Alex Pall Evolves

The Chainsmokers have had a string of top selling singles over the last few years. That does not mean that Alex Pall is resting on his laurels. The way a band improves is to evolve. He and his band mate, Alex Taggart, have already made one transition in their careers. Both started as DJs in New York City, and the move towards producing singles with singers was already a shift in their style. They are ready to make the next move. As writers of their own music, they now feel the time is right to put their voices center stage as well. The Chainsmokers have a history of working with the biggest names in the music industry, and they have certainly found success using that format. Their hit with Halsey was one of the biggest selling singles in the last few years.

Their writing is so personal that they felt that they should be the ones singing. They are not shutting the door on working with the best talent, but they feel such a connection with their song writing that they are proud to give voice to it. They have already made one major step, and they now feel that it is time for the next evolution in their careers. The fans have already embraced their decision, and they are happy to hear the Djs sing their own hits. The sound of the music has also shifted. The band is conscious of some of the changes they see in society, and they will be using some of those darker themes in their songs.

The move will bring a closer connection to their audience who will now be able to hear the Chainsmokers sing about the big themes they are writing about. The same hit qualities that made them so successful will still be there, but now fans will be able to hear directly from Pall and Taggart.

The Chainsmokers’ Success Journey

The Chainsmokers is a duo group that has proven beyond doubt to be unique in the music industry. Its music genre is electro-pop music and electro dance music. The group has been able to stand out from other groups that produce music in the same genre by employing creativity to always give their fans new music. They always believe that incorporating something new in their music will always make their fans interested in their music that is why Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart push themselves to always do better.

The Chainsmokers also has a competent producer who ensures that the Chainsmokers give out not only just music but quality music to their fans. The group always produces music with the goal of connecting to their fans at a deeper level. Their recent release ‘closer’ back in 2016, which featured the new upcoming artist Halsey was their breakthrough. The new track broke a lot of records for the Chainsmokers where it was the leading number one song in the billboard top 100 songs and remained number one much longer than expected. It was rated as the fourth longest-running number one hit in U.S history.

The music track made the chain-smokers to be nominated in the Grammy awards in the same year. The duo group later won the Grammy Award for Best Dance and Recording later in 2017. Due to their hard work and efforts, the Chainsmokers have also managed to receive other awards including American Music Award for favorite Electro Dance music and IHeart Radio Music Award for best collaboration. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart form the best collaboration since they share the same interests in the music industry.

The duo group gained a lot of popularity and fame from the ‘closer’ music track which went viral on the social media platforms. The Chainsmokers are also one of the best-paid crews in the music industry. Some of the other hits released by the duo group include this feeling, selfie, don’t let me down which have also managed to catch people’s attention.

Desiree Perez; a Woman of Valor in the Music Business

Desiree Perez is one of the most recognized women in the music business. She has weathered all storms to reach the apex of management at Roc Nation, an entertainment company owned by Shawn Jay-Z Carter. Desiree is also an influential member of Jay-Z’s other franchises like Tidal.

Tidal is a platform for streaming and downloading music with a collection of over 48 million songs. Customers pay for their service in their website to gain access to the different songs available. Desiree Perez qualities, determination, and the influence Jay-Z has in the music scene have enabled Tidal launch albums of several renowned artists such as Rihanna, T.I, Beyoncé, and Kanye West. Desiree has been a friend and business partner to Jay-Z for years and has seen him grow into the business mogul he is.

Desiree Perez’s success story in the music business cannot be complete without mentioning her unique negotiating skills. She has been able to complete significant deals for Rock Nation and other Jay-Z’s enterprises. She spearheaded the negotiation that led to signing of a $200 million contract between Tidal and Sprint. During the Rihanna anti-tour, Desiree was responsible for sealing the $25 million deal that funded part of the tour. Most music lovers learned about Rihanna through the music tour. Recently, Desiree was involved in the negotiations between Roc Nation and Live Nation. The talks bore success as a $250 million deal, that will fund Roc Nations decade anniversary celebrations, was struck.

Desiree Perez is not just a company executive; she is also a music producer and a talent manager. Her spouse, Juan Perez heads Roc Nation Sports, a sports management enterprise under Jay-Z’s belt.

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Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Sounds Off

There are so many reasons to look at the Chainsmokers and realize that they are only at the beginning of their reign. They’ve shown the world they know what it takes to make an amazing dance record through “Closer”. This marks a departure from what they used to do and shows they have the talent to go to places that we would never associate with them. We’re used to the idea that there is going to be great music from the duo, but the recent signs have shown they are going to turn into something much greater than we thought.

Alex Pall has been a great musician since his college days and we can now see why he has gotten so far. He knows how to get crowds going and he knows that people want to hear what he has to say. He’s one of the most prominent and success DJs around because he has staying power and knows how to reinvent himself. This latest single is just another example of him taking his staying power and deciding to bump up to the next level. There is so much that they can do and they want the world to understand that for themselves. The best way to think about what the Chainsmokers are doing is to look at how they’ve been in the past. They were oriented towards the college crowd and they took that with them for as long as they can. Now, they are trying to go even further than they did in the past.

The future for this duo is amazing and it’s going to bring people into the limelight. They want to show the world what they can do and what they’re about. So many people believe that this is what they can do to make sure people better understand that. The world is going to b amazed by what they have to offer and how they are going to present their music. We just need to be able to see it for ourselves to realize that there is something there that people want to see themselves.

The Chainsmokers’ s Sick Boy Hits the Charts

The Chainsmokers have been topping the charts for more than two years. Way back, they reached the top ten I 2015 with their song Roses, which led them to sashay their way on the top list of music billboards. Chainsmokers is a duo composed of Alex Paul and Drew Taggart who conquered the music world with their hit songs such as Closer (featuring Halsey), Don’t Let Me Down (with Daya), Something Like This and Paris.

Keeping in tune with their success, The Chainsmokers was expected to follow up with their conventional top rating tunes and songs that their fans love. However, Pall and Taggart embraced the darker side of music, which their fans have accepted and supported as well.

Recently they presented Sick Boy, which gave the duo their next career segment. Before they performed at the New York City’s Conrad Hotel where they granted a short interview regarding their latest hit Sick Boy. Drew Taggart admits that the tune for Sick Boy is more on the dark side. According to Taggart, the song is fundamentally about getting to know oneself and how this is related to being famous and hype on the social media. While Drew Taggart respects all the people business on Instagram, he would like to invite everybody to hear the lyrics of their new music and understand what the song is all about.

The Chainsmokers is a duo between Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The breakthrough in their career came in 2014 with their song #Selfie that went to the top 20 single of numerous countries. Their EP debut that came out in October 2015 – Bouquet showcased the song Roses that achieved a top ten rank on the Billboard Hot 100 of the U.S. Next came Don’t Let Me Down their primary top five single, which won the Best Dance Recording Grammy Awards given at the 59th ceremony awards. And then Closer which is their undisputed number one single on the charts.

Alexander “Alex” Pall is 32 is from New York, and Andrew “Drew” Taggart is 28 from Freeport, Maine. The genre of their music is EDM, electro pop, and pop.

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is an up and coming band who are popular for many hits but especially their songs Closer, and Don’t Let Me Down. Here is a close look at the band’s co-creator Alex Pall.


The Chainsmokers is unique not for their singing or their songs but because of their electronic soundscapes. They usually collaborate with other people to bring in their voices and songs and leave the sounds to The Chainsmokers.


Although they are used to being behind the scenes the duo that makes up The Chainsmokers are interested in becoming more involved in the signing and songwriting rather than being behind a DJ booth.


Alex talks in a recent interview about his life before creating The Chainsmokers. Pall was a DJ all around New York. He was working at an Art Gallery around this time which is how he met his bandmate and things kicked off from there.


The two men work well together because they both bring different traits and abilities to the table. Drew was a very good producer while Alex was a great DJ. Two aspects that worked well together in the making of The Chainsmokers and their current fame. These two succeeded because not only did they have different talents, but they were determined to work hard in order to get their band off the ground. They worked hard every single day. Refer to This Article for additional information.


The Chainsmokers are really excited about their up and coming work because they are going to be writing and singing not just their own songs, but these songs are going to depict things that are happening or did happen in their own lives. The songs mean so much more to them for that reason. (More about Pall on Interview Magazine: The Chainsmokers)


The Chainsmokers are definitely a band to keep an eye on. Before we know it, they are going to be on top of the world creating new beats and singing new songs about themselves that make us love them even more than we do now. Good luck guys we can’t wait to see what you put out there!


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Norka Luque: The Power of Being Different

When Norka Luque was growing up, her family encouraged her to follow her dreams. She wanted a career in music, and they were extremely supportive. At an early age, she took voice and piano lessons. These lessons were of great inspiration for Luque. Her family always believed that she had a star’s destiny. Luque started making demo tapes and sending them out to producers in her native Venezuela. She was a great success in her homeland. Later, she decided to come to America to see how her talents would serve her.

Emilio Estefan, Jr. saw Luque in a musical production and was amazed with her natural ability. He felt that she had a special singing talent that could be used in his upcoming musical. Estefan signed Luque to sing backup with Shakira. Luque had the talent for which he had been searching, so Estefan became her mentor. He wanted to take her talent to a higher level of excellence. Estefan did not want Luque be just a one-hit wonder. Since working with Estefan and Shakira, Norka Luque has won several awards and has done a lot of work in the music industry. These two stars had a positive effect on Luque. She takes what she learns and adds it to her powerful music.

Even though her first album was released in her homeland of Venezuela, her life and career were changed when she moved to Miami. Many of her Venezuelan hits have been expertly remixed into different tunes. Fans love that all of Luque’s music has a positive tone. While other singers highlight their pain and woe, Luque tends to dance on the silver lining in the clouds. This style truly works for her. Many of her songs have made it on the Venezuelan music billboards. With Estefan as a mentor, Luque is destined to go far in her career.

Norka Luque is a young star who is still learning the art of music. However, fans love her voice and feel like dancing when they hear her sing. When it comes to the world of music, being different is a good thing.

Beat It Billy Jean

To all of you who thought Michael Jackson was dead… It is time to get Trilled he is back. Well at least in Brazil, that is. A very talented man by the name of Sergio Cortes has been paying tribute to “The King” for over 20 years. So even after is unexpected death his memory lives on in Sergio Cortes’s performances. Sergio’s was born in Barcelona where his life story began. He was so infatuated with Michael Jackson’s performances that he moved to Gary, Indiana where he was raised. Ever since Sergio was a teenager, he spent countless hours practicing his ever move and dance step and has nailed the Moon Walk down to a tee. The thousands of fans that follow him can attest that his hard work and dedication has paid off in making him one of South America’s most sought after Michael Jackson impersonators. Sergio is an employee of Destiny Projects which is a company that not only manages but specializes in artistic development. If you were a fan of Michael Jackson then you need to travel to Brazil, South America and get tickets to his concert. People think Sergio Cortes is the most Authentic Michael Jackson look a like that he even dresses in the same style as Michael. If you are a Facebook user you can go check out his page. He has videos you can view and over 9 thousand followers. You can also find him all over YouTube. Some people even mistake Sergio’s video’s for Michael’s video’s. To all you Twitter followers you can find him here as well. As of today, November 2, 2015, he has more than 800 followers.

People hope to soon see Sergio Cortes in a world wide tour. He brings Michael back to life in every way he walks, talks, moves, dances and sings.

He is the total package deal. If you have never had the pleasure of seeing Michael in concert Sergio Cortes is probably the closest thing you will ever see to seeing Michael in concert. He has performed every song Michael has every sang. Some people even think that Sergio is really Michael’s long lost twin brother. It is said that Sergio will premiere at the show in Las Vegas.

Make no mistake about it, we miss Michael dearly and he will never be forgotten. Sergio
Cortes will help keep Michael in our hearts living on through him and his talents.

MJ Impersonator Keeps Things Lively

Sergio Cortes has become the Michael Jackson impersonator that everyone wants to see. He pulls out all the stops and presents a performance that is the filled with electrifying numbers. Everyone that has been able to see Sergio Cortes perform has become a fan of his. There are a lot of people that have tried and failed to present Michael Jackson and the light that Sergio Cortes has presented Jackson in. Old people that have seen a performance by Sergio through Internet videos is going to be interested in trying to find tickets for this tour. He has to outfits and the dance moves that make you applaud his ability to create an entire world that is a true reflection of Michael Jackson.

It makes sense perfect sense to take interest in someone who performs at such a high magnitude. He has for great ability to entertain and put fans in a state of comfort as they watch one of the best MJ imitators in the business. There are many impersonators that may do a great impression of a particular Michael Jackson song. They may have a strong desire to entertain fans with certain dance moves that Jackson was known for. What these impersonators have in common is there a limited ability to only present a portion of what Jackson did when he was alive. What Sergio Cortes has been able to do is provide an expanded look at the career of Jackson over the years. He has the ability to make it look easy as he takes on some of the past dance numbers and that Jackson performed when he was alive.

He is all about the energy and attitude of impersonators. Sergio has been able to sort out the songs that people remember most about Jackson. He is taking the songs and creating a show that sort of tells the story of the life Jackson through music. Fans that have been able to see Sergio Cortes on the stage are glad someone finally stepped up and decided to carry the MJ torch. They really do believe in him and what he is able to do. Sergio also has the ability and a strong desire to make each MJ impersonator show better than the last. This is the thing that is serves as the driving force and allows him to present himself to new crowds over and over again.