Businessman Sergey Petrossov Solves Problems With Smart Technology

Sergey Petrossov

Technology entrepreneur, Sergey Petrossov, has been recognized for his work in the technology industry, specifically for using tech in new and innovative ways to transform a variety of industries. As an IT leader, Sergey Petrossov developed the technology for and launched two businesses based around customer service communications that gave businesses a better grasp on the issues they faced. Online learning and chat systems were the basis of both of Petrossov’s businesses, and these laid the foundation for future business endeavors.

JetSmarter was Petrossov’s subsequent business endeavor, an app created to assist clients in booking private jets for travel in a fast and convenient way. Petrossov actually created the app after trying to reserve a private charter flight of his own, but recognizing and realizing that the entire process could and should be easier, faster, and more flexible. JetSmarter was almost instantly successful and has grown and evolved into a powerful app that has led to even more changes within the private aviation industry.

Petrossov’s success comes largely from being able to see problems and formulate ideas to issues that no one else is tackling, to create businesses where there is no competition already because no one has worked to fix or innovate the industry with new business solutions. Coupled with the gift of disrupting, while creating, Petrossov has developed every business with a consumer’s point of view from the start, ensuring that not only do the businesses solve a problem but that they are easily adaptable and useable by those that can most benefit from them. This point of view has ensured that his tools and businesses have been successful almost as soon as they were introduced.

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Sergey Petrossov: Young CEO with a Knack for Flight Reservation Technology

Unlike so many other young men his age, Sergey Petrossov is a 29-year-old ingenious entrepreneur who managed to utilize his creative thinking to turn his ambition for success into one of the most convenient flight applications to date. Today, Petrossov runs operations as both the Founder and CEO of JetSmarter—a billion-dollar flight booking company that allows customers to reserve jet flights in a much more conveniently organized and timely manner. Moreover, in addition to overseeing JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov is also a Co-Founder of Federal System of Distance Education and previously served as the Vice President and Co-Founder of LiveContact for three years from 2006 to 2009.

Being that Petrossov came to the U.S. with his family as a young Russian immigrant, he naturally developed a strong work ethic as a child that further pushed him to want to excel in life. His entrepreneurial talents were displayed early in life during his days as a student in high school when he started an import and export tire rims service and decided to take up an extensive study in technology and computer science as a college student at the University of Florida. Nonetheless, it was Sergey Petrossov’s active live-chatting experience in college that made his career interest in technology become absolute. Yet, it wasn’t until Petrossov experienced the difficulty of trying to reserve a private jet flight for the first time that the idea of creating a much more useful application for booking flights clicked in his mind.

With his newfound idea in mind, Petrossov assembled a team of some of the best developers (NASA, BMW, Nokia, Uber, etc.) and created JetSmarter. After releasing the beta version in August 2012, Petrossov was able to get additional funding from hundreds of other partners and vendors to finally have the means to launch JetSmarter in March 2013 to the public. For his outstanding achievement and being the ingenious developer behind one of the most useful flight applications, Sergey Petrossov was included in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list of successful entrepreneurs in 2016.


Sergey Petrossov Envisions A Better Way To Travel The Skies

The digital age has brought with it a level of convenience that our society has never yet before experienced in its long history until now. These days, anything is just a simple click of a button away, sometimes with an almost instant result bringing that desire to the doorstep in minutes. Whether it is clothes, food, a ride, or a collector’s item, the world is at our fingertips and in our screens.


When it came to flying across the country, though, that same level of convenience was not quite a part of the entire process. In terms of scheduling private flights, the process was more suited to the Wright brothers than someone in our modern time. Well, that was until Sergey Petrossov created an idea that became a successful disruption to the way the world flies. What began as an idea after a trip aboard a private jet has now become a company that is poised to change the very way society views flying in general.


The man behind this airborne revolution, Sergey Petrossov, has found his success in creating a service that many did not think was possible, well, until he did it, of course. Now with the backing of influential investors and propelled by the level of convenience that it interjects into the process of flying, Sergey Petrossov as well as his company, JetSmarter, have taken the world by storm.


The young entrepreneur has found himself receiving accolades for his efforts in changing the way we fly having received the honor of being named one of Forbes 30 under 30. Now, years down the line from that first take off, Sergey Petrossov has found himself in a position to expand his company’s reach towards a wider market with offerings in the future that will rival commercially available options with established airlines.

Doug Levitt Says Greyhound Diaries Taught Him About Despair

Journalist Doug Levitt has spend the last 10 years traveling all over the country to meet every part of American society. While crisscrossing the country by Greyhound Bus, he learned a lot of lessons about poverty and America’s forgotten underclass.

Throughout his travels, he has talked with fully-tattooed Neo Nazis, truck drivers, prostitutes, homeless people and even musicians. Over the years, what started out as an experiment morphed into a hobby. While Doug Levitt admits that transportation by Greyhound isn’t the first choice of most travelers. But this was by design for Levitt, because he knew that he would meet an eclectic group of characters.

The Greyhound Diaries was borne out of the 2004 presidential campaign. Levitt signed up as a volunteer for John Kerry to help register voters. As he traveled from town to town by bus, he met with a number of people. After the registration was over, he continued to travel around the country. He collected pictures, mementoes and songs to mark his travels.

Mr. Levitt was previously a war correspondent for CBS News. He also worked at NBC and CNN in some of the most war torn countries on the planet. The D.C. native graduated from Cornell University then went on to receive a degree in management from the London School of Economics. He has created a one-man show based on his Greyhound Diaries travels and performs it around the country. Levitt says he may continue his project for a few more years, but right now, he’s content with performances at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

Andy Wirth’s Squaw Valley Ski Lands Huge Expansion.

Squaw Valley Ski has been growing in both physical size and reputation over the past several decades. CEO Andy Wirth has been a steady part of Squaw Valley’s ever expanding ascent toward the top of the luxury ski resort ladder. Recently Wirth was appointed to the Reno – Tahoe Airport Authority Board and his expertise in resort management as well as his deep commitment to the area will serve as useful tools in the board’s work toward aiding the region. Outside of the recent board appointment there have been other exciting new things to pay attention to at Squaw Valley Ski.

When Wayne Pulsen first established Squaw Valley it had been his goal to connect his mountain to that of Alpine Meadows. With an Alpine Meadows to Squaw Valley connection in place there would be almost no better place in all of North America in which to taste what mountain slopes had to offer. For decades that vision had laid dormant until recently. CEO Andy Wirth and White Wolf owner Troy Caldwell finally reached an agreement to begin setting up a base to base gondola that would connect Alpine Meadows to Squaw Valley Ski.

The reason that this gondola has been so long in the making is simple: the land that Toy Caldwell owns, White Wolf, sits right between the two mountains. Without Caldwell’s cooperation the gondola could never get off the ground, no pun intended. Now with a deal in place we will be seeing these two mountains connecting sooner than later. Long has traversing between the two mountains been the greatest issue for ski resort enthusiasts in the Reno – Tahoe area. Packing up and unloading is a huge process, especially when you have to traverse between two mountains to make it happen. This gondola deal represents a huge victory not just for the skiers but the owners of both companies.

Squaw Valley has seen exponential growth in recent years with Andy Wirth leading the charge. With this long lusted after gondola nearing construction it seems only a matter of time until the company is reaching even newer heights.

Wining and Dining


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