The Chainsmokers’ s Sick Boy Hits the Charts

The Chainsmokers have been topping the charts for more than two years. Way back, they reached the top ten I 2015 with their song Roses, which led them to sashay their way on the top list of music billboards. Chainsmokers is a duo composed of Alex Paul and Drew Taggart who conquered the music world with their hit songs such as Closer (featuring Halsey), Don’t Let Me Down (with Daya), Something Like This and Paris.

Keeping in tune with their success, The Chainsmokers was expected to follow up with their conventional top rating tunes and songs that their fans love. However, Pall and Taggart embraced the darker side of music, which their fans have accepted and supported as well.

Recently they presented Sick Boy, which gave the duo their next career segment. Before they performed at the New York City’s Conrad Hotel where they granted a short interview regarding their latest hit Sick Boy. Drew Taggart admits that the tune for Sick Boy is more on the dark side. According to Taggart, the song is fundamentally about getting to know oneself and how this is related to being famous and hype on the social media. While Drew Taggart respects all the people business on Instagram, he would like to invite everybody to hear the lyrics of their new music and understand what the song is all about.

The Chainsmokers is a duo between Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The breakthrough in their career came in 2014 with their song #Selfie that went to the top 20 single of numerous countries. Their EP debut that came out in October 2015 – Bouquet showcased the song Roses that achieved a top ten rank on the Billboard Hot 100 of the U.S. Next came Don’t Let Me Down their primary top five single, which won the Best Dance Recording Grammy Awards given at the 59th ceremony awards. And then Closer which is their undisputed number one single on the charts.

Alexander “Alex” Pall is 32 is from New York, and Andrew “Drew” Taggart is 28 from Freeport, Maine. The genre of their music is EDM, electro pop, and pop.

Desiree Perez Revolutionizes the Tidal Streaming Business

The music industry is a lucrative business. While most of the money gets acquired through the sales of records, millions of dollars also get tapped from the streaming business. Tidal is a music streaming company. However, it is an underdog in the industry. The company’s executive, Desiree Perez seeks to uplift the company and ensure it becomes the favorite among video streamers. The company’s management has evolved over time. However, the change hasn’t deterred the founder, Jay-Z. After the administration had stepped down, he steered into another direction with the idea of saving the company. Today, with the help of Desiree, Tidal is thriving with new membership and a large base of music fans.

The best decision Jay-Z made for the company is bringing Desiree into the enterprise.  Click on for related article. She has helped complete some multi-million dollar contracts. At such a time, having Desiree assist the business in transitioning from one step to the other has born great fruits. Additionally, she has helped Jay-Z transition from the rap industry to music streaming. She has the right mind and the ability to finalize deals profitable to musicians and the company. The Tidal app is gaining ground after exclusives from Rihanna, Beyoncé, TI, and Kanye West. Today, it has more than one million subscribers.  Go straight to this important link for more reading.

Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez of Roc Nation Sports. She exhibits excellent managerial and accounting skills. She is credited for the Beyoncé’s Formation Stadium tour and Rihanna’s deal with Samsung. Since her input, the Tidal app is finally cutting its path in the streaming industry.

Desiree is a shrewd entrepreneur and a figure in the entertainment industry. Today she serves as an executive at Roc Nation, an entertainment company. Roc Nation also offers management services to musicians. Additionally, she works with Jay-z in the management and development of the Tidal streaming business. Perez has worked in the entertainment industry for two decades. She has successfully negotiated deals skyrocketing her client’s profits. Perez also works at SC Enterprise.  More of this on

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Man in the Mirror: Talented Impersonator Sergio Cortes Gives Convincing Perfomance As Michael Jackson

The passing of pop star and music legend, Michael Jackson, left a huge gap in the music industry. Many have attempted to duplicate Michael Jackson’s signature style as impersonators. Many have tried to successfully imitate the way Michael Jackson acts, walks and talks and have found it is quite a challenge. Add to that trying to duplicate a master performers vocal quality and vocal range and you will find that this challenge has been mastered by the impersonator, Sergio Cortes. On stage he is known as Sergio Jackson and he is attracting the attention of die-hard Michael Jackson fans everywhere. Cortes has gained immense popularity in his native country of Brazil. Fans claim that when he sings, it is hard to distinguish his voice from that of Michael Jackson himself. He is even able to accurately hit the high notes that Jackson was famous for. Cortes has also mastered dancing and moving in the exact style of Michael Jackson, who was known for his signature dancing ability. Some Michael Jackson fans are convinced that Cortes is the real thing and they are in awe of his believability. Cortes himself has been a huge Michael Jackson fan since childhood. He and his brothers enjoyed listening to Jackson’s music and as they watched Jackson perform on television they would attempt to mimic the dance moves. Cortes keeps his audience captured not only with his ability to sing and dance like Jackson, but also by duplicating his style of dress and his personality. There are countless YouTube videos available to get a glimpse of the magic he performs as he energetically and gracefully begins to convince you that he is the “King of Pop.” He has an amazing amount of talent and you can see how much he enjoys performing as he engages the audience in an experience to help them remember the master musician. Many people were unable to attend a concert performed by the original Michael Jackson, and Cortes is able to provide them with a second chance to enjoy the experience. Others who have attended concerts in the past are able to relive their treasured experience. Since Jackson’s death, many have tried to capture the essence of Michael Jackson, but one is rising above them all, master impersonator Sergio Cortes.

Learn More About MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortez

If you love music, you must have heard about a singer called Michael Jackson, who is very popular for his production of good quality music. Many people would have loved to see him perform, but unfortunately, he died not long ago. If you had such a dream, you should not be disappointed. This is because impersonators will ensure you get the same thrilling experiences you would have received if Michael Jackson was alive.

It is a well-known fact that many people love to be imitated rather than being flattered. The case surrounding Michael Jackson is an excellent example of how true those words are. Many people have tried imitating Michael Jackson, but very few have been able to provide a perfect imitation of Jackson. It has been hard to many imitators to copy Jackson’s talent as a singer and also his character as an individual. Sergio Cortes has managed to work hard to become the best in the field of impersonation. When it comes to imitating Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes has no comparison. He resembles Michael to very tiny details.

On the web, there are plenty of videos showing many of those imitations. If you have taken time out of your busy schedule to watch them, you must have realized how Sergio has dramatically improved his impersonation. He is now at a different level because some people even now confuse him with the legendary Michael Jackson. His imitation of the singing abilities of Michael Jackson is on the spot. At the same time, he has managed to create a perfect image like that of Michael. While performing, he can hold his group of an audience in the palm of his hand at the same time mesmerizing them with his wit and magical ability. He is traveling all over the world to deliver happiness to the Michael Jackson supporters who were deeply saddened by his death. He has come to fill the void that has existed since the demise of Jackson.

Sergio’s impersonation skills are impeccable. He is capable of imitating Jackson’s moves, voice, and looks. This has made him be a popular figure in Brazil, and his fame is now spreading across the globe. Just recently, he performed at Jackson’s Nature Tribute that was held in Milan, Italy. The main purpose of the event was to remember the life of Michael Jackson. Currently, for Sergio, the sky is now the limit because he has great career and opportunities ahead of him.

Brian Mulligan, The Opera Singer Based In San Francisco

Brian Mulligan is a renowned American operatic baritone. He was actually Born and brought up Endicott which is located at the South Central of the New York State. Mulligan was born in to a small family that is known to have come from the Irish County of the famous Leitrim.

Brian Mulligan is believed to have studied at the Yale University and also at the Juilliard School. His primary voice instructor was known as W. Stephen Smith, who he currently studies with.
Mulligan started his career at a tender age of 17 years. He had always been interested in the theater for a long time, actually since childhood. Brian had been auditioning and performing since his days in school, that’s how he founded his career.

Brian Muligan discovered that he had an interest in operatic voice while he was still in high school. His high school teacher, Gloria Richardson was the one who encouraged him to take vocal training serious. The teacher had realized that Mulligan had talent during the high school musicals. Mulligan decided to follow the teacher’s advice, and that’s his great journey started.

Gloria Richardson, the high school teacher introduced Brian Mulligan to the famous Todd Gee. Back then, Todd actually used to work with the recognized Tri-Cities Opera. Until now, Tri Cities Opera is a recognized the local opera institution in the whole of Binghamton, New York. Todd was actually a very good voice teacher to Mulligan, and he managed to introduce him in to the world of opera. Since then, Mulligan has never looked back.

Many people always think that Mulligans Irish background has influenced him to make the decision of becoming a vocal performance. According to Mulligan, this is actually not true. He is actually very proud of his origin, but this has never influenced him to make the decision to become an opera performer. Many people know how he loves Ireland, because he is known to have been visiting the country several times whenever he gets the time.

When he was growing up in Ireland with small family, he was actually listening to the music there, especially from Wolfe Tones and also from the Clancy Brothers.His grandfather was known to play the fiddle, and he taught Mulligan to play it too. When in this country, Mulligan actually never sang any of their traditional Ireland music unless he was singing along in a group. This shows really that his background has nothing to do with what he has managed to achieve.

Reveling in Challenge: Brian Mulligan Takes on the World (Again)

Since his debut at the Metropolitan Opera in 2003, baritone Brian Mulligan has enthralled and delighted audiences on some of the world’s greatest opera stages. This season sees this tireless performer ready once again to challenge himself to reach new heights.

The relentless performer has set himself a punishing schedule. By the end of 2015, he will have starred in the San Francisco Opera’s productions of Sweeney Todd, Lucia di Lammermoor, and the double bill of Getty’s Usher House and Debussy’s La Chute de la Maison Usher.

Mulligan will follow this in 2016 with appearances at the Metropolitan Opera in Simon Boccanegra, followed by Minnesota Opera’s world premiere of The Shining, In June he appears at Opehaus Zurich in Tchaikovsky’s Queen of Spades, before finishing the season with a performance in The Crucible at The Glimmerglass Festival.

This would be a daunting enough schedule for anyone. When you consider that no less than six of these parts will be debut roles for Mulligan, you begin to realize just why he is so highly regarded and sought-after. Never one to shy away from tackling even the most demanding roles, whether it’s his performances in Oper Frankfurt’s award-winning production of Weinberg’s harrowingly beautiful The Passanger or his current role in Sweeny Todd, he is always on the look-out for roles that will stretch his already formidable talents to their utmost.

The physical demands of operatic performance are often under-appreciated. Mulligan credits his love of sports as being a great preparation for his career. Equally inspiring was the intellectual challenge of learning languages and the history of opera. Coupling the two sides, physical and mental, Mulligan brings a depth of commitment to every performance.

That commitment can be seen in his approach to the title role in Adams’ Nixon in China. He spent over a year doing research, attempting to understand what he terms the Shakespearean nature of Nixon’s character. Not content to accept others’ judgements, he studied Nixon’s writings and interviews, and even visited China personally to get a first-hand feel for what Nixon was doing. That is commitment indeed.

The future is bright for this rising star. The future is equally bright for opera lovers. It will be a fascinating and provocative musical journey that this master-in-training takes us on over the coming years and decades.

“Em Should Be Smiling”

Eminem recently posted a picture where he worse an extremely serious face. However, people all over the world believe he should have been wearing a smile on his face. This is because he recently set a record like no other.

The record label Eminem is under has had artists whom have gone gold and platinum. However, Eminem has become the first artist on this label to go double diamond on the digital market. The owner of the record label was very happy to make this announcement, and he was also happy to take a picture with Eminem and the two awards. The record label manager believes Eminem will continue to set records as he continues to make music. The manager also believes no one will ever catch up to Eminem, either.

Artists from all over have congratulated Eminem upon reaching this milestone. This is because not many artists every see this success. This type of award goes to an artist that is exceptional on every level according to sources. This type of artist must also be a genius among other things as Handy employees will point out.

Not many record labels have ever had this type of success with an artist, especially since CD’s hardly sell anymore. Eminem’s record label is happy to have this type of artist on board. Everyone at the label says there is no one like Eminem. They also say there is no person whom will ever surpass Eminem on any level.

Metallica Set To Play the National Anthem at 2015 NBA Finals

A statement posted on Metallica’s webpage confirmed that two of the members from the band will be performing the National Anthem for Game 5 of the NBA Finals, on Sunday June 14th of 2015. The message read, “We’re incredibly lucky to have another winning team here in the Bay Area as the Golden State Warriors took the NBA Western Conference title and are facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals!” It continued on to state, “By now we’re guessing that you’ve noticed that we like to support our home sports teams, so to continue in that tradition James (Hetfield) and Kirk (Hammett) will be on hand at Game 5 on Sunday, June 14th. They’ll be performing the National Anthem before the game as the Warriors resume their quest for the title back at home at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA that night.”

Many Metallica fans such as Mikal Watts are highly anticipating seeing the band perform; however, many NBA basketball fans that are also Metallica fans as well don’t even know that the group will in fact be performing at the 2015 NBA Finals. These special and lucky fans will surely be in for quite the special treat as Metallica delights with their electrified instrumental version of the United States National Anthem. To read more about Metallica’s recent performances of the National Anthem and other related stories go to for more information.

Selena Gomez Allows Fans a Peek at New Music Video

Fans of Selena Gomez have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see just what she has been working on, and they now have the chance to do just that. Fans of this singer and actress have been given the opportunity to get a peek at the new music video that Selena Gomez is working on, and the Wall Street Journal did a feature on it. Those who enjoy the music from this singer like Andy Wirth are excited to see just what she is up to and to have the opportunity to check out the video that she will be releasing soon.

Those who enjoy the music of Selena Gomez have been given the opportunity to sneak a peek at something that she is working on, and this is exciting stuff for those who love the singer and can’t wait to get more music out of her. This new music will be coming out very soon, and the excitement is rising.

Fifty Years of the Grateful Dead

The largest collection of live Grateful Dead music ever compiled is scheduled for release. The massive collection of 80 CD’s will drop on September 18th – likely to the joyful whirling of true Dead fans.

Thirty Trips Around the Sun celebrates the Dead’s live music tradition. Among many notable recordings, the set will contain one previously unissued show for each of the band’s years of touring history. A timeline of sorts, the epic collection explores the evolution and growth of the band throughout the years. Steve Murray is certainly one of many fans enjoying this if you believe what is posting.

Available as a box set or on a lightning-bolt-shaped USB drive, the list price for such history is just under $700. Although it’s questionable how many true Dead-Heads have such a large chunk of change to part with, the price breaks down to just over $9.50 per hour of music history. Now available for pre-order, the release is limited to 6,500 sets. Included in the set are more than 73 hours of music, a gold-colored 45 featuring a live recording of Box of Rain, from the band’s final show, and a 288-page book containing an essay by Nicholas Meriwether and remembrances submitted by fans.

Rarely has such an extensive project been undertaken but Rhino records isn’t resting on it’s musical laurels. Brainstorming about how they might celebrate the Dead’s 55th anniversary has already begun.