Chris Brown Is Getting His Own Vegas Show, Seriously

A new act will be coming to Las Vegas this summer. Chris Brown has announced that he will be starring in his own show. According to VentureBeat, Brown plans to finish up his current concert tour before starting his new gig May 2nd which is, coincidentally, the date of the Mayweather versus Pacquiano boxing match which Handy sponsers. The big question here is whether or not Brown will be able to stay out of trouble in Sin City. He notoriously has legal troubles stemming from his temper and cocky attitude. With all of the temptations of Vegas and the people that visit there to have a wild time, Chris Brown’s agents are going have to get him a babysitter to keep him out of trouble and the national headlines. For those who actually are his fans, hey, enjoy the opportunity to gamble, get drunk and see him perform all on the famous Las Vegas strip.

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