La Kabbalah Centre Offers a Better way of Life

For those who seek to find a feeling of deeper connection to their fellow man and the universe that cradles reality, there is Kabbalah. It is centuries old and already known worldwide by several different generations of cultures and societies. The focus of this belief is a spiritual climb that reaches apex where every action, object and thought has a deeper meaning. Within the Kabbalah collective, there are different levels of discipline and styles of practice. But, that is not a problem or a discrepancy, because the religion itself has duality and echo to it.

That is to say on one level there is a call for the detachment to worldly actions, objects and thoughts. But, there is also an acknowledgement that these things exist without actively condemning them. This way of way walks a very fine line. Like many religions, there is an overall theme of having patience, compassion and control over your life to really get the best of it. There is one method of reaching enlightenment through letting go of it all, but Kabbalah says that there is another way passing through it all to reach a calm. And, it works.

To find out more a about Kabbalah, there is an establishment that you should make yourself familiar with. It is the LA Kabbalah Centre, founded by Philip Berg, and serves as an institution of learning as well a beacon of spirituality across the globe. Besides teaching the religion of its name sake, Zohar is also taught in the La Kabbalah Centre’s regional centers.

As the name suggests, it is located in Los Angeles, California. But, its influence spans globally through online courses and communities. Although Philip Berg is the LA Kabbalah Centre founder, he does not do it all on his own, nor is he the only person to credit with getting things started. His wife, Karen, and the uncanny staff of the la Kabbalah Centre are just a dedicated as their founder in their effort to bring something good to the world.

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The Beginning of Life Transformation at the Kabbalah Centre

People across the world seek self-fulfillment at certain points of their lives through spiritual guidance and teachings. The Kabbalah Centre, a non-profit organization and university offers students the opportunity to study the body of spiritual wisdom. Kabbalah is spiritual wisdom which holds the keys to universal secrets and the wonders of the souls and hearts of human beings. The teachings should not only be learned, but applied and used in everyday living, as well.


Kabbalah universal wisdom has been taught more than 4,000 years ago, including to Abraham and Moses. Modern Kabbalists teach students the difficulties of the physical and spiritual nature of humanity with the material and non-material universe. Their teachings assist students during the whole transformation process to peace, joy, and self-fulfillment. Learn how to remove suffering and pain from the body and chaos from your life.


The Kabbalah Centre is an organization that allows continuous learning and growth to make changes and increase wisdom. Beginners may start life transformation by attending Kabbalah Online University to receive lessons by video or live lectures. Beginner courses introduce students to universal wisdom, the basic tools for change, and the power of level one


Each course at the university provides students with knowledge to expand spiritual growth. Classes for intermediate students include Kabbalistic Astrology that teaches how to discover true nature of the human being and signs of the material world. Kabbalah University teaches wellbeing to achieve spiritual transformation, fulfillment, and success in one’s daily life. Learn the power of words, wellness based on kabbalah principles, and how to become a beacon of Light and learn more about Kabbalah Centre.


Find a location near you in Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Oceanic, or United States. The Kabbalah Centre teaches universal wisdom based on Kabbalistic principles to all people desiring oneness with the universe and the Creator. Its teaching comes from ancient Zohar texts and KabbalistRav Isaac Luria’s 16th century writings. Students will obtain understanding about the origin of God’s creation, universal spiritual and physical laws, and the soul. The teaching of Zohar is said to be a lifesaving tool that brings authentic peace, healing, fulfillment, and fortification and more information click here.

The Importance of a Kabbalah Center

The whole idea behind Kabbalah is teaching individuals how to regain balance in their lives. It’s about finding what makes you happy and in harmony, whilst getting rid of or staying away from negative energy.

A lot of people today go through life unhappy. They feel stressed by their careers, they just fell out of a relationship or lost a love one to death. Life happens to all of us but how well you handle this negative energy will greatly determine the quality of life you live.

Kabbalah is a teaching that has been passed down for years by the Jews. Through Kabbalah teachings, one is able to amass true joy, inner peace and find the fulfillment they are looking for in life. There are three main ways which one can use to learn and practice Kabbalah.

Online Courses

One can find a Kabbalah centre online and enroll for their classes. These online teaching centers have thousands of resources like articles, videos or journals that teach an individual everything they need to do. There are online student tutors who will help you formulate a study plan that is specifically tailored to your needs and interests. You only need good internet access, a laptop or smartphone to get started.

Book Studies

There are plenty of books for download in online Kabbalah centers. These books cover different types of topics to help one understand life and what it means to have true joy. An online Kabbalah center would allow access to a large online library for just a low monthly subscription. One can explore as many topics as they can and even be specific with their studies—reading only the material that applies in their lives.

Contact Groups

The movement of Kabbalah has grown from just remote centers to global contact groups. A contact group is basically a group of like-minded individuals coming together to study Kabbalah. An online Kabbalah center would include location finders to help locate a contact group near you.

Studying Kabbalah helps you find the peace and balance you need in your life. Many of the people who have successfully completed the courses have regained a newer perspective for life and wake up each day rejuvenated.