ClassDojo is Helping to Improve the Learning Experience

There are various activities that learners carry out in school and would wish to have their parents know about them. For long, this has not been possible, but now it is. Through a communication app known as ClassDojo, the teachers, students, and parents are working together to ensure that students get a worthwhile experience at school. With this app, teachers, guardians, and students who use this app can share photos, videos at any time of the school day. The classroom experiences are now closer to each party.

The primary mission for ClassDojo is to transform the education of each student in the world. To be able to achieve this, the organization has resulted to connecting the three key players in education (parents, teachers, and students) and encouraging them to bring new ideas in the classroom. ClassDojo is not focused on creating a perfect class, but it rather operates on the belief that with teachers, parents, and students coming together, the result can be an ideal classroom. They also believe that once real people are bestowed with the primary ways of doing the right thing, great things happen.

With ClassDojo, the students take up different avatars which can be changed as preferred. They have their Portfolios, from which they can share their learning through photos or even videos. Once the students improve on their performances, they get to receive Dojo points. ClassDojo has helped the parents to start conversations with their children. The cliché greetings of how your day was are becoming a thing of the past since folks have seen videos or photos of activities that their children have been undertaking during the day. Teachers can communicate to the parents quickly in case they need to pass an urgent message. ClassDojo has also enabled teachers to record the behavior of students in just a click.

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