The Chainsmokers’ s Sick Boy Hits the Charts

The Chainsmokers have been topping the charts for more than two years. Way back, they reached the top ten I 2015 with their song Roses, which led them to sashay their way on the top list of music billboards. Chainsmokers is a duo composed of Alex Paul and Drew Taggart who conquered the music world with their hit songs such as Closer (featuring Halsey), Don’t Let Me Down (with Daya), Something Like This and Paris.

Keeping in tune with their success, The Chainsmokers was expected to follow up with their conventional top rating tunes and songs that their fans love. However, Pall and Taggart embraced the darker side of music, which their fans have accepted and supported as well.

Recently they presented Sick Boy, which gave the duo their next career segment. Before they performed at the New York City’s Conrad Hotel where they granted a short interview regarding their latest hit Sick Boy. Drew Taggart admits that the tune for Sick Boy is more on the dark side. According to Taggart, the song is fundamentally about getting to know oneself and how this is related to being famous and hype on the social media. While Drew Taggart respects all the people business on Instagram, he would like to invite everybody to hear the lyrics of their new music and understand what the song is all about.

The Chainsmokers is a duo between Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The breakthrough in their career came in 2014 with their song #Selfie that went to the top 20 single of numerous countries. Their EP debut that came out in October 2015 – Bouquet showcased the song Roses that achieved a top ten rank on the Billboard Hot 100 of the U.S. Next came Don’t Let Me Down their primary top five single, which won the Best Dance Recording Grammy Awards given at the 59th ceremony awards. And then Closer which is their undisputed number one single on the charts.

Alexander “Alex” Pall is 32 is from New York, and Andrew “Drew” Taggart is 28 from Freeport, Maine. The genre of their music is EDM, electro pop, and pop.

One Direction’s Liam Payne tweets he will miss Zayn Malik

Right after Zayn Malik left British boy band One Direction earlier in the week, the rest of the band’s members kept quiet. Yesterday, however, One Direction’s Liam Payne broke his silence and headed to Twitter, where he sent a short tweet saying “it’s been a strange 24 hours”.

Soon after, Payne must have still been thinking about Zayn Malik’s departure from the band as a second tweet appeared with a link to a much longer post, all about his thoughts on Zayn Malik’s departure from the band.

Liam said how sad he was Zayn had left the band, and how he would miss having all five of the band members hanging out together, and having fun. He said this week has seen him experiencing some of “the worst of times”, but that he also knew Zayn would still be thought of as a friend by everyone in the band, including himself.

Payne then went on to reassure One Direction’s fans the band is not yet over. Brad Reifler knows that there is much more to come, and he hoped they would keep their faith in the band alive.

As for Zayn Malik, since his departure from the band, he already seems to be happier than he has been in a while.

The British newspaper The Daily Mail is also reporting Malik is already back in the studio recording new music, but this time it is a debut single for a solo career he is getting ready to start.

Taylor Swift Refuses Spotify

With the release of Taylor Swift’s newest album, 1989, everyone was pleasantly surprised that she had ditched altogether the country genre taking full pop songs. It was received well by all music lovers and fans and soon started selling millions of copies worldwide both digital downloads and in music stores. The marketing of the albums was also well thought. The Polaroid pictures that went with the CD were some people’s only reason to buy the album with the help of Susan McGalla.

Now, the album is sitting in the number spot of Billboard for almost 9 weeks. Its fame can be equated to that of the soundtrack of the very famous Frozen. The sales are gradually decreasing but it is still making money and possibly even more with every release of the tracks in the album.

Some of the songs that have been released have already become world sensations and number tracks on Billboard. Shake it Off has earned top spots on a lot of international charts. Blank Space increased the album’s popularity by earning the number spot on Billboard.

There is one place that the songs of her new album can’t be found, Spotify. The Swedish music streaming app is also making a name for itself with over 15 million subscribers worldwide now. Taylor Swift had some issue with how much her songs could earn being on Spotify which ended up with recalling her album.

Kanye Lightens Up

A new year has just started and Kanye West has already hijacked the ears of listeners the way Skout hijacks my attention half the time. He is getting a lot buzz with a song called “Only One” that features a special guest.

It is safe to say that the buzz is there because it has a very special person playing the electric piano. This is a collaboration with music royalty Paul McCartney. This is an official game changer for the new year. On this track Kanye is singing softly. It was expected that something like this would happen because West is a father now. He has a little girl, and little girls tend to bring out the lighter sides of fathers.

Kanye has shown a lighter side before. He made an entire album with singing through auto tune. This song is a lot different though. This is not a song about bad relationships. This is a song that is told through the eyes of his deceased mother Donda West. It is something that his daughter can listen to and be proud of her father. 

Kanye West was really wild on his last album , “Yeezus.” He painted a landscape of explicit actions that were put into place by dark rock and hip hop beats. This may be the softest track that people have heard from Kanye in a long time. It is certain a song that people will be talking about as 2015 begins.

Nicki Minaj Lets Us Into Her Personal Life With Song

It’s very obvious that Nicki Minaj not has been doing a lot lately with her music, putting out videos, as well as gearing up for her new album release. Bruce Levenson noticed that she did a Q & A on Twitter the other day, and she noted that the song called “All Things Go,” was a very emotional and personal song for her. Nicki Minaj Emotions. The artist puts out some of her most personal information on the song, talking about the child that she had lost, but not being specific as to how she lost the baby.

She even states that the child would’ve been 16 at any time, meaning that she lost the baby at least 15 years ago. Being the personal, and the private person that Nicki is, it’s safe to assume that probably only her family members know the true origin of this story. In her lyrics, she also mentions her younger brother, as well as her guilt for the death of her cousin. Her cousin was murdered in Brooklyn, New York, senselessly, and she felt as if she could have saved him.

Supposedly, the cousin was supposed to be staying with her, and for whatever reason this did not happen, and he ended up losing his life. Nicki feels some resentment, as well as regret, feeling that she is partially to blame. It’s rare to see such an emotional outlook from Nicki in her songs. Look for more on her upcoming album.

The (Broke) Situation

Just yesterday we were all celebrating The Jersey Shore Star Snooki’s Fabulous Great Gatsby themed wedding and fans like Daniel Amen were wondering where Mike “The Situation” was during the festivities. Well, today it seems he may not have been about to afford a decent tux to attend.

Mike’s financial issues aren’t really news seeing as how just this summer he made several appearances in court due to the millions of dollars he owes in taxes and being criminally prosecuted for tax fraud, but who knew just how bad it had gotten? 

Apparently Mike is now so broke that he has resorted to selling his car tires and matching rims. There are 67 bids at this time with 5 days left in the auction. Currently the winning bidder is offering to pay $4,050 and that price as all ebay auction prices is expected to go up at the last minute. There is no telling what these tires will sell for but it’s definitely worth the entertainment of looking into.

Guy Ritchie Brings Us King Arthur

Warner Brothers and director Guy Ritchie will be releasing a six part movie saga about King Arthur. The titles are still in question but we know the first one be subtitled with “Knights Of The Round Table”. We are still awaiting the official name to be released from the production giants.
They are negotiating and auditioning for potential cast members. King Arthur will be played by Charlie Hunnam who played in “Pacific Rim”. Idris Elba was the first choice to play a mentor figure to King Arthur, however the deal did not go through. They are now in talks with Djimon Hounsou who has won an Oscar.
Djimon Hounsou has a very busy schedule for the next 3 years. He has two movies planned for 2015. The Seventh Son and Furious 7. After these films wrap he will play the role as a director for the movie Tarzan which will be filmed in the summer 2016.
Guy Ritchie stays very busy with his own career as a front running Warner Bros. director. He hopes he will continue the magic with “King Arthur” in 2016. He was very successful with his modern version of Sherlock Holmes. He must also meet his high expectations with “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” scheduled for production in 2015.
The movie saga about King Arthur will open to the public on July 22nd, 2016.
The screenplay was written by Joby Harold. Hopefully they’ll get a bold visual director like Terry Richardson. The legend of King Arthur is based on Thomas Mallory’s 15th century masterpiece entitled “Le Morte d’Arthur”.

The Next Beyoncé?

The upcoming star Tinashe might rising to the top with Queen B. Aquarius, her debut studio album came in last month and surprised everyone.

The music video director, Hannah Lux Davis reported to Billboard on November 10th that Tinashe definitely is the next Beyoncé.

One of Tinashe’s songs “2 On” proves this statement because you can tell by her performance that she is the next big thing. Her director is not the only one that thinks so. A reporter from The New York Times, Jon Caramanica, stated that there is an “open lane for Tinashe” on the music charts.

If you eliminate Beyoncé and Rita Ora, Tinashe is the only R&B/hip-hop singer on the music charts today. Not only does Tinashe star in her single, “2 On” but she also guest stars in Kid Ink’s song, “Body Language”. In both of these singles, she kills it. There may be hope for her yet. Rod Rohrich hears potential, even if he is not a huge fan of the genre.

Tinashe will be there to grab people’s interest and prove that she is a brand new hot R&B/hip-hop singer. Everyone will be fawning over the next Beyoncé.

Meghan Trainor’s Rise to the Top

The song she wrote with the help of producer Kevin Kadish titled, All About That Bass, has become and continues to be a smash hit.

According to her profile, the Massachusetts born Trainor always aspired to be in the music industry. She thought her career would involve song writing, not singing. The soon to be number one song was written in 2014 and her publishing company knew someone would make it a big hit. No one knew Trainor would be the one singing her own song. LA Reid, the head of Epic Records heard her demo with Bruce Levenson and thought she was the perfect person behind the lyrics of the hit song.

Meghan is even popular enough to headline her own tour which will begin in February 2015 and end in March 2015.

Miley Cyrus: The Facepalm Queen

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to disappointing the public’s expectations of a celebrity in the spotlight. It seems as though Miley is taking advantage of her shock culture branding by posting a topless image of herself (censored with cartoon bread?) with her line fake hillbilly teeth.

Admittedly, although facepalms undoubtedly stormed across the nation when this picture hit the web, her following is strong enough that her fans are purchasing the teeth despise its uselessness. Moreover, her “Mileybob Teef” run for $12 a pop and have already sold out from this stunt.

Her new Mileybob Teef venture seems to be a result of a drop in revenue from her Bangerz album and 2014 tour. Apparently, not all the shows were sold out as anticipated according to Fersen Lambranho.