The Academy of Art University – Students Showcase Their Designs

The Academy of Art University strives to come up with the best training and guidance for their students to provide an exceptional experience that guides them towards achieving their goals in the fashion industry. With talented professors and designers on hand to help provide such knowledge, this University is here to deliver incredible training.

 The New York Fashion Week is the place to be where the new designers launch their careers into the limelight. It gives them the chance to be seen by the most important people in the industry. This University held their 21st runway showcase back in September of 2017. It was done at the Skylight Clarkson Square, known for being the official residence of everything style for that specific week. This season specifically had ten BFA and MFA graduates debuting their womenswear and menswear collections.

There is such a diverse set of designers. All of them come from across the globe with one being from Mainland China and another in coastal Maine. Their range of ideas took the audience by storm, impressing the legendary Ms. J Alexander, among countless other people in the fashion industry. Every single class and all the training all work up to this very moment, so they are incredibly grateful that the right people took the time to watch the showcase.

Presenting their vision for the future, it was quite an exhilarating experience for them. Every single class, training program, and project done to showcase their designs for 15 short minutes in front of the biggest and most important people in the industry. It was quite a unique way for them to graduate and get themselves out there in a way that puts them in the spotlight. The Academy of Art University is definitely the place to be to continue learning about fashion and get only the best knowledge possible from the best fashion design teachers.

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James River Capital Founder Paul Saunders on How to Deal with Burnouts

The James River Capital Corp. is a financial institution founded by Paul Saunders, who currently serves as its principal. He is also serving as the chairman and CEO of the company, and he would always write down articles that would encourage the employees working for the James River Capital Corp.


Paul Saunders have noticed that one of the most common conditions felt by the employees working under his company is a strong feeling of burning out, and he said that the nature of their job is stressful, and one should always think of ways on how they can enjoy their personal life. He encourages the employees to take a leave and a vacation because the impact on the health of stress accumulation can be very devastating.


One of the most common reasons why employees are starting to feel burned out is the lack of control. Time management is mostly affected by the slowly degenerating lack of control, and when an employee constantly run after deadlines and cramming all of their work, they would start feeling heavy and incapable of performing their duties. One of the tips provided by Paul Saunders is to dedicate the first ten to fifteen minutes at the workplace in creating a set of goals that need to be achieved on the same day. When a set of goals are outlined, it will be easy for an employee to find out what things re needed to be done first, and they will be surprised finding out that they can finish a lot of tasks.


Another cause of burn out for employees would be the lack of transparency in a company. At the James River Capital Corp., Paul Saunders is making sure that their employees would never feel like they are being used only for selfish purposes, and they are transparent in all of the things that they do as a company. People who have the best performances are the ones offered the promotion, and not to those who are close to their bosses. Paul Saunders said that if a company has transparency, the employees will be more likely to trust in their superiors, especially when it comes to the decision making on how the company should be run.


Supervisors, managers, and other executives should also speak with their employees about the way they feel working inside the company. Burned out employees would more likely to display different moods and their attitude would slowly change. Try to reach out to them and see how you can help. Learn more:


Employees who are burned out could also have lower confidence in the quality of their work. Try to explain to them that they are still doing their job perfectly, and they are only feeling burned out because of stress. Encouraging employees to relieve their stress is the best way to deal with this problem.


Billionaire George Soros Is Buying Gold; US Money Reserve President Explains Why


As more and more reputable economists forewarn of a large market correction that will greatly shrink the values of stocks and commodities this year, it has become vital for investors and ordinary people who will be adversely affected by this forewarned crash to protect themselves and their money. Fortunately, US Money Reserve president Philip Diehl graciously sat down with Enterprise Radio to impart some advise on those with an eye towards the near future.

For some background, Mr. Diehl is the former Director of US Mint which has given him large amounts of experience with bullion and legal tender – the US Mint producing more bullion than any other institution in the world. While at the US Mint, Mr. Diehl expanded its operations to trade on every continent in the world, including Antarctica. It is this knowledge which informs him on current investment strategies people should pursue.

As discussed in the podcast, Mr. Diehl recommends to invest in gold coins, which is produced by the US Mint and is legal tender of the United States and thus backed not only by their inherent value but by the strongest economy in the world. At the US Money Reserve specifically, customers can use a precious metal IRA which acts as a wealth insurance that – due to being backed by precious metals – is strong enough to withstand a large, negative market correction. Likewise, customers will be able to gain from steadily rising gold prices.

Some may suggest owning gold and silver bars instead of coins, but Mr. Diehl explains in the podcast that those bars do not serve as legal tender. Moreover, they are not guaranteed by a major mint or backed by the United States – which, again, is the strongest economy in the world. As these are not guaranteed by a major mint, there is no guarantee that those bars and bullion are not counterfeit. Thus, Mr. Diehl advises to own minted gold that is guaranteed by the US Mint.

While a market correction on the level of the financial crisis in 2008 may deal major damage on stocks, pensions and other funds, one can be buttressed from that fallout with gold coins produced by the US Mint.