David Zalik, Forging The Path

The man who brought himself to a wit’s end and still kept going no matter what it was that seemingly got in his way is named David Zalik and he is currently the original founder and the CEO of GreenSky Credit  which is an industry that gives people the ability to exchange credit and loans at a specified premium. The firm that he owns is actually the reason why he is the billionaire that he is today. He is succesful because he commits and focuses on his goals despite the distractions, and because of those habits that he formed as a little boy he now owns about a little over three billion dollars in assets. That is more than Donald Trump’s networth and it is due to the determination and perseverance David Zalik developed from a young and simple age of four when he and his parents moved from the land of Israel to go to the American soil that is the United States of America. He and his family moved there and his father who was born in Argentina became a school teacher in the University of Auburn. As previously stated David Zalik developed a heightens aptitude for learning at a budding age when he pursued education by reading math books at the age of four. This lasted about nine years before he decided regular school was too boring to stick too, so he enrolled in college at thirteen years of age by taking the SATs required to show that one is eligible to go to college. He did this and in that same year began a computer repair shop that he built from the ground up which is where he gets so much of his experience in the workd of finance. Nine years after building the computer business David Zalik decided that it was time to sell the structure that he put his heart and soul into when dot com was about to crash. He ended up selling it for a good sum of three million dollars. Yes, it can be easily said that David Zalik took his experiences seriously when it came to money.



Adam Milstein’s Real Estate And Pro-Israel Work

Adam Milstein may not be the first name that comes up when Israel’s policies are discussed, but he’s made the Jerusalem Post’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews list of 2016, a list that includes Haim Saban, Benjamin Netanyahu and George Soros. He’s been a top investor in the real estate industry as Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, and his work in this field prompted Ideamensch to sit down for an interview with him. Ideamensch is an independent business blog that has sat down with some of the most brilliant business minds of today.


Milstein spoke about the founding of Hager Pacific Properties born out of a desire to find a better job than what was currently being offered to him. He advises anyone going into the industry to be patient when entering this profession as it takes time to make money in the profession. He also said it takes time to develop structure in the profession as more structure happens as you build up assets and acquisitions. He also said one key is to keep your contacts organized and follow up with every lead, and he recommends using Constant Contact to do so. The book Milstein recommends to everyone is Dana Perino’s And The Good News Is….


Adam Milstein grew up in Israel when the nation was still young. His parents immigrated to Israel from Latin America and his father fought in the initial war of independence prior to becoming a building framer in the construction trade. Adam also joined the military when he came of age and fought in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Upon returning home from the war he joined his father in the construction business and married Gila Elgrably. Milstein got his bachelor’s degree at the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology and his MBA at University of Southern California.


Adam Milstein and his wife Gila started the Milstein Foundation to promote active philanthropy in the Jewish community and started a Hebrew learning program in conjunction with it. Adam Milstein also founded several Jewish activist groups including the Israeli-American Council, Birthright Israel, Hillel International, StandWithUs and Hasbara Fellowships. He’s also a father to three daughters and has several grandchildren.

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Chris Burch: Why Technology and Fashion Industries Need Each Other

Over the years, technology and fashion industries have gone through many changes. Despite the multiple changes, fashion expert and investor Chris Burch believes that both industries have always grown together. According to the fashion legend, at some point technology becomes fashionable and at another instance, fashion becomes technologically fashionable. A detailed look at the past and present trends in both industries can depict the future.


Looking At the Past and Present Trends


A closer look at the boom boxes and two cassette decks of the 70s to the Walkman of 1990s, it is evident that the music player devices have evolved over the years. As the years went by, the music player designers made more portable devices. In the 21st century, iPods were invented further enhancing the portability of the devices.


From this trend, it can be argued that in this industry, what has been fashionable has been determined by the portability of the device. The smaller the device, the more technologically trendy it becomes. Currently, marrying fashion and technology is the only way to design technologically fashionable designs. Experts have it that technology provides endless options, and the more you get interested in it, the more it rewards.


Anticipating the Future


It will be fascinating to see fashion designers using technology to protect us. For instance, the development of air bags to be worn by cyclists around the neck will be fashionable as opposed to the current use of helmets, which reduce visibility. Additionally, use of technology to produce energy will be another intriguing invention. Clothing that captures kinetic energy to power watches, mp3 and cell phones are in the pipeline.


Technology and Fashion Helping Each Other


One notable event where the two industries helped each other was in the marketing of Google glasses. These glasses were not worn by many people until a creative fashion designer came to their aid. She made her models wear the glasses while on the catwalk, an exercise that helped popularize the technology.



About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a distinguished business magnate; he is also the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. The serial entrepreneur has invested in several industries including real estate, technology, and fashion. Burch has over 40 years of experience in investments. This experience is demonstrated by his remarkable entrepreneurial values, creativity, and vision for new markets.


Burch began his career in 1976 while at the Ithaca College. He invested $ 2,000 to start Eagle’s Eye, an enterprise that grew to $ 165 million. His unparalleled ability to find a nexus between innovation and execution has continuously yielded success in all his ventures. Over the last 40 years, Burch has participated in raising of more than 50 firms. His acute understanding of consumer behavior has helped him establish and maintain unprecedented track record.