George Soros: The Modern Samaritan

George Soros is known not only as a financier, but also as a philanthropist. Take into consideration that US law prohibits its citizens from giving more than fifty percent of their income to charitable causes. George Soros was and remains the only US citizen who completely and regularly exhausts this limit. This is approximately 300 million a year. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

Now in more than 30 countries, they have created charity funds. In 1988, Soros organized the “Cultural Initiative” fund in support of science, culture and education in the USSR, but the fund was later closed, since the money was used for the personal purposes of certain individuals. In 1995, it was decided to organize a new Open Society foundation in Russia.

For the second time, Soros was surprised to find that dollars allocated for scientific programs are deposited in suspicious banks, and without difficulty catching the sense of the concept of “twist money”, Soros came to the conclusion that the correlation of corruption and efficiency in this case leaves much to be desired. After that, the composition of the Moscow government immediately changed.

George Soros was born in Budapest on August 12, 1930 in a Jewish family of average prosperity. If George’s father taught him the art of survival, then his mother-Elizabeth instilled in her son a love of art as such. When in September 1939 the Second World War began, George was 9 years old. Often they lived for weeks in the attic and basement floors of their friends’ houses, even without knowing if they would not have to leave in the morning.

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Soros admitted that the best year of his life was in 1944, when he and his family were in mortal danger. This year, George Soros saw how the imminent falsification of the documents his father dealt with saved the lives of his family members and many other people, while hundreds of thousands of Jews were destroyed by the Hitler regime. In the autumn of 1945, I returned to school, but thought that I had to leave Hungary immediately to the West. In England, George Soros settled himself as a waiter in a high end restaurant, where London’s aristocrats and movie stars luxuriously dined and danced the night away.

Like Freud and Einstein. In 1949, George Soros entered the London School of Economics. He attended several lectures of Harold Laski and studied for a whole year with John Mead, who in 1977 received the Nobel Prize in Economics. Although Soros graduated in two years, he spent another year hanging around the school before he got his diploma in the spring of 1953.

He took up any job, starting with the sale of bags in Blackpool, a seaside resort in the north of England. Although George was not very successful, he felt himself at home as a home and found a taste for working in money markets. In 1956, a young investment banker decided that it was time to get ready to go – to New York Soon after arriving in the US, one of his London colleagues helped George get a job.

Today George Soros is known not only as a financial but also as a philanthropist. US law does not allow citizens to spend more than fifty percent of their income on charitable ends. George Soros was and is the only US citizen fully and regularly exhausted this border. This corresponds to about 300 million a year.

In more than 30 countries they have created charitable funds. In 1988 Soros organized the fund “cultural initiative” to support science, culture and education in the USSR, but the fund was later closed because the money was used personally for some people. In 1995 it was decided to organize a new Open Society Foundation in Russia. Learn more on about George Soros.

For the second time, Soros was surprised that the scientific programs assigned to dollars are deposited in suspicious banks and, without difficulty, took the meaning of the term “twisted currency”, Soros concluded that the correlation leaves corruption and efficiency in this case Much to be desired. Thereafter, immediately changed the composition of the Moscow government.

Soros, in no way intends to discontinue charitable efforts against injustices. The Open Society Foundation, Soros’s own non-profit organization, has documents confirming funding to activists of the Ferguson protests, of about $33 Million. Movements such as these, which motivate organization and research, Soros believes grants liability on the community. Soros is a prime example of holding yourself accountable, it would incite great change the if we’d all follow this example.

Dick DeVos Gives Financial Contributions To Charities That Make People Take Notice

Many people are in need of help in the world today. The type of help varies from person to person but the need for help is prevalent in the world. There are many reasons why people need help. Although the reasons maybe different, people have various places that they can go to receive help. One of the places that people can go to receive help are charities. The role of charities concerning helping people is an important role in the effort. People go to charities to receive help and many charities attempt to provide help in numerous ways.


In the end, charities are able to help many people because the charities have the money available to help people. Without the money, charities would not be able to do many of the things that are done to help people. While there are various ways that charities can raise money, one of the most popular is through financial contributions. Millions of dollars are given to charities as a whole every year. The individual charities receive various amounts of financial contributions. Some charities receive more contributions than other charities. The reasons why some charities receive more contributions than other charities are numerous.


One of the reasons is because some charities are able to get substantial contributions from people who contribute large sums of money. The people who contribute large sums of money can make a huge difference to charities. These people give contributions that can go into the millions of dollars. One of the people who gives financial contributions of this size is Dick DeVos. With a net worth that makes him a multi millionaire, Dick DeVos has the money to give large contributions to charities.


Over his lifetime, Dick DeVos has given over 139 millions dollars to charities. The type and causes of the charities are different, but the reason for given by Dick DeVos remains the same; he wants to help people. Dick DeVos has a passion for helping people. Along with his wife Betsy DeVos, the couple has helped thousands of people over the past few decades.


Dick DeVos is an executive who is well respected in the business world. He has held key positions with the Orlando Magic and Amway. He serves as the current president of the Windquest Group. In all his executive roles, Dick DeVos has produce great results for the companies where he has provided leadership or provides leadership. A man with many business talents, Dick DeVos has a rare blend of personality and business savvy that allows him to rally employees together to work for common goals.


I think that Dick DeVos is a special person because he cares about other people, and he is willing to give of his own money and time to help others. While many people maybe willing to help a little, Dick DeVos goes the extra mile in numerous ways to help other people.