Daughters of B.B. King Claim Father Was Poisoned

Two of B.B. Kings daughters have alleged that the noted blues legend was poisoned and that the poisoning was the cause of his death. They claim that the business manager for King poisoned him in an attempt to gain control of his estate. This is not the first time that the daughters have claimed that B.B. King’s business manager had mistreated their father. In an earlier suit, the daughters had claimed that the business manager had conducted elderly abuse on their father. A court found no basis for their claim and the suit by the daughters were dismissed. A court of inquiry has ordered a complete autopsy on B.B. King’s remains but the corner has not found any evidence of poisoning. More detailed lab work is being done to confirm the corner initial findings. Many believe that the claims by the daughters are an attempt to gain control of the King estate and to limit, if not exclude completely, the role played by King’s longtime business manager. Estate experts at Boraie Development report that it is not uncommon for feuds of this nature to occur over the estate and the assets within the estate of individuals of high net worth. This trend seems to be heightened when the deceased is a celebrity like an actor, singer or artist whose earning potential will continue to function even after their passing. Many of these battles result in the estate being tied up in various courts for years. B. B. King’s Daughters Claim Their Famous Father Was Poisoned

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