Bruce Bent II Oversee An Innovative Financial Technology Corporation

Money Market Funds are are short-term vehicle in which one can invest their money. The money market mutual fund as it is sometimes called, invests in such investment vehicles as US Treasury bills and commercial paper.

According to Wikipedia, The US Treasury bill, backed by the U.S. government, is a short-term debt. The T-Bill can be bought in varying denominations from as low as $1000 to as high as $5million, with maturity debts issued at a discount. Note: T-bills can have a maturity date that stretches from 1 month to 30 years. In past years, the US government had stopped issuing the 20 and 30 years bonds. However, as of 2017, these bills are now available.

Why the attraction to the US T-bill? It offers low risk and you will earn a guaranteed return on your money. For instance, an investor can purchase a $1,000 treasury bond at a discount of $950. Let’s say the bill has a 1 year maturity date. When that bill matures within that time frame the investor will have gained a $50 profit off the T-bill.

There are both benefit and drawbacks. The benefits include:

  • They are low risk investment.
  • Backed by the US government.
  • They are exempt from state and local taxes.

The drawbacks include:

  • Low return.
  • Subject to federal taxes

Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation and it’s subsidiaries and affiliates, Bruce Bent II, oversees the most innovative, financial technology business.

Bruce Bent II career has rested solely with Double Rock. His work with Double Rock has helped the company to change the cash management industry into multi-trillion dollar industry. Under his guidance, Access Control Advantage, a subsidiary of Double Rock, developed an automated contribution plan loan solution that has help reduce borrowing by plan participants by 25%.

Mr. Bent is on the board of the Young Presidents’ Organization (responsible for connecting global business leaders worldwide), served on the President Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson (an environmental organization), and a former chairman of Gotham Chapter in Manhattan.

He received his BS in Philosophy from Northeastern University.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Revolutionizes Patient Care

Cancer is never an easy diagnosis to deal with. There are many different treatment options available that can prove to be quite confusing for both healthcare professionals and their patients. There is also a lengthy approval process that is usually involved when dealing with insurance companies and prospective treatment plans.

However, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is looking to change all of this with the launch of Clinical Pathways. Clinical Pathways is a revolutionary treatment platform that is designed to help make the process of selecting an appropriate treatment plan simple and easy for both physicians and patients.

As stated in this article, in order to complete the development of Clinical Pathways, Cancer Treatment Centers of America partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth. The platform is automatically updated with all the approved treatment methods for various types of cancer. The data includes side effects, success rate, and other relevant data that can easily be viewed by the treating physician with their patient.

By making all the important information readily accessible within one platform Cancer Treatment Centers of America is hoping to simplify and improve the treatment process. The inclusion of relevant clinical data will also help speed up the approval of claims with prospective insurance companies as well.

The Cancer Centers of America’s main headquarters is located in Boca Raton, Florida. They are a network of five hospitals that treat adult patients who are battling many different types of cancer. Their participating hospitals are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa.

They provide a wide variety of different treatment options ranging from immunotherapy to precision surgical removal. They also work with patients to develop comprehensive post-treatment plans that are designed to help them recover physically and emotionally. With the release of their new platform, they are sure to further improve the experience of their patients during treatment.

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Top 5 Wines to Drink During the Holidays

There is no point if you are not enjoying your holidays with your friends and family. According to all, there are a couple of things without which your holidays are not complete that includes but not limits to quality time with family, leisure activities, great food and of course some good wine. Without a good wine, your dinners are truly dull. Hence, for the sake of a great holiday, you should grab some good wine. We are going to tell about some good wines that you can enjoy the coming holidays. The list of wines is actually from UK Vintners PLC, an independent wine merchant from the UK that specializes in acquisition and sale of the best quality wines from across the globe.

Before we proceed to the list, we should mention that UK Vintners is considered among the top wine importers and sellers in the UK. They have a team of devoted fine wine consultants with years of expertise. Although it is a small team, they clearly know how to find out the most exquisite wines from different parts of the world and deliver it to your doorstep.

They can help you to find out the best wine or champagne as per your taste as well as budget and make you look like an expert on wine. So when they came up with a list of best wines for the 2016 holidays, it became a must for all of us to go through it as we all love a good wine on the dining table.

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  1. Beychevelle (2008)

According to UK Vintners, Beychevelle from 2008 is a great choice if you like soft and fruity taste in your wine. As a cherry on top, it has a hint of raspberry and cranberry as well. This amazing wine comes from the Saint-Julien appellation, and it is best to serve and enjoy this drink within the first 15 years of bottling.

  1. D’Yquem (2009)

The next choice of UK Vintners, D’Yquem (2009) is a great choice for the festive Christmas as it is loaded with the hints of apricot, honey, sweet spiced pears and other exotic spices. This exquisite wine comes from Chateau d’Yquem Winery located in Graves, France. With 400 years of pedigree, this is one of the most amazing wines that will never disappoint you on holidays.

  1. Montrose (1998)

Montrose (1998) is mostly made from Merlot grapes and has a distinctive earthy, plum and black cherry aroma. It is one of the best wines that the St.-Estephe region has to offer. If you want something special for your holidays either Christmas or New Year’s Eve, this is the option for you all.

  1. Ducru Beaucaillou (2005)

This amazing wine from the Ducru Beaucailou winery in France is a great choice to show off your classy taste. A bottle of Ducru Beaucaillou (2005) is matured over the last 11 years to give you a full and aged flavor as well a unique dark purple color.

  1. Pichon Baron (1998)

This amazing wine which has been maturing in the bottle since 1998 has a perfect hint of charcoal, black currants, sweet toasty oak and it is also low in acid. These characteristics put Pichon Baron (1998) among the top 5 wines to try in the holidays.

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Laundry Works Going Green in Austin, Texas

There is a wave of change sweeping through the marketplace as businesses all over Austin, Texas begin remodeling themselves and start going Green.

Laundromats are the newest business to give the Green strategy a try and the effort has met with considerable success.

The phrase going Green suggests and increased focus on enviromentalism but this does not have to be deterimental to profits. In fact for many businesses the best way to go Green is simply to locate and correct energy waste in their daily operations. The machines at laundromats throughout Austin typically use a significant amount of water, electricity and gas to power through a cycle of laundry. This in turn requires the laundromat to incur high electric, water and gas bills from the city of Austin. In reducing the amount of water, gas and electricity the washers and dryers use in the laundromat, owners of these businesses would benefits from a significant reduction in their water, electric and gas bills each month.

Austin and its local businesses are proud of the city wide Green initiatives and one of the Laundromat companies that is truly ahead of the curve is Laundry Works. This revolutionary Austin based laundromat was started in 2013.  Since then, Laundry Works quickly rose to the top of the charts in the area, servicing the University of Texas, Austin’s West Campus region. They were one of the first companies to take a risk and invest in new, energy efficient washing machines. While there is an upfront cost involved the purchase of new equipment, the hope was that the money saved in lower electricity bills will quickly make up for the price of a one time purchase. These new machines also cut down on water waste by automatically weighing each individual load and calculating exactly how much water is really necessary. Their machines are also specifically designed to be user friendly, easy to operate, and run with a low noise level.

Laundry Works also offers pickup and drop-off laundry service in Austin.  This is especially convenient for the college students living in the area. Additionally, by having one car pickup and drop-off all the laundry (instead of multiple customers driving in themselves) this significantly cuts back on traffic and pollution in Austin.

QNET Continues It’s Platform Of Service To Others

QNET, one of India’s most successful MLM-based direct-selling companies, is continuing its efforts to provide humanitarian relief for citizens in distress. Operating under the “We Care” Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform, QNET has partnered with the Lion’s Club to provide clean drinking water for the Government Primary School. The company has pledged to provide sanitized water to the students in an effort to support better hygiene practices.

The government has adopted an initiative to promote hygiene awareness. The program is ongoing, and it is the hope of QNET and the Lion’s Club that all areas of India will eventually adopt the same sanitation practices. QNET philosophies are based on Ghandi’s teachings of helping your neighbor. The Raise Your Hands to Help Mankind (RYTHM) platform encourages helping others through selfless service.

QNET’s parent company QI Group operates with a strong sense of corporate responsibility environmental sustainability. A member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), QNET is working to correct many social ills taking place not only in India but internationally. A health check drive was recently implemented to provide healthy foods and medical care to the homeless and destitute. QNET’s own Nutriplus Protein Powder was provided as part of the nutrition regimen.

A spokesperson for QNET says they are pleased with what they have been able to accomplish thus far. “We have received a great deal of positive feedback.” QNET is encouraging other corporations to adopt their service-oriented platform by giving back to the community. The programs are doing a great deal towards the betterment of society.
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High Quality Real Estate Recycling

The development of unprofitable and unsafe urban communities in our large cities has, for some time, been a concern and an issue for debate. On the cutting edge of renewing lost and unused commercial real estate is Boraie Development. A visionary developer, Boraie Development has implemented a plan to recycle and renew dilapidated and unprofitable urban real estate. In New Brunswick, Boraie Development’s work in the urban community will result in an increase of high quality office space thereby drawing more businesses to the area. It will also provide a safe and more user-friendly cultural environment for its local residents and visitors. Both the upscale and the luxurious residential housing will attract professional tenants. Economically, it will increase the tax base for New Brunswick, which will benefit the city and all its residents

Conceived by Omar Boraie four decades ago, the New Brunswick project has been a long-term investment of time and collaboration. New Brunswick is a proto-type of a business community which meets all the social and economic needs of its residents and workforce. Those employed by the local businesses will benefit from the safe and upscale residential housing. Along with developing a strong employment and financial base for New Brunswick and its residents, the once neglected and unsafe neighborhoods of the urban community are now beautiful and provide both safe and upscale living conditions. Furthermore, the urban development has attracted cultural entertainment businesses, such as new theaters, which will be a way to attract tenants for the residential housing as well a means of attracting visitors to the area. The New Brunswick prototype of developing urban real estate into a self-sufficient business community is serving as an example to other cities, and development projects are being initiated. Such developments will help ensure the rebuilding and recycling of our urban communities..

Facts You Probably Did Not Know About QNet And Manchester City’s Partnership

QNet is a well known international multi-level marketing company. In August 2014, it announced a three years partnership with Barclay’s Premier League Champions, Manchester City. The partnership was brought to the public’s knowledge during a press conference in Etihad Stadium and was meant to make the award-winning lifestyle and wellness company become the official Manchester City’s direct selling partner. QNet was founded in 1998, and has twenty-five offices spread across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The club is also the leading selling company in Asia.

The company was set to benefit from the program by accessing Manchester City’s experiences that money can not buy which include player meets and greets that can be used as incentives for its Representatives who perform well. The same can be used to reward the most loyal customers. QNet, which is a heavyweight in all matters related to making products that enhance health and nutrition, is involved in a lot of philanthropic work internationally.

The company also provides education services. Its other products seek to improve wellness and personal care. The company is deeply rooted in the philosophy of empowering people start their businesses that generate income and wealth for them. This philosophy has played a very significant role in their rapid growth and success in the over 100 countries that the company operates in.

Manchester City’s officials were very delighted to be working with the company and were very positive that the opportunity provided a platform for both parties to grow. The officials were quick to relate their growth from a humble club to one of the world’s best clubs to QNet’s humble beginnings and tremendous growth. has a re-designed home page…you can take a look here.

On its part, QNet said that the club’s involvement in initiatives that give back to the society through football is synonymous to its RHYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind)philosophy that seeks to empower other people to succeed so that they can help others achieve the same. The company has a very strong conviction that people succeed best when they pool their energies and resources together. Just like in football, the company brings together persons with the best energies, trains and encourage them hard, comes up with strategies, outshines their competitors and keeps working harder day in day out to know better tricks of the game.

QNet was hopeful that the partnership would better their engagement it engages with communities around the world and also help improve the football standards in Asia by providing top quality training opportunities and coaching clinics. The company has and will continue being on the forefront when all matters related to providing top-notch products and services are concerned. It has also proved that it cares for the society by reaching far and wide to be involved in the grassroots.

Finding Superior Legal Representation in Florida

When it comes to legal matters, an individual has many options. The choices that are made going forward can have significant impact on the results of a possible action.

Whatever choice is made, it should be made with great prudence. While you may be able to find a lawyer who you get advice from in the beginning of your process, finding one with actual experience in your matter is a must. To choose legal counsel unable or unqualified to represent you can prove to be detrimental to the success of your case.

Even before going over the specifics of your matter, you should ask the lawyer questions of a general nature about his experience. Ascertain if he or she has handled this type of case before, and if so, how successful he or she was. A good lawyer will be not afraid to disclose his or her experience regarding situations like yours.

Dan Newlin is an attorney based in Orlando, Florida. He has years of extensive experience in helping people with personal injury cases, and has an impressive record in helping his plaintiffs secure decisions in their favor. His reputation of impeccable service has given him the reputation as one of the top lawyers in Florida.

Newlin has won several high profile cases for his clientele. In one of his cases, he successfully litigated a $24 million judgement for the family of a peace officer who was assaulted by two robbers at an Orlando ATM. The assailants attempted to secure a deal to sell the story of their crime and conviction after they were convicted and sent to prison. The family of the deceased officer heard about the deal they made, used Newlin to sue for damages, and were successful in obtaining a judgement that was attached to their stories’ royalties.

In another matter, Newlin was able to secure a court win for a young girl who was errantly shot in the head by a gang member. The injury left the girl paralyzed, unable to move or speak. Her only method of communication was blinking. Newlin represented her, and got the victim $100 million from her insurance company for pain and suffering and emotional distress. Dan Newlin was also written about by

Through the years, Newlin and Associates have won over $150 million in awards for their various clients over the firm’s lifetime. He practices in Orlando, as well as through a second office in Chicago, Illinois. If you dealing with a matter of personal injury, and you would like a consultation on, you can reach him through his website at

Broadening Our Definitions Of Art

Collecting art is a wonderful desire that is driven by a genuine passion. To begin collecting the intelligent way, one must refine their eye and magnify their possibilities. One of the main reasons that individuals collect art is for sheer pleasure that they get from each piece of work, which will continue for years, particularly if displayed in the home. An art piece will not run the risk of going out of fashion like trendy jewelry or clothing.

The founder of Exis Capital Management hedge funds Adam Sender has had a brilliant career that has allowed him to own one of the most remarkable contemporary art collections existing anywhere. Comprised of about 800 pieces, these personal and rich works have nearly taken over his Manhattan offices and homes. Since he has begun collecting since 1998 he has made incredible choices continuously. Sender has turned into a great art collector as he possess the skills to narrow out certain works from others and is able to incorporate all of them to make viewers understand the general development of art. Unafraid to experiment, Sender’s natural ability plus intelligence has assisted him in creating this amazing collection that is articulate and charming in every way, not to mention profitable.

Sender’s vast collection include works by socio-political photographer Rashid Johnson, social activist and artist Keith Haring, contemporary visual artist Jim Lambie, Cindy Sherman, Frank Benson, Sarah Lucas who is part of the 1990’s generation of Young British Artists , the conceptual artist Barbara Kruger, plus several incredible women artists. Many of these are on display in his home with decorating accomplished to specifically accommodate this growing collection. During various times Mr. Sender has loaned certain pieces such as Richard Prince’s “Spiritual America” to various museums such as the Guggenheim and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for all to enjoy and contemplate how the work’s theme was created. Here, Adam Sender was discussed in a Business Insider article.

After Sender graduated with a degree in history from the University of Michigan, this colorful individual accepted a position as a fund manager with Steve Cohen’s business SAC Capital Advisors LP. In 1998 he established his own company and even took over as chief executive officer for his Exis Capital Management Inc., which provided investment research and information for clients. In addition to collecting impressive art works, Sender also practices the intense Ashtanga yoga poses (also referred to as power yoga).

The process of collecting art is a whole experience unlike no other, which provides the purchaser with academic, emotional and collective gratification and even an occasional adrenaline rush. Art collecting allows one to express their personal taste and perhaps make a statement.

Passing Pluto

After the record breaking 90 minutes to the moon NASA’s New Horizons space craft delivers another record breaker: High definition shots of Pluto from a distance of 7,750 miles. “I’m delighted at this latest accomplishment by NASA, another first that demonstrates once again how the United States leads the world in space,” said John Holdren, assistant to the President for Science and Technology. The exploration of Pluto and its moons are a part of 50 years of planetary exploration by the United States Skout, and nine years in the making. New Horizons holds the record as the fastest spacecraft ever launched and as such has had to traverse all manner of space debris as something the size of a grain of rice would gut the craft. Contact will be re-established on Tuesday July 21st, 2015 and it will take a total of ten years to disseminate all of its collected data.