Jason Hope: How the Internet of Things is Changing Our Daily Lives

Futurist Jason Hope has become famous for his dedication and belief in the emerging “Internet of Things” where the everyday objects in our lives work together wirelessly to make things easier for us. He recently reviewed some top gadgets that people are now seeing in their homes.

Athletics is one new frontier in the IoT. For men who love running and sports, shoes are about to become the next tool in fitness. Smart shoes can track the same basic features as any smartphone app on the market, like distance, speed and times. GPS data is even included, so all aspects of a workout can be evaluated, measured, and improved on, just by wearing the right shoes. According to rumor, Microsoft is even designing earbuds that will communicate with your phone on heart rate and activity levels, and provide the right music to maintain your heart rate.

The home is one of the most talked about areas for the IoT. Gadgets can now control your home appliances, so on hot days you can turn on the AC during your commute for a cool, comfortable house when you walk in the door. The same goes for lights, washers, dryers, or lock and unlock your front door from your smartphone. Landscaping and irrigation links to the IoT can tell you how much you’ve watered and control the sprinklers from wherever you are, which will save a lot on future water bills.

Jason Hope has spent years developing and researching how technology can improve our lives, whether it’s going through the motions of day-to-day or cutting edge medical research for treating the worst diseases.

With his venture capital partners, Jason is cultivating future generations of entrepreneurs like himself who can guide the world into the future. Jason Hope also works closely with many charities in his native Arizona.

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Anthony Toma’s Success With His Talent Agency, Nine9

Anthony Toma is the chief executive officer and founder of Nine9 Talent Agency. The company is changing the way models and actors are represented in the entertainment industry. Toma is a successful entrepreneur and businessman that has owned several ventures across multiple industries, including service, entertainment, and retail. He has worked with a number of influential leaders in the industry. Additionally, Toma is passionate about creating new opportunities for individuals that have the ambition and drive to invest in themselves.

In a conversation with ideamensch, Anthony Toma noted that the idea of founding Nine9 surfaced when he was still running a grocery business. He was searching for a franchise opportunity in the food sector. Toma was seeking for a franchise that had structured components. Later, he came across a modeling and acting franchise in Orlando, Florida, and acquired it. As he engaged in the business, he learnt more about the franchise. Within a short period, he was able to increase the number of franchises to 26. Unfortunately, it went under. Tom focused on the idea and established his own firm, Coral Reef Productions Inc in 2003, which currently operates as Nine9. Click Here for Visit Nine9 offices .

Speaking about his typical day, Tom pointed out that he starts by getting his children ready for school and playing a couple of games with them in his car. After dropping them to school, Tom listens to motivational audio books on his way to the office. When he gets to the office, he goes through his social media pages and other websites to keep abreast with world news. Nine9 at Twitter .

About Nine9

Nine9 is a renowned agency that represents models and actors. The company understands that 99 percent of these talented individuals are not represented by an agency. To this end, Nine9 is assisting them to enhance their skills in the industry by offering them with tools, support, and opportunities that will help them advance in their respective professions. As an agency, Nine9 uses modern technology and its experienced staff in top client relationships to provide these individuals with advice on how to navigate the market. The firm ensures that these talented people secure adequate opportunities and casting in real time.

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Who Is Nine9?

Nine9 is the one agency that can transform your career in a new way and help you reach new levels in the industry. This company has all the right connections to guide you when you get started with acting and getting into the world of show business. The key is to be hardworking and specifically do your part when working with Nine9. Their actors have been featured in shows that have been on national television. Their amazing success stories can show proof that they know how to guide anyone to get on the right track. Nine9 CEO .

Barbara S.

This young girl was recently cast in a runway show that she got booked from through Nine9. She discovered that they helped guide her and get her seen by the right people. She loves getting all the new opportunities and getting auditions for new things often. Watch Video .

Maxine H.

This woman started with Nine9 and loved the new jobs that were being thrown her way. She was called in to instantly be an extra for Wheels and Homeland. She also just recently got to audition for a Samsung commercial. She loves getting the auditions because she knows it’s an experience in itself. Nine9 Blogs .

Nine9 has been in existence for many years. Starting back in 2003, they always knew that the outcasts needed a place to be. In a time where agencies are always looking for just the perfect people, they avoid working with all kinds of newbies because they aren’t seasoned actors. However, Nine9 does the exact opposite of that and they want to help all kinds of people get on the right path. They will help you with photos and guide you to being a better actor by giving great workshops. Nine9 is the agency for those of you looking to grow in the right acting direction.

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