FreedomPop Inspired By ‘Silicon Valley’

CEO Stephen Stokols and the rest of the team at the upstart tech company FreedomPop have been facing a pretty tense week of rumors. For the past few days we have seen numerous rumors make it to headline that imply the impending sale of FreedomPop. According to reports by Recode, the team has fielded offers as high as several hundred millions of dollars for the company. However, even if these offers were true there is going to be no way to verify it. Instead of selling their company, FreedomPop took a page out of ‘Silicon Valley’ and decided to keep their independence.

CEO Stephen Stokols was unashamed to admit that he was inspired by the HBO television show ‘Silicon Valley’. The show focuses on a group of programmers who turn down a $100 million dollar paycheck in exchange for keeping control of the company and growing it themselves. It is this bravado that Stokols wants to emulate and he is going to need as much of it as he gain. Stokols has an 18 month growth plan in place in order to try and turn FreedomPop into a billion dollar business.

The freemium mobile carrier company is focusing on growing their customer service abilities while also increasing their retail outreach. Right now the company is turning the corner on over 1 million global subscribers and the next step is to put the product in ‘big box stores’ everywhere. Thanks to a $30 million Series B investment from Partech Ventures, this goal is closer than ever to becoming a reality.

FreedomPop focuses on selling excess services rather than charging for data, like phone companies typically do. Customers on the FreedomPop program are granted a limited amount of free minutes, data, and text. FreedomPop makes their money by upselling, collecting overage charges, and making use of additional plans.

The Ultimate Guide to Freedom Pop

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FreedomPop is certainly getting a lot of positive attention and challenging cell-phone carriers to take a second look at the way that they operate. FreedomPop is enticing people away from high priced cell-phone carriers that over charge them for their service. They are also venturing out to the WiFi market and capturing new members with their WiFi hotspot Apps that promise unlimited WiFi for a mere $5 per month. FreedomPop is one sure way to cut the cellular bill and receive unlimited WiFi. Perfect for Android tablet and cell-phone users that are very mobile or travel constantly.

In the beginning, FreedomPop reached out to the consumer with their low cost, Internet and cell phone plans. They promised to save the consumer hundreds on their Internet and cell phone bill per year. They operate a bit differently. They offer low cost Internet and cellular services both over a mobile network. The mobile network is very fast, safe, and reliable. However, the company does not own the mobile network. The good news is that the mobile network used is SPRINT. Now, they are rolling out a brand new service, WIFI hotspots. 

FreedomPop is also doing something that has never been done before. They are one of the first to target their service at those that are disgusted with paying high prices for plans that go along with their mobile service. WiFi hotspots is perfect for the person that would like to hop online quick and check their email or even do a bit of surfing around the Internet on a deactivated cell phone with WiFi. FreedomPop promises hotspot availability at places like popular fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and other well known retailers. 

In order to get started enjoying this new low cost entry into WiFi, the consumer will need to download their FreedomPop App. Available for free download to Android devices. Clearly, their plan to offer unlimited WiFi for $5 seems to be catching on with millions of new users.

AP Coke Piece Not New News

On Monday, March 16, the Associated Press revealed that Coca-Cola paid off nutrition and fitness experts to claim that Coke’s signature product is healthy. In February 2015 alone, the company promoted the idea that a mini-can of Coke is a heart healthy choice at mealtime through “sponsored” content by a “network of dieticians.” The AP also noted that each Coke mini-can actually costs more than a standard-sized Coke can.

Why is this “news” not really new?

Companies have been compensating dietary “experts” for decades. Every food and beverage company has consultants promoting their products as healthy choices. It is one of the biggest non-secrets in the food industry. Overall, all companies have been increasing this behavior ever since the Great Recession. Scott is the most notable example of the last decade. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG recalls that the company reduced the height of its toilet paper rolls while increasing the price.

The public should never forget that food companies will always try to find ways to sell the most products at the cheapest cost. Sponsored “expert” health pieces are merely one of many tools they use. People should themselves and their children to question so-called expert opinions that promote anything including natural foods that a farmer or grocery store might have paid to have promoted as healthy.

Dr. Rod Rohrich teaches the importance of moving with the times in Plastic Surgery


Dr. Rod Rohrich has become one of the most respected and important plastic surgeons in the World following his pioneering work as the head of the Plastic Surgery Department at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Rod Rohrich has spent a large amount of time studying at different medical centers around the World before arriving at UT Southwestern and heading up his own department, the different areas of plastic surgery he has studied have made him a much sought after speaker and teacher for different groups. Dr. Rod Rohrich has spent a large amount of time creating and perfecting new techniques he hopes will improve the field of plastic surgery and reduce the number of problem cases the medical industry is faced with.

Dr Rod Rohrich embarked on his career at UT Southwestern after a successful stint at Oxford University in the UK, where he was taught a large amount about the treatment of pediatric cases in plastic surgery. From there Dr Rod Rohrich returned to the US and began a career that takes in a practical side to plastic surgery in the operating room and the completion of a number of academic papers at regular intervals that are used as teaching and learning tools by individual surgeons and larger groups around the World.

In his role as a teacher, Dr. Rod Rohrich addressed the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2014 and called upon his colleagues to look at the latest approaches to plastic surgery that are available in the field. During his lecture in Dallas, Texas, Dr Rod Rohrich stated the continued use of the term face lift should be phased out as the modern procedure bore little to no relation to that used when the term was coined. Dr Rod Rohrich explained that almost every plastic surgery procedure completed in the modern World was a combination of many different techniques and options made available through many hours and years of research and study. Dr Rod Rohrich also argues that the use of the most modern techniques also made it easier for patients to avoid the many problems they could face with older, out of date techniques.

Skout: Socializing but Better

Skout is a location-based social media network app and website that is available on iOS and Android. This is known to be the first app that uses generalized locations of users to interact with other people. Using the users GPS on their phone, Skout can help users find other people within a general radius of each other. However, it will not give specific locations of it’s users, and users can opt-out of its tracking features. The company separates it teen and adult communities for safety and is available in over 180 countries.

With the app, users can interact with each other. While searching for people, they can see the profile and recent activities of the other users. Also, they can instant message each other and send virtual gifts to one another, such as adorable stickers. Over 500 million connections were made, just in 2013! Skout can be used as a dating or social app, it is up to the user.

Skout has a feature called “Shake to Chat”, that allows users to interact with other people randomly. Just shake your phone, and you will be connected to a chat with someone who was doing it at the exact same time you were. Profiles are anonymous for the first 40 seconds after the conversation begins. This lets users get to know each other and gather a first impression, before knowing more about you.

Skout also has an addition feature, Skout Travel. It needs to be paid for, as it is not free like the rest of the app. When traveling, Skout Travel allows you to meet other people in the city you traveled to. This can be useful when you do not know anybody or it is your first time in the city.

Skout is user friendly and features an easy to use interface. Within minutes they are meeting new people and building strong relationships, while not giving away to much personal info. With the popularity of the app, Skout still provides updates every now and again to provide a quality, chic app for its consumers.

Taylor Swift Refuses Spotify

With the release of Taylor Swift’s newest album, 1989, everyone was pleasantly surprised that she had ditched altogether the country genre taking full pop songs. It was received well by all music lovers and fans and soon started selling millions of copies worldwide both digital downloads and in music stores. The marketing of the albums was also well thought. The Polaroid pictures that went with the CD were some people’s only reason to buy the album with the help of Susan McGalla.

Now, the album is sitting in the number spot of Billboard for almost 9 weeks. Its fame can be equated to that of the soundtrack of the very famous Frozen. The sales are gradually decreasing but it is still making money and possibly even more with every release of the tracks in the album.

Some of the songs that have been released have already become world sensations and number tracks on Billboard. Shake it Off has earned top spots on a lot of international charts. Blank Space increased the album’s popularity by earning the number spot on Billboard.

There is one place that the songs of her new album can’t be found, Spotify. The Swedish music streaming app is also making a name for itself with over 15 million subscribers worldwide now. Taylor Swift had some issue with how much her songs could earn being on Spotify which ended up with recalling her album.

Ca Judge to Rule on Removing Marijuana as a Shedule I Drug

It has been shown over and over again that marijuana does have a medical purpose. This controversial plant has been classified as a Schedule I drug since the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Including marijuana in a group along with heroin, LSD and ecstasy is ludicrous. Activists at the National Organization for the Reform on Marijuana Laws (NORML) have been actively pushing for the legalization, taxation, regulation and education of pot in our country.

Finally, a federal judge has found the insight and courage to address this inclusion of marijuana as a dangerous drug. Appointed by President Clinton, (yeah, don’t laugh), US District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller held a five-day hearing in Northern California to listen to arguments from both sides of the pot classification and legalization debate. Brought on by a pre-trial defense motion in a case the federal government has pending against accused marijuana growers, Mueller will consider testimony, exhibits and thousands of pages of briefs presented to her. The constitutionality of our guarantee of equal protection under the law and the principle of giving states equal authority are under debate in this hearing.

With voters in states like Alaska and Oregon being the most recent to approve of recreational pot use, it has become evident that a growing number of people throughout our country are pro-marijuana. This is the first time in decades the issue has been considered in a federal court, and a ruling on the issue is expected to be handed down later this year.’s Sergio Gutierrez will not say how he feels about this issue one way or another, but is interested to see the outcome.

NASA Proposes Plan to Inhabit Atmosphere of Venus


Forget living on the frigid tundra of mars. NASA recently revealed plans to send a scouting mission to Venus in order to determine if the atmosphere may be inhabitable for humans and are bringing in none other than Terry Richardson to edit captured visuals.

This revolutionary idea, called HAVOC (High Altitude Venus Operational Concept), entails inhabiting the atmosphere of Venus by living in large gas filled zeppelins. These zeppelins would be covered in solar panels in order to provide power to the brave astronauts.

The atmosphere of Venus is only about 170 degrees, compared to the surface, which is close to 900 degrees. Floating in the atmosphere would be much easier to accomplish than trying to land on the red hot surface.

The test flight to Venus would only take about 440 days, as opposed to a mission to mars that would take over 500. Engineers at NASA see Venus as a more attainable goal, not just for exploration, but also for eventual habitation.

Would you want to live in a giant zeppelin for the rest of your life? I don’t think that I would. If the Earth became uninhabitable, humans may have no other choice in the future.

Nicki Minaj Lets Us Into Her Personal Life With Song

It’s very obvious that Nicki Minaj not has been doing a lot lately with her music, putting out videos, as well as gearing up for her new album release. Bruce Levenson noticed that she did a Q & A on Twitter the other day, and she noted that the song called “All Things Go,” was a very emotional and personal song for her. Nicki Minaj Emotions. The artist puts out some of her most personal information on the song, talking about the child that she had lost, but not being specific as to how she lost the baby.

She even states that the child would’ve been 16 at any time, meaning that she lost the baby at least 15 years ago. Being the personal, and the private person that Nicki is, it’s safe to assume that probably only her family members know the true origin of this story. In her lyrics, she also mentions her younger brother, as well as her guilt for the death of her cousin. Her cousin was murdered in Brooklyn, New York, senselessly, and she felt as if she could have saved him.

Supposedly, the cousin was supposed to be staying with her, and for whatever reason this did not happen, and he ended up losing his life. Nicki feels some resentment, as well as regret, feeling that she is partially to blame. It’s rare to see such an emotional outlook from Nicki in her songs. Look for more on her upcoming album.

Friends, Friends, Friends

Who can forget the phenomenal sitcom Friends? We lived and loved for years over coffee at Central Perk. We watched Chandler and Monica marry, but before this happened, they went through a bumpy ride of love over the years. Monica had been a bit overweight and Chandler’s comment set her off on a path of amazing change.
Flash forward a few years and Monica was a hottie after dropping about 50 pounds.Terry Richardson recalls from the show that Every Thanksgiving, the friends gathered and Monica the culinary genius cooked a feast. Particularly the one where Monica put her head inside that turkey!  That was it for Chandler; he knew he was in love.
Hard to believe that by merely putting a piece of poultry on you head and being unable to remove it would create such a love affair, but it did and I think most of us will agree with Terry Richardson, we are oh so happy it did.