Talk Fusion: The Game Changes And They Change With It

Talk Fusion believes it can changes lives. As a matter of fact, they don’t just believe it; they know it can change lives. It starts with the belief though and the confidence in the product. That belief starts right at the top with their leader, CEO and founder, Bob Reina. He has been in charge of Talk Fusion since 2007, which makes this ten years the company has been up and running at a level that is simply outstanding. They now have video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These are all here for the 21st century worker. Learn more:

A lot of things are being done on the go, as people are very busy if they are running their own company. There is a lot that comes with it, although it does not feel like it. It does not feel like it because they actually enjoy the work they are doing and they enjoy being part of something that is special. They created it and they watched it from its infant stages. They used the video newsletters to keep their customers in the loop on all of the changes happening within their company and what to expect. It is so important to keep the customers informed and let them know what is new with the company and what they are working on for the future. Learn more:

As far as the future, as the expression goes, it is so bright for Talk Fusion they need to wear shades. 2016 was a year that will go down in the record books for the company as they won two awards from the media giant the Technology Marketing Corporation ( It gives the proper acknowledgment and praise to companies that have immensely improved their product over the past twelve months. That is always the goal of Talk Fusion: improvement.

They know they need to keep up with the times, as they do not want to get left in a cloud of dust. They want to stay ready and on their toes. This award shows they are on top of things 24/7/365 over at Talk Fusion.

Attributes of A Good Leader: Rick Smith

Technology plays a very big role in crime detection and prevention. And, companies like Securus Technologies are doing a great job at providing innovative products to help correctional facilities in investigations, crime mitigation and solving of crimes. Securus is a leading provider for technology solutions. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas but has branches in three other states including Carrolton, Atlanta and Allen.

Courtesy of strategic leadership, Rick Smith Securus is now a leading provider for prison technology solutions. In less than a decade, the company is already shaking this industry. It is one of the most competitive companies in this industry. Besides, the company releases two new products every other month. And, unlike its major competitors, the company does not subcontract its customer service. Instead, Securus has invested money in building a state-of-the-art call center. They employ hundreds of customer service professionals, ensuring that customers are served without time wastage. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

It is such a reputation that has gotten Securus getting contracts with almost every North American correctional facility. Today, their papers read over 1,250 contracts and over 1.2 million inmates benefit from their products. But, this success did not just come to Securus. Good leadership is mainly the reason why the company keeps on outdoing its competitors. And the main man on the leadership of Securus is Rick Smith.

There are various factors that make Rick Smith the best leader for Securus. First is his expansive knowledge in the industry. He has more than 4 decades of experience in the technology industry. Rick Smith started out at Frontier Corp, today known as Global Crossing, back in the year 1972. He worked for the company for 26 years, assuming a number of positions.

At Global Crossing, Rick Smith only started out as a Controller and worked his way up, through a number of positions before finally being promoted to VP of Financial Management. Some of the positions that he was in before include president of IT, Director of business development and marketing, Director of Network Plant Operations, VP f Midwest Plant Operations, and CIO.

After leaving Frontier Corp, Rick Smith was admitted into the Eschelon Telecom Inc. team. His first position at Eschelon was Chief Financial Officer. A year into the job and he was promoted to COO of the company. In no time, he was taking over the leadership of Eschelon, first being made president and director, then being employed as CEO of the company. During his tenure at Eschelon, he helped the company grow from a net worth of $30 million to over $300 million. He also led the company to an IPO in the year 2005.


Jason Hope: How the Internet of Things is Changing Our Daily Lives

Futurist Jason Hope has become famous for his dedication and belief in the emerging “Internet of Things” where the everyday objects in our lives work together wirelessly to make things easier for us. He recently reviewed some top gadgets that people are now seeing in their homes.

Athletics is one new frontier in the IoT. For men who love running and sports, shoes are about to become the next tool in fitness. Smart shoes can track the same basic features as any smartphone app on the market, like distance, speed and times. GPS data is even included, so all aspects of a workout can be evaluated, measured, and improved on, just by wearing the right shoes. According to rumor, Microsoft is even designing earbuds that will communicate with your phone on heart rate and activity levels, and provide the right music to maintain your heart rate.

The home is one of the most talked about areas for the IoT. Gadgets can now control your home appliances, so on hot days you can turn on the AC during your commute for a cool, comfortable house when you walk in the door. The same goes for lights, washers, dryers, or lock and unlock your front door from your smartphone. Landscaping and irrigation links to the IoT can tell you how much you’ve watered and control the sprinklers from wherever you are, which will save a lot on future water bills.

Jason Hope has spent years developing and researching how technology can improve our lives, whether it’s going through the motions of day-to-day or cutting edge medical research for treating the worst diseases.

With his venture capital partners, Jason is cultivating future generations of entrepreneurs like himself who can guide the world into the future. Jason Hope also works closely with many charities in his native Arizona.

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Technology startup Handy sets out to reduce your household chores

We’ve all experienced it; long hours at work, events and school activities for your children, and just a general sense of being overwhelmed with a busy schedule and having the feeling of not having enough time in the day to get all your household chores completed. This is where the new and innovative technology company Handy, aims to help out and is already succeeding in changing the way an entire generation thinks about household chores and handy-work.

Founded in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Handy develops an app for both iOS and Android devices that allows consumers to hire professional home cleaners and handymen with the single tap of a button on their phones or tablets. They provide service to 37 different major cities throughout the United States, Canada, and the U.K. There’s an ever growing number of services that Handy provides to customers, such as; Faucets and general plumbing, moving assistance, Home & Office cleaning, furniture assembly, light fixtures, and interior painting. Handy received $12million in investments primarily through two major investment firms, General Catalyst Partners & Highland Capital Partners.

Users are able to pick which service they would like, receive a price quote, and make a booking all within approximately 60 seconds and it all comes with a money back guarantee. Handy does all the “dirty” work for you, by per-screening cleaners and contractors and only hiring qualified individuals who are capable of meeting any demand at an affordable price.

CEO & Co-Founder Oisin Hanrahan, has stated that he views Handy as the Uber of home maintenance and in today’s evolving service economy powered through easy-of-use technology, he is likely correct with such a comparison. Similar to Uber and other service providers powered through apps, Handy has a very easy and clean to use interface. When you sign up to Handy they securely keep your payment information on file, so the next time you need a specific service you wont have to worry about wasting time re-entering credit card numbers, addresses and expiration dates. Simply enter your zip code, select the service you want, choose a price that works for you, and a professional cleaner or handyman will arrive at the per-determined date&time set by you. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

With all the scheduling curve-balls life throws our way, the unexpected business meetings, and the late night little league games; you owe it yourself to let Handy give you a hand!