Adam Milstein Cracks the Surprising Radical Alliances and the Unprecedented Union Between Perennial Foes

Background Information

Adam Milstein is a manager in charge of financing, disposition and property management at Hager Pacific Properties. Moreover, the Israeli-American philanthropist also serves as the chair of the Israeli-American Council. Besides, he is a real estate investor, and the co-founder and president of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

Duties and Responsibilities

As an active philanthropist, Adam Milstein consolidates his efforts on strengthening his fellow Jews, Israel, and Israeli-America ties through his beneficence towards Jewish education, community and pro-Israel advocacy. Closely hinged to the aforementioned is perhaps why he zestfully writes articles supporting his philosophies and ideologies.

Unholy Radical Alliances Revamp Anti-Semitism

Being a renowned columnist, Adam Milstein recently posted an article on JNS.Org on 7th February, 2018 recapping radical Muslim’s determination to destroy and delegitimize Israel. The altruistic pro-Israel activist decries the increase in sharing of ideas and tactics among anti-Semitism sources, hence the rejuvenated wave of abhorrence, religious discrimination, and unrivalled racism against the Jews.

Contribution to the Society

The world has lately played host to the sordid alliance between radical Islam and radical leftists. This is magnanimously pegged on their mutual detestation for worldwide Western influence, freedom of speech, and despicable anti-Semitism. Therefore, according to Adam Milstein, the radical leftists have an aberrant perspective of Israel as an oppressor of Muslims. Astoundingly, they fault the Jews for every problem in the Middle East and yonder. Apparently due to this, they overlook all vicious acts of the radical Muslims.

His Insight

Typical of such an unholy alliance is Linda Sarsour’s contempt for women and war against radical Islam, yet a heroine to the lefts. The leftist students at Tufts University, too, dubbed Israel a ‘white supremacist’ state in a recently published guide. Akin to this is a guide at the New York University improvidently attacking Israel. Following two recent rallies, one in which Zionists were ridiculed by organizers for attempting to participate in a march against sexual assault, has worsened the unfathomable trend.


It vexes Adam Milstein to see the lefts, and the rights too, collude with radical Muslims in a coalition seeking to annihilate the Western values of freedom, tolerance, and democracy; all embraced only by Israel in the Middle East.

Michel Terpins shines in the Bull Sertoes Rally despite mechanical challenges

Michel Terpins is a popular figure within the Brazilian rally sport. He stands out as one of the few Brazilian drivers who has participated and won numerous rallying competitions in their entire career. Michel Terpins drives alongside Maykel Justo who is equally qualified and experienced behind the wheels. The duo recently participated in the Bull Sertoes 24th and the 5th edition Rally. The Bull Sertoes Rally is organized and funded by various stakeholders that include Motul, Ohlins, Terpins, Cintra Advogados, Eventos, MEM team and the Xarla.

Michel Terpin’s journey in the sports industry

Michel Terpins was born and brought up in Sao Paulo. He gained interest in driving rally cars when he was very young. He has been participating in various driving competitions for several years now. Michel is the current champion of the Brazilian Cross Country.

Before launching his career as a rally driver, Michel participated in various motorcycle competitions together with his younger brother, Rodrigo Terpins. Michel and Rodrigo competed in multiple races held in Sao Paulo and other parts of Brazil. Michel took part in the motorcycle competitions up until the 7th edition when he ventured into the car rallies. Michel and Maykel won the prototype T1in the Sertoes Rally. The two were ranked as the 5th fastest competition.

The sertoes Rally was quite tight due to the rough terrain. At some point in the third round as they headed to Aruana, the duo had a mechanical hitch, and they had to slow down. The mechanical glitch was caused by the malfunctioning of the gearbox, which compromised the accelerator.

Despite the mechanical challenges, Michel Terpins and his co-driver were able to stay ahead of the race. They finished in the fourth position in the prototypes T1 and 10th. Michel is considered to be one of the most experienced drivers in the Brazilian rallies. He began shining while he was young and he has continued to create a name for himself in the industry.

Michel has participated in many competitions that include the Country Rally and the Cross Rally championships. Tarpins is expected to attend in this year’s mid-game that will go down in Goias and Mato Grosso do Sul.