by the end of 2016 to other cities like Chicago and Boston. Mcfarland’s company has worked considerably worked due to its business modeling plan which allows large brands to market themselves to the users of Magnises who are in the age group of 22-35 mostly which is the relative age of most young professionals in the country. The other thing that has worked for Magnises is its wide scale publicity. Not anybody can be a part of the elite club since it goes around on a referral system only and one gets selected after a brief vetting process. The idea for Magnises started while Billy was still a freshman in the Bucknell University where he had already been a part of the content sharing site called Spling. After dropping out from college raised the start-up capital from Deep Fork Capital. As can be seen by the success of the company, it picked up a pace within a short span of time.

Billy McFarland has plans to open up seven private member spaces due to its tremendous response. Three of these members space would be set up in Washington DC are and the other four member’s space is scheduled to be opened in New York by the end of the year.