Creating Positive Classroom Experiences with ClassDojo

Parent-teacher interactions are extremely important to the academic success of the student. When a teacher communicates effectively with a parent, it’s shows the devotion the teacher has to the student. It shows that they are willing to work with the student and the parent to ensure the child is successful in their education. When a patent communicates with a teacher, it allows the parent to be constantly abreast of what their child is doing during the day when they are away. Currently, there is a company that is making parent-teacher interactions easier and more effective. This tech startup, is working diligently to ensure the parent knows exactly how to tackle the academic success of their child. This communication platform is creating a positive culture between classroom and student.


ClassDojo is a tech application that connects teachers to their students’ parents. With ClassDojo, parents are able to keep updated on their child’s work as well as any activities they are participating in. Recently, ClassDojo just raised $21 million in a round of venture funding, which will allow them to improve the technology and make it more community-centric. This application allows parents to communication throughout the day, which keeps them aware of what’s going on. So, if for any reason, something happens they will know. This is better than the annual parent-teacher conferences. Founders, Liam Don and Sam Chaundry, state that ClassDojo allows teachers to share the student’s schedule with his or her parents. It also allows the teacher to take photos of the students work and share it with the parents.


ClassDojo is a communication platform that is effective in giving more access to their child’s classroom. This application is used in K-8 schools all over the United States. It is free for teachers.


ClassDojo is used to create communities within the classrooms. In addition to engagement between teacher and parent, students can also interact by adding their best work to their portfolios. This service is a great way to keep students excited about their education.

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