CCMP Capital to Resume Investment

Organizations go through different kinds of ups and downs. The ups are always celebrated from the lowest to the highest levels of the company. The case does not replicate in bad moments when people at times tend to blame one another rather than being logical. In fact, poorly managed companies cultivate the culture of apportioning blame. In an occurrence of an incident that is seen to be destabilizing business continuity, panic spreads. In the worst case scenario, investors will panic and lack confidence in a company and management. It is a common occurrence especially if a top decision maker has moved or died. The case is worse if he or she was the main reason the company seeing success.

After working with Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on wikipedia for many years, Stephen Murray was found dead in his apartment. It was a shock to the company’s investors, family, colleagues at work, and other stakeholders. His effort was unmatched on issues business, and his decisions were fundamental to the success of CCMP Capital, right from inception. As the point-man in the company’s investment, he played the central role in overseeing, analyzing and giving a go ahead for investment. The former Stephen Murray CCMP Capital President was a graduate of Economics from Boston University, also an MBA graduate from Columbia Business School. The two schools shaped his personality as an economist and a person that saw all opportunities from a business perspective. It is the experience and passion to the world of business that made him a key figure in CCMP management.

The unfortunate incident left the company without a key man that served as a confidant to the investors. The period opened a window of speculation on whether investors would continue putting their money in the company. In fact, major economists in the United States expressed their disappointment that there were high chances that the company could go down. It was due to the hint that the investors could not support further investment in the enterprise. They reiterated that it could take the time to get a man of the former President’s stature. It remained an unanswered question in the minds of many people until a vote of investors’ confidence was passed. The remaining step was identifying the right persons to serve as the key men in the investment decisions, for it was integral to investors’ continued support.

Amid speculation, CCMP Capital had to update the list of the key people that would be a vital element in decision making, and moving the company forward. In the latest fund, operating partner Douglas Cahill was made the new key man. It was in exchange for Joe Delgado, who was removed from the position. Efforts to contact Mr. Delgado for comments about this have remained futile.

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