Why Steve Lesnard is Becoming a Branding and Marketing Influencer

Steve Lesnard, a nationally recognized integrated marketing and consumer expert, is influencing more entrepreneurs around the world. He has impacted numerous marketing campaigns on a global level, and he is clearly focused on digital marketing for the future.

He has quite a following as an influencer who is focused on helping others make world-class choices, as well as how you can remain focused in order to be successful in all areas of your life.

One of the best tips Steve Lesnard has, is to not allow others define success for you. He talked about this recently on Medium, stating that he had to give up what others say success is, in order for him to reach his true potential.

Another way to stay focused on your success is to not wait for the approval of others. Waiting on the approval of others is not necessary. When someone else is picked over us it makes us feel poorly.

Steve Lesnard also talks about acting as the black sheep. He’s referring to those who are immune to peer pressure. It has always destroyed people, mostly teens. Peer pressure can also have a tremendous impact on adults and their ability to succeed in their life and career.

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Unroll Me: An email saver

It’s no secret that our email inboxes can become flooded with unwanted emails that we have never even touched or considered to read. They continue to linger in our inboxes either it be from friends or a politically motivated machine. Emails can come in the form of a newsletter, alerts or daily deals that we have no interest in using or signing up for. The entire list of our messages can be made up of those we haven’t read or there are some important ones that we’d like to keep. 

In today’s market, surprisingly, there really isn’t that many tools we can use to stop the barge of email notifications unless we take the time to go through each one. Finally, there is a new application on the market that ease your worries. 

Unroll.me is a new service that is free to use that has a great interface that allows you to unsubscribe from all emails by one click. All you need to do is head over to Unroll.me now and enter your credentials for Google, AOL, Outlook or your Yahoo account. If none of these are what you use, then simply try an email address. You will get a list of subscriptions that give you the opportunity to either keep an email in the inbox, add to Rollup or basically Unsubscribe. Once you hit that click button for the Unsubscribe option on all email you don’t want to receive any more you will be free. 

If you decide there are some subscriptions you want to remain in your inbox, then use the Add to Rollup option. This will create a grid to where you can have a once a day digest sent anytime during the day of these newsletters. This list allows you to delete and add subscriptions any time you want. 


Unroll Me Information


Unroll Me is an email unsubscription service. Unroll me reduces your inbox clutter and eliminates any subscriptions you no longer wish to have. This works for Gmail and Google Apps users. With Unroll me, you have the ability to unsubscribe from senders to make ones inbox less cluttered and stressful. 


Many people suffer from inbox overload. With this tool you can edit and manage your inbox. An Unroll me article states, “Using an email digest service it owns named Unroll Me, Slice collected its customers’ emailed Lyft receipts from their inboxes and sold the anonymized data to Uber.” It organizes subscriptions emails into a daily digest email. 


Many individuals get hundreds of emails per day, and only a small portion of them are even worth reading. Many emails we receive are spam, which wastes space and overloads our inboxes so we might miss the important ones. 


Unroll me is free and does all of the hard work for you. It can either run once a week or once a month. It scans your emails and places them in different categories, giving you the option to keep them in your inbox, unsubscribe, or add them to your rollup. The rollup option allows you to place the emails you might wanna read later in the rollup section. At the end of each week or month your rollups will appear and you can read them or do away with them. 


The website is simple to use and easy to sign up. It is also quick, and can take up to as little as a minute to scan your email account. This website is a great way to declutter your email account and to be sure you never miss an important email again. It makes your work life much easier and is completely safe to use. 





Could Unroll Me Be The Solution?

Everybody at one point or another has had a very large collection of emails in their inbox that they are not sure what to do with. The problem is not signing up and entering our email, the problem is all of the emails we receive from different places. Then what ends up happening to the emails? Most people mark them as spam and a few of the emails end up in a spam folder but many still come through into the inbox.

Well, Unroll Me is the perfect solution to this problem. This software is designed to filter out the spam emails from the important ones and it is all done for free. What better way to organize your inbox and spam folder. It also sorts emails individually and creates new folders for different styles of emails.

With software designed to help filter out the spam emails, Unroll Me can’t do everything to prevent loads of emails from reaching us. Some experts claim that people are beginning to drift away from email and would much rather see important messages changed to something more modern like text messages or Facebook messages. While this could be a viable option for some, many people would become very overwhelmed and would understand very quickly as to why emailing is better than these other options.

To put it into perspective, sending an email allows a person to send almost an unlimited number of characters while most messaging systems break the message up into many messages. What could be sent in a few emails often times would end up sending in 3-4 times as many messages, even though it’s the same amount of characters. But this is where the stress and other problems would come into play. Many people would think they have 15-20 pending messages where if it were in email format, it could possibly be 2-3 emails.

Converting emails to another form of communication could happen in the future, but it is probably not likely to happen soon. For now, Unroll Me is doing a great job at helping with many email related problems.



Vinod Gupta Values Education


Vinod Gupta has never forgotten his life in India or the path he took to become a millionaire. He turned an assignment at a mobile home manufacturer into a business that filled a gap in the marketplace. He was to compile a list of mobile home dealers and turned that into a product based on services and communications between businesses nationwide would come to rely on.


Business Venture


Gupta got a bank loan for $100 and sent marketing mailers he created himself to everyone that could benefit from the database services he was offering. The business became successful as orders came in immediately for his product. In 1972 American Business Information was founded and was soon the place businesses sought out when seeking to reach more clientele.


The company was worth $500 million after twenty years when Gupta stopped being Chief Executive. The next year he returned to the role and InfoUSA was born. Later renamed InfoGroup, the company sold for $680 million during 2010. View Related Info Here.


Everest Group


Vinod Gupta is now the Everest Group’s managing general partner. The single office company specializes in private equity, consulting and venture capital to failing companies focused on database technology.


Vinod Gupta used his operational experience as a service to companies that are not performing up to their potential and increase his business success.




Gupta has spent his resources to help those that do not have the success he has had. He recognizes that education is vital and is on a mission to ensure opportunities for education to those that might not have exposure to them readily. He has built schools in India, plus funded and established courses where he went to school. Vinod Gupta’s motivation is providing others with opportunities.


More about Vinod Gupta on https://ideamensch.com/vinod-gupta/

Identifying A Motive and Finding an Opportunity with Market America

There are many motives that people have when it comes to working with Market America. For people that are interested in this opportunity, it is important to identify a motive. There are many motives that are valid for unfranchise owners. Each motive is unique to the individual. The only important factors to the motive are how effective it is at helping people get the job done and if it is going to benefit or harm others. It is up to each individual to determine his motive. The best time to figure it out is before getting started with Market America.

One of the most common motives for people joining Market America is extra income. In many cases, people that try to be an unfranchise owner are already working a job. They are just looking for some extra income in order to help with expenses or even have some extra change for spending. Either way, this is one way to make some extra money. People may have children that want to do something extra with their time off. At the same time, there may be some events that people might want to be involved with which could cost them money beyond what their regular job can offer.

The best thing about Market America is that the income is not limited. People are paid as much as they sell. They are also paid with other methods. There are people that can work on this opportunity part time while they are working other jobs. Then there are people that are able to dedicate all of their time to this opportunity. Either way, these people are able to find their own success with this opportunity from Market America. For one thing, this unfranchise business offers products, services, and even opportunities for people to get paid to shop.


How You Can Become an Effective Leader like Jeffry Schneider

Businesspeople and entrepreneurs can teach us all something about leadership. People like Jeffry Schneider must know how it works. How else do you explain the enviable success he has had in his life?

Organizations need experienced leaders like Jeffry Schneider who can offer a sense of safety in an increasingly uncertain world. But what is leadership? What makes a leader effective?

Leadership and Effective Leaders

Leadership is the ability to motivate and inspire others to achieve a common objective. Effective leaders empower people to be the best they can. Productivity goes up, and success becomes a reality. Good leaders have certain qualities that make them achieve the kind of results they produce. Here are a few of those qualities:

High Ethical and Moral Standards

Most good leaders hold themselves to high ethical and moral standards. A study has shown that 67 percent of leaders believe this quality to be the most important in leadership. The quality helps a leader create a safe and trusting environment.

Such a leader comes across as a person who has committed to fairness and honesty. With such a leader people are confident they have someone who will honor the rules. And they are highly likely to emulate him or her.

Good Leaders Empower Others

Effective leaders provide clear direction while allowing their people to organize their work and time without interference. Leaders know they cannot do everything alone. They have no problem delegating to others around them. Jeffry Schneider understands the importance of organizational power distribution all too well. He continues to empower and nurture the more than 55 professionals with whom he shares his life in the investment world.

Research supports empowering others. Many studies have shown that empowered teams tend to be more proactive and productive. Additionally, they serve the organization’s customers better. Moreover, empowered workers demonstrate greater commitment to their organizations. What is more, researchers find that such employees enjoy higher job satisfaction.

Open to New Ideas

Effective leaders believe great ideas can come from anyone within the organization. They know that top management may not have all the answers. Great leaders are always learning and encouraging their people to improve themselves continually.

They create an environment where people can share ideas. As a result, a diversity of ideas and new ways of doing things emerges. Great ideas and methods can help a company stay well ahead of the competition.

Jeffry Schneider has traveled to numerous places around the world. He likes meeting new people in foreign lands whose culture and ideas are different than his. Maybe this is what makes him more receptive to other people’s ideas.

Jeffry Schneider


Great Leaders Want Others to Grow

A study has shown that people want leaders who care about employees’ growth and development. Effective leaders are forward-looking. They realize they will not be around forever.

They, therefore, start organizing the development of the next generation of leaders. They nurture tomorrow’s leaders knowing that challenges are ever-present. They know that their organization’s future survival is dependent upon the quality of leadership of their successors.

When leaders show genuine interest in the growth of their people, reciprocity is almost certain. Supported employees are likely to express their loyalty and gratitude by working harder. There are many people today who credit their success to Jeffry Schneider’s benevolence.

Many people wonder whether leaders are born or made. Leaders are certainly born, and the best ones like Jeffry Schneider can make leaders of others. The world gravitates to an increasingly complex and uncertain future. With leaders having high moral and ethical standards, who empower others, who listen and nurture talent, the world is in safe hands.