Clean Power Now – An Op-Ed By Andy Wirth

At this point in our history, we find ourselves staring in the face of an unavoidable issue. The issue of climate change. In this op-ed by Andy Wirth, published in September 2015 by the Reno Gazette-Journal, the author speaks to the desperate nature of the situation and our responsibility to get it right now before it is too late.
The article is centered around the recent vote of the Reno, Nevada city council to support the Clean Power Plan. This plan is a regional conglomerate of companies, corporations, and government entities focused on bringing clean and green initiatives and practices to the local utilities market. Wirth stresses the importance of sacrificing short-term gain for long-term quality of life, in regards to the continued use of coal power in the region supported primarily by profit. Wirth continues to urge readers to accept that the air-quality is unacceptable and the overall well-being of the environmental community is already suffering and there is no time to waste in correcting the problems. He also points out that making the right choices now will not only ensure the health of our environment in the long-term, but also will improve the economic outlook as well. The urgent passion for the protection of our environment shown by Andy Wirth is the catalyst for the kind of real change needed to restore hope for the future.
Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in Olympic Valley California. He is an avid philanthropist and environmentalist in the Lake Tahoe area with a passion for preserving the landscapes he has worked so hard to protect. Wirth has taken his professional success and zeal and applied it directly to the cause of keeping our environment safe for future generations. Andy Wirth has also received several awards for his work in the community as well as the strength and leadership he has shown in all of his endeavours. In 2013, Andy Wirth’s arm was severed in a skydiving accident, but was able to be surgically re-attached. He has continued to work tirelessly for the cause of a better tomorrow.

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