Smita Shah; Recognizing the Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi

During the annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon held this year, the Mayor of Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, issued a proclamation and named October 2nd Mahatma Gandhi Day in the city. This was in recognition of the 150th anniversary of his birth. It was also done to acknowledge his long-lasting legacy as well as the deep roots of the Indian culture in Chicago.


The luncheon held by Smita Shah, the Chair of the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee, was attended by Senator Dick Durbin, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, First Lady Amy Eshelman, and Andrea Zopp, the CEO of World Business Chicago. This year’s luncheon marked its fifth year of honoring Mahatma Gandhi, a man who inspired civil rights movements worldwide.


Smita Shah is the founder of the Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon, an idea she says came out of the recognition that Chicago had a wide range of communities. The program allows people to get to know the Indian Community of the city and be able to determine how everyone can have an impact on improving other people’s lives by working as a team, through the Mahatma Gandhi’s recognition.


Delhi, being a sister city to Chicago, shows the firm relationship between India and Chicago and the cultural importance of the developed Indian American community to the city. In 2014, Smita Shah helped in leading the Delhi Committee of Chicago to create the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon. This luncheon was formed in order to honor the long-standing exchange of ideas between the United States and Mahatma Gandhi. It also acknowledged the essential principles of non-violence and truth.


Mahatma Gandhi is known throughout the world for his non-violent philosophy. He is also known as an advocate for every individual, including the disenfranchised and the poor, as well as championing the causes of equality, education, and economic opportunities.


He is frequently named among the twentieth century most influential individuals. He is also recognized as a father of the nation in India, which proves that one man is powerful enough to bring down an empire, using ethics and intelligence to make a difference in today’s world. This shows the importance of resolving disputes/conflicts through peaceful means.


Mahatma Gandhi was closely connected to a significant number of Americans and got inspired by the essay on the “Duty of Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau. This essay changed his thinking on the subject as well as to him, influencing many African American leaders, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Howard Thurman, and Benjamin Mays.


Chicago has an energetic and vibrant Indian American community that has made an impact when it comes to the development of the city throughout history. The community still continues to do so, and these ties have created a strong bond between Delhi, India, and Chicago since 2001. Learn more:


About Smita Shah


Shah is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of SPAAN Tech, Inc. She is a PE (Professional Engineer) who is licensed in multiple states with extensive education in Business and Engineering from Oxford University, MIT, and Northwestern University.

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Mahatma Ghandi Day In Chicago

Smita Shah was in full attendance at the annual legacy of Mahatma Ghandi luncheon in Chicago as they marked the fifth anniversary of the event honoring the man who has encouraged civil rights and peace throughout the world. As the chair of the sister cities of Chicago Delhi committee, she was joined by the world business Chicago CEO Andrea Zopp, the first lady Amy Eshelman, Dick Durbin, the senator from Illinois and Lori Lightfoot, the current mayor of Chicago. They gathered in Chicago to honor the 150th anniversary of the birth of the world-renowned Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist, and political ethicist. The mayor also took this moment to declare October 2 Mahatma Ghandi day in the windy city to honor his legacy. 

Not many people realize that New Delhi is actually a sister city of Chicago and this event helped to highlight the strong bonds the two cities have forged over the years as well as the cultural importance surrounding the relationship between India and the United States. Thanks to the leadership of Shah, they established this luncheon in 2014 to commemorate the memory of this legendary figure and the impact he has made on the world through his use of nonviolent rhetoric and peace advocacy. In a recent statement, Shah mentioned that it was an honor to serve in her current role as well as for the rest of the city to be able to partake in this event. Learn more:

This idea first came to be after they realized that the city of chi-town is composed of many different communities from a diverse array of backgrounds and the necessity to recognize the diversity that runs through the veins of the city. So this program recognizes the contributions and impact of the Indian community of the chi and helps them to acknowledge that anyone can make a difference if they try hard enough. Later that day, Lightfoot issued an official proclamation declaring October 2nd as Mahatma Gandhi day from here on in and it is available to view on their website for anyone who has the desire to see the document for themselves. 

Smita Shah was born in Chicago and first enrolled in Northwestern University in the autumn of 1991 where she quickly proved to excel in her courses. This is what led to her graduating at the top of her class in the spring of 1994 and enrolling in grad school at MIT shortly thereafter. As a grad student, she was soon offered the opportunity to intern with the office of the white house chief of staff in Washington DC. She managed to successfully complete this internship while finishing up her thesis and graduated in 1996 with a master’s of science in civil and environmental engineering. After the conclusion of her academic career, she then became a structural engineer for a company called SOM. After just a year, however, she realized she was ready to open her own business and became the president and CEO of Spaan Tech.

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The Woman That Allowed Her Passion for Math Help Her Culture to Gain Recognition

As a young girl, Smita Shah showed how easy numbers and complicated math problems came to her. She was always very interested in showing how she could solve long equations and even made it into a fun relay race with her friends. Shah was not interested in track and field but instead went to Universities to compete, winning both medals and ribbons that she has in her possession still today. Smita Shah has not slowed down and still enjoys the pleasure of dealing with math today. She is the president of Spaan Technology which is a technology and project management firm that she founded in 1998. 

 Smita Shah Gained her master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and soon after she founded her company which has been listed as one of the top 5,000 fastest-growing companies. Within her organization, Shah focuses on completing engineering riddles instead of math problems. Her company wants to focus on local problems such as updating electrical systems within Chicago schools as well as fixing traffic lights.

 In the past ten years, Spaan Technology has grown tremendously. They now employ over 50 employees and 10 million dollars in annual revenue. Shah wants people to understand the enjoyment she gets from completing the projects in her company. She explains that by completing her many projects keeps her entertained, which helps bring her passion for her organization. 


 On October, 2nd Smita Shah as well as Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Senator Dick, CEO Andrea Zopp, and First Lady Amy Eshelman joined together for the 5th annual celebration of Mahatma Gandhi which has had a positive impact on the Indian culture for many years. The mayor also marked October 2nd Gandi day to honor his 150th birthday and long-lasting legacy in Chicago. Shah showed her gratitude at the luncheon as she shared how she was appreciative of the opportunity as becoming the founder of the Legacy Luncheon. She shares the importance of instead of excluding cultures, it is best to honor all and how she wants to make sure that she honors her culture in a positive way. She also explains how by founding this annual luncheon there will be a recognition of the Indian community in Chicago and how there will be a light shined on the importance of helping a community in order for communities to stay ahead and have resources. Learn more:

 There is not a question of the impact that Smita Shah has on Chicago. Since she is able to enjoy the process of making her community better. Smita Shah Chicago community presence is brilliant and very forthcoming with resources. She focuses on making her community better as well as to allow others to get a chance to help bring recognition to the Indian Culture within Chicago. Shah was able to become the founder of the annual luncheon for Gandi in 2014 and it has become very successful in showing the Indian culture’s appreciation for Gandi’s legacy that has been around for many years.

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Maarten de Jeu Shows His Expertise

Maarten de Jeu offers some real estate advice in order to help people who are unfamiliar with the business. First off, he relies on his experience as a strategist and advisor for several Fortune 100 companies, startups, and specific individuals that require assistance in managing their enormous funds. His specialty is in commercial real estate, which he states is a profitable market due to its resistance to global economic shifts. While it is true that there is a chance of losing money in commercial real estate, the benefits it gives to one’s portfolio and overall profits are worth the risk. By following the advice of Maarten de Jeu, many investors and real estate moguls can learn how to maximize their victories and mitigate their losses. After graduating from the University of Oxford, Maarten de Jeu quickly began building a successful career in international business, financial services, and the buying and selling of commercial real estate. He has worked as a director and consultant for many companies and has a history of collaborating with clients like Heinz, Sara Lee, and ING. He founded SVM Business Advisory in Chicago, Illinois. His vast trove of wisdom is matched with an ability to speak the languages of German, Dutch, English, and French. On his off time, he enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his family. The commercial real state has the ability to increase in value over time as well as garner profit from rental agreements. These functions are also available in residential real estate, however, there are some unique advantages that commercial real estate offers. Less competition means that individuals will have more room to maneuver. Commercial real estate investments also enjoy a higher return and are generally more profitable. Businesses also tend to enter longer and more stable leases than residential tenants. Landlords are also less responsible for funding the maintenance of the building. One of the most important things that a burgeoning real estate investor can do is begin the process of building close relationships with other individuals in the field. Commercial real estate is a business that especially requires a strong network of both fellow investors and private lenders. Finding and retaining a useful network of allies and employees will be central to the longevity of a commercial real estate endeavor. With the right selection process and employee care, each individual that works for your business will give everything they have to their job. There are many important roles such as the property manager, office manager, maintenance staff, marketing team, and construction team that must be filled by trustworthy associates. Commercial real estate is both profitable and engaging as a form of business. It is possible to take a hit in terms of financial stability, however with a wealth of confidence and assets it is possible to find a beneficial stake in the market. Maarten de Jeu continues to provide support to highly respected companies and seeks to increase the amount of people in the United States that are enrolled in life insurance. Learn more:

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Sergey Petrossov Has Utilized the Unused Hours of Private Jets

Sergey Petrossov might be one of the business owners on the planet; however, he is not inexperienced. Already, he has taken the world of entrepreneurship by storm. He founded a company called JetSmarter and, today, the company has grown to a few hundred employees. In addition, he has gathered the support of some of the wealthiest investors in the world. He has made a name for himself by trusting in his own ideas and passion. He has tapped into the potential of the world of private jet travel and has turned an opening in the industry into a $1 billion business. Now, people are starting to say that his company is going to revolutionize the way people travel. This is only one of Sergey Petrossov’s goals.

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov recently explained his business model and the fashion in which his company conducts its business. Currently, jet owners give the booking of their flights to a management company. This company is responsible for making sure that the plane is well-maintained, is full of passengers, and has a highly trained pilot. Unfortunately, many of these planes fly far fewer hours than they are able to. In essence, there are unused hours every year. In this fashion, JetSmarter is seeking to take advantage of these unused hours. To date, the company has integrated more than 3,000 private jets across the globe. He knows that these hours go unused and, therefore, by flying these hours, he guarantees a return on his investment for both himself and his investors. While traditional companies might not be able to fill these hours, JetSmarter can.

Sergey Petrossov loves the challenges that come with running his own company. His business travels largely by word of mouth and through the channels on social media. His company is easily accessible from anywhere in the world with the tap of a button on a smart device. The convenience has led to the growth of his business.

Maarten de Jeu with Revolutionary Business Ideas

A business corporation is a modern term for high profile and wide-reaching business activity. Just a few decades ago, businesses were mostly confined to their domestic country and even more so their home area. The expansion has only been possible through a series of advances in technology. There are computer programs where data can be inputted and a reliable result produced. It is imperative that accurate and secure information is collected for this process. Maarten de Jeu was one of the first ones on the scene to act with this new technology. He single handily expanded several companies into foreign markets. He describes in an Ask Reporter about a new job position that taken the business world by storm.


In order to understand how this position came to be, Maarten de Jeu elaborates on his upbringing. He grew up in an environment that favored international thinking over what was directly in front of him. Maarten de Jeu undertook a massive project to learn several foreign languages. An individual has to speak the language to conduct business in a fast and efficient manner. However, education is also needed to be taken seriously by those in the industry. He graduated from the University of Oxford with high recognition from his peers. The years following his university time were spent getting his name known by all far and wide across the industry. In 2012 everything came to a head with the creation of his personal firm. Maarten de Jeu was not in the position he always dreamed of. Learn more:


The types of tasks he has performed would come under the position of corporate development. A business is sustained by a series of core operations that occur on a daily basis. The first pillar is building relationships with other parties. Different businesses can often find some common ground in being able to interact in the same space. However, the process of mergers and acquisitions is a much bigger concern for someone in this role. A business lives and dies by its ability to keep up with the competition. Each of these options gives a business the chance to grow stronger or continue for another day under a new entity. The last pillar revolves around the managing of inter-company assets. Corporate development decides which should be acted upon and which ones should be removed. 


In order to complete these actions in a swift and timely manner, Maarten de Jeu describes the traits a company should look for an individual to be hired for this position. The basic skills should be communication and free-thinking. Corporate Development is a position that can not be easily completed by just anyone. He expands on how social skills can make or break an individual in this role. They have to hold their ground while keeping their clients interest in the front of their mind. However, the opposing party must be taken into account. Business is all about compromise for the sake of moving to the next issue on the plate.

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Sergey Petrossov: The creator of JetSmarter

If you are an avid traveler who desires options in flight, the JetSmarter app should appeal to you. This mobile device app is a mobile community of shared and private flights. It provides private air travel seamlessly. Travelers connect to private jets at competitive ticket prices around the world. JetSmarter launched in November of 2013. The JetSmarter’s headquarter is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The person behind the business is Sergey Petrossov. He is the CEO and founder of the JetSmarter mobile app. He lives most of his life in Florida. In 2012, the University of Florida graduate saw a sharing economy need in the skies. Uber and Airbnb were gaining traction during this economy era, and Sergey Petrossov saw a pivotal space for jet aviation.

After many modifications, today, the mobile app gives members the capability to spend as low as $5000 per year and pay as high as $50,000 per year. JetSmarter attends to over 15,000 members. Their primary members are business travelers across the United States, the Middle East, and Europe. This CEO’s goal is to provide more efficient travel for everyone. The company wants to set a new standard without exclusivity.

Sergey PetrossovIn 2015, two famous and wealthy persons showed support through the funding of JetSmarter. Jay-Z and the Saudi Arabian Royal family have provided 1.5 billion dollars in investment to the company. This app caught their attention because it allows members to both schedule flights or book empty seats on existing private jet all over the planet. Although jet aircraft are considered a luxury, the world’s 1 percent will not be the only group enjoying the fine things in life.

All of his life, Sergey Petrossov was always driven to work. The hustle was an innate driving force. The love of computers came from exposure in the computer science program as a student at University. At that point, he realized he wanted to go into technology. Petrossov discovered after University that his hobby of aviation and passion for technology could unite and create a world-wide diversity in air travel.

The Unmatched Achievements of Maarteen De Jue

Maarteen De Jue, is a very successful founding member of financial professional Bussiness Advisory firm based in Chicago. Maarten De Jeu is described as a smart and talented person. He is known for his articles that will always blow your mind and out of his writing. Other than being an accomplished international strategy adviser Maarten de jue also has expertise in corporate development. He studied in the United Kingdom and graduated with an M.A in social science. During his tertiary learning, Maarteen focused on Public Administration at the University of Leiden, in Chicago. He has created programme initiatives strategies that have been recognized and tried in Europe and Asia.

De jeu is well known for his ability to manage and shepherd projects based on decision making progression. He has worked for various organizations and corporations as a director. De Jue is a co-founder of star-up based in Europe, a successful farm well known for giving solutions to publicly listed companies. He is an active member of various community business associations such as the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Economic club, Chicago school of Public Policy as well as the Environmental Law and Policy Centre.

Maarteen De Jue works for Avivas’s North American division based in Chicago as a strategy and corporate Development Director. His talented skills in managements have seen through the growth of the company with overwhelming sales of insurance in America. For over a decade, Maarteen has worked in high positions in management and consulting farms. In Addition, De Jue has co-chaired and served at the Museum of Science and industry program in Chicago. De Jue has built a successful career in real estate, financial services as well as international trades.

Recently Maarteen described the largest Museum of Science and industry as a place that hosts teens and engages them in areas of science studies. Maarteen sees through various Programs such as America Got Bubbles to educate people about the chemistry behind bubbles formation. A programme that gives back to the community known as Farrell Fellows, that encourage teenagers in Chicago to engage in the area of science, has overwhelming success for the continuous support of Maarteen De Jue. Learn more:

Maarteen De Jue’s believes that in business, you need to know what you are passionate about which is the most important thing as he sees it since he has been in the business game. In addition De Jue tips about going global in business and believes that been conversant with Culture and Language can make big impacts in business. Maarteen believes that the future will be bright and has hope for young scientists and advocates to the utilizing of resources they have from the career they pursue so as to help the community.

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Gulf Coast Western Develops Two Important Partnerships In Louisiana

Gulf Coast Western, LLC is an oil and gas firm based in Texas. It focuses on oil exploration and production in the Gulf Coast states, especially Louisiana. It is led by Chief Executive Officer and President Matthew Fleeger. He has led this company since 2007. Before that, he was the CEO, president, and director of MedSolutions which is a medical waste firm.

Gulf Coast WesternMatthew Fleeger creates joint ventures with other companies and individuals in the gas and oil industry. In an interview, he stated that he has grown his business using honesty, integrity, and transparency with his partners. He puts his own money into each joint venture. He also encourages creativity because that makes things more interesting for everyone involved.

Gulf Coast Western has two major partnerships in Louisiana. It partnered with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration in order to acquire almost all the assets of Orbit Energy Partners. Matthew Fleeger says he bought its property rights in Louisiana as well as its 3D seismic data. He also bought their 13 producing wells and 140 locations they had identified as good places to build a well. The parishes these properties are in are Cameron, St. Landry, Beauregard, Acadia, Evangeline, Calcasieu, and Allen.

Gulf Coast Western

Another Gulf Coast Western joint venture is in Southeast Louisiana. Its partner on this project is with Northcote Energy Ltd. They are drilling in the Shoats Creek Field and the producing wells are owned 50/50. It’s expected that over four million barrels of oil will be produced from this area.

Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

Many believe that traveling via private jet is a luxury that is reserved for only the richest and most famous people in the world. Sergey Petrossov had the vision to bring luxury travel to a broader range of people with his travel app JetSmarter. Referred to by some as the Uber of private air travel, JetSmarter is a company that simplifies the process of private air travel and brings it into the 21st century. Petrossov realized that the current method of booking passage in this manner was cumbersome and outdated. The JetSmarter app not only cuts down the general cost of booking a private plane but also reduces the time it takes to book the passage to about three minutes total.

While the JetSmarter app clearly has upgraded the process of booking private travel, flying via private jet is still a specialized market that only a select number of people can afford. This is where Sergey Petrossov thinks JetSmarter has its greatest growth opportunity. The first set towards creating a more affordable private jet market option is the app’s “empty leg” deal. This deal allows users to book a seat on a private jet at the last minute and at a fraction of the cost than a typical private flight. Petrossov envisions a world where private flights can mimic the ride-sharing experience and allow people to interact and network with like-minded individuals. Ultimately, he hopes to fulfill his vision of creating luxury air travel that is affordable and accessible to anyone. Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter will no doubt serve as a pioneer for this monumental shift in luxury air travel.