Lawrence Bender: An Extraordinary Producer

Involved with the movie industry for over two decades, Academy Award-winning Lawrence Bender has also received twenty-nine nominations for Academy Awards, many of which were for Best Picture. Bender has long had a winning combination with writer and director Quentin Tarantino. In fact, only Death Proof, The Hateful Eight, and Django Unchained have missed production under him. Also, as a concerned environmentalist, Lawrence Bender produced An Inconvenient Truth, written by Al Gore. This film won two Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature and Best Original Song.

A somewhat idiosyncratic person who sleeps on friends’ couches rather than paying for an expensive hotel room, Lawrence Bender contends that he can make better use of the money in hiring another film crew member. Once a dancer until he suffered an injury, and an actor himself, Lawrence Bender is of a creative nature. He describes himself as “…look(ing) at movies differently than other producers. I look for things with movement and character and color….I want to make movies with people who need to say something…movies that come from some inner being.” This interest of Lawrence Bender’s, perhaps, explains his odd, but close relationship with the unpredictable and creative Tarantino. His being Jewish (for which he was mocked as a boy) also explains his interest and involvement in a movie about Jewish soldiers who fight Nazis.

Inglourious Basterds, is a film of Tarantino’s dark genius based on the history of valiant German and Dutch-born Jewish men who volunteered to leave America to parachute into Nazi-controlled Austria in 1938 with the objective of eliminating as many Nazi leaders as they could. Their mission was called “Operation Greenup.” The role of Brad Pitt’s character is based on the courageous Frederick Mayer, who led the OSS soldiers. Another Jewish-American who volunteered to be an Office of Strategic Services agent was Hans Wijnberg. Interestingly, a sub-plot exists with the revenge plan of the Jewish cinema owner who desires the same end as the OSS soldiers. In classic Tarantino style, there are scenes of brutality, burning, and “inglorious” deat


Greg Aziz: The Power of Influence

It’s not easy being an engineer. It’s one of the hardest fields to master, but it also offers the most freedom. Engineering requires that its professionals know how to overcome problems using whatever tools they have. The most important tool in modern engineering is technology.


Beyond technology, good customer relation is another necessity. Arguably, one only needs to have good people skills when dealing with people. That’s exactly what National Steel Car does on a daily basis. The brilliant engineers and friendly customer atmosphere are why National Steel Car is the number one car manufacturer in North America.


The company’s been dominating the industry since 1912, and Gregory J Aziz took over the company in 1994. James Aziz greatly values the original concept of the company and upholds its high standards. Gregory J Aziz also values the family atmosphere that was created over a century ago.

Aziz worked at numerous companies before joining National Steel, but he’d never seen such a family bond at such a large company. He credits the company’s success to all the employees, customers, and suppliers that have worked through National Steel’s doors over the years. Aziz uses that friendly energy to keep production up and the employees happy.


A family atmosphere is something that Aziz knows plenty about. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, he worked at his family’s business. He worked there for a few years before moving to New York to become an investment banker. He stayed in New York until getting the CEO position at National Steel Car.

Since joining National Steel, the company’s been awarded the TTX SECO award for the past 13 years. Every year, National Steel grows the gap between it and its nearest competitor. Unlike the competition, National Steel Car is ISO certified.


It’s important to Aziz that his company never gets comfortable with past excellence. National Steel is also raising its own bar, pushing itself to produce better quality products. Over the past 100 years, National Steel has learned how to focus its strengths and produce unmatched products. See This Page for related information.


As mentioned before, all of the company’s success is thanks to its workers. Creating a great company culture was one of the most important things to the founders. Currently, National Steel Car employs over 2000 residents from the local community.

Greg Aziz Is The Business Man You Want

Gregory James Aziz has served National Steel Car well as their CEO. His skill here has allowed the company to achieve over 100 years in business and has laid the solid foundation needed to continue one for another 100 years to come. His inborn talent also has allowed him to be promoted to the Chairman of the Board. He would also go on to serve as the Chairman for National Industries Inc.


Greg James Aziz is a Canadian native. He was raised in Hamilton in Ontario. He loved this place so much, he would not only live there as an adult, he would move his business to this area.


Greg Aziz has done so well at National Steel Car because he received a top-tier education at the Western University. From the lessons he learned here, he was able to excel in his role as CEO.

His excellence as a CEO can be seen in the various things he did to secure the next century for National Steel Car. Upon arriving at the company, he immediately began promoting innovation and experimentation. He lay what seemed to be an impossible goal at the time in front of them. Decrease gas emission by 50%.


During this time, Canada was looking to outlaw railcars who did not meet a certain emissions goal. In addition, those who could not decrease enough would only be able to travel so far. Greg Aziz knew this would destroy National Steel Car if something drastic didn’t change soon.

Through his immense investment into Research Development, emissions did not decrease by 10%, 30%, or even 50%, but a dramatic 90%. This allowed National Steel Car to dominate the business scene. They were able to transport more, further, for cheaper, and more securely. When that happens in his field, you know you are going to win. See This Article for more information.


Because of his achievements in this area, Greg Aziz was recognized by the various ministers that work for the Canadian government. They thanked him for his loyalty to creating a greener earth. This political endorsement put the seal on the deal. National Steel Car was number 1 and everyone knew it.


Greg Aziz took the time to thank all those that made this happen. He thanked his customers, his suppliers, his workers, and his various executives. These four groups will ensure that National Steel Car may clear the next century in business.

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