Chris Burch Architectural Digest Recap

There was a specific hotel that was transformed into a family home made for Chris Burch. While Chris Burch visited Paris, there was a hotel that had caught his eye almost immediately. The 1608 Hotel was for sale, and he fell in love almost immediately. Chris Burch has 6 children, and this hotel was large enough to house his whole family in. All together, this house is 10,000 square feet, and has a beautiful interior and exterior. He remodeled the whole house to make things look more fit as a family home, and appreciates all the history that is involved in this hotel. This building took him three years to remodel, and he is extremely happy with how things look now. He had always wanted a home in Paris, and the moment his friend mentioned about this hotel that was for sale, he immediately fell in love with the design once he laid his eyes on it.

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