AP Coke Piece Not New News

On Monday, March 16, the Associated Press revealed that Coca-Cola paid off nutrition and fitness experts to claim that Coke’s signature product is healthy. In February 2015 alone, the company promoted the idea that a mini-can of Coke is a heart healthy choice at mealtime through “sponsored” content by a “network of dieticians.” The AP also noted that each Coke mini-can actually costs more than a standard-sized Coke can.

Why is this “news” not really new?

Companies have been compensating dietary “experts” for decades. Every food and beverage company has consultants promoting their products as healthy choices. It is one of the biggest non-secrets in the food industry. Overall, all companies have been increasing this behavior ever since the Great Recession. Scott is the most notable example of the last decade. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG recalls that the company reduced the height of its toilet paper rolls while increasing the price.

The public should never forget that food companies will always try to find ways to sell the most products at the cheapest cost. Sponsored “expert” health pieces are merely one of many tools they use. People should themselves and their children to question so-called expert opinions that promote anything including natural foods that a farmer or grocery store might have paid to have promoted as healthy.

The (Broke) Situation

Just yesterday we were all celebrating The Jersey Shore Star Snooki’s Fabulous Great Gatsby themed wedding and fans like Daniel Amen were wondering where Mike “The Situation” was during the festivities. Well, today it seems he may not have been about to afford a decent tux to attend.

Mike’s financial issues aren’t really news seeing as how just this summer he made several appearances in court due to the millions of dollars he owes in taxes and being criminally prosecuted for tax fraud, but who knew just how bad it had gotten? 

Apparently Mike is now so broke that he has resorted to selling his car tires and matching rims. There are 67 bids at this time with 5 days left in the auction. Currently the winning bidder is offering to pay $4,050 and that price as all ebay auction prices is expected to go up at the last minute. There is no telling what these tires will sell for but it’s definitely worth the entertainment of looking into.