David Giertz Talks About Why It’s Critical To Start Saving For Retirement When You’re Young

With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry David Giertz is a highly experienced individual. He worked for years as a financial adviser before moving into management and then working as an executive. During his professional career he has worked for Nationwide Financial, Financial Horizons Security Corp., and with Citicorp in their investment services division. FINRA has him registered as a broker and has completed his Principal/Supervisor Exam, State Securities Law Exam, and General Industry & Products Exam.

When it comes to saving for retirement. David Giertz says that the earlier you get started the better. It can be tough when you’re young and paying off student loans, saving to buy a home, and living life but nonetheless saving for the future is vitally important. He says that he advises all of his clients under the age of 40 to max out their 401k’s at work and a separate IRA, either Roth or traditional, as the number one priority. Your older self will thank you very much because you’ll have a great retirement as long as you’re willing to make some sacrifices while you are younger, he says.

Another thing he tells younger people who seek him out for financial advice is to learn to live below your means. The says by doing this you will establish sound financial habits that will pay off again and again as you get older. Too many people spend their entire paychecks which is unhealthy both financially and mentally. Another issue is that as people’s paychecks go up their spending goes up right along with it. David Giertz says this lifestyle creep is easy to do but ought to be fully resisted. Instead, when you get a raise try to set aside as much of it as you can.

David Giertz says that managing your retirement accounts requires too much time and expertise for most people. He instead advises that people find an investment adviser who they can trust to do a good job for them. He says people should interview a number of investment advisers before they settle on one as well.

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