OSI Group’s Sheldon Lavin Is A Believer In Learning From As Many People As You Can In Life:

American businessman Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC. He started his affiliation with the global food processing and distribution powerhouse in 1970 as a financial consultant, aiding the original owners of the company in acquiring the necessary capital to put their expansion plans into action. OSI’s family owners the Kolschowsky’s were highly impressed with Sheldon’s abilities and his visionary business ideas. They convinced him to go into the food business with them and help them to build OSI into something special. Sheldon has never looked back on his decision to take the job with OSI and has stated on numerous occasions that from day one of joining the company, he had a clear vision for how the company could expand from being a regional success story to a national and then a global one.

When recently asked about how he got started in the food business, Sheldon Lavin opened up that he learned a lot of tricks of the finance world while in school and wanted to put this knowledge to use making a difference in the world. He explains that he wanted to build a company that could supply people with the kind of foods that they use on a daily basis. Sheldon then explains that he initially became a financial consultant and in this role, he came into contact with companies such as OSI that were in need of funding. Sheldon felt he could help them accomplish these sort of goals. He admits to being nervous about his abilities when he first entered the market but those feelings of doubt disappeared after he started to experience entrepreneurial success. Sheldon then goes into how his big break was when OSI Group’s predecessor Otto & Sons brought Sheldon in to help them find capital for expansion. Sheldon believed from the very start in OSI’s ability to succeed and his assumption was proven correct. In only a year of Sheldon coming on board, Otto & Sons stretched nationwide across the U.S.A. In 1975 the company was rebranded as OSI Group.

Asked about what the secret to innovation is, Sheldon says that it is a difficult question but in his opinion, the secret is humility. He truly believes that a good leader in a business enterprise needs to be humble or else he will not be able to learn. A leader must also be able to learn from those working under him. Sheldon Lavin is a firm believer in learning from as many people as you possibly can.

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David McDonald Brings Attention to Food Industry

In the food industry, there are many different people who can make a difference and David McDonald knows that his company will be able to experience all of the different things that will change the options that people have. He knows that things will get better for people as long as they are getting the food that they need for their business. He hopes that restaurants and other food companies are able to see the importance of having a quality food distributor so that they will be able to improve their profits and make things better for all of their clients. David McDonald tries to give the companies everything that they need no matter what type of company they are and he hopes to treat the smaller companies just the same as what he treats the big, name-brand food companies that OSI Group is able to provide service to in different areas.

Since David McDonald took over as the president of the company, he has been doing what he can to show people what they are able to get out of the food. One thing that David McDonald is always focusing on the quality of food. He knows that he can provide quality options without having to majorly sacrifice the prices that the companies have to pay. He hopes that this will make a difference for the clients and that they will continue to choose his company over the other ones that are available for them to work with.

While David McDonald OSI Group providing them with the quality options that they need, he is also doing what he can to provide them with the most sustainable food possible. He believes that his sustainability efforts will be able to contribute to better food experiences overall. He hopes that OSI Group will be able to set an example and other food companies will be more concerned about how sustainable their companies are compared to what other people have been doing with their own options and their own businesses that they are trying to be able to run through the food industry.

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