David McDonald Talks Of Successful Operations For OSI Group In China

OSI Group has become one of the number one contenders in the food and meat processing markets with a wide variety of products supplied all over the world today. David McDonald has been with the OSI team for more than three decades now as the company President, working to build the an international company; brand in different parts of the world. The primary goal for OSI has stayed the same for nearly 50 years, expansion, which is done by going above and beyond to meet the needs of millions of customers across the globe. David McDonald specializes in building relationships, and one of the core components of OSI Groups good standings in communities around the world are the employees.

Some 20 thousand employees are working at OSI from more than 65 different locations in more than a dozen countries. The partners that David brings in to OSI are not just random, but they generally have good standings within the community that OSI is trying to serve, which helps the corporation find a better balance and overall a successful company in its location. Building good relations in China has been one of the more difficult tasks for David and OSI, as locals turn away from outsiders much more frequently.

David has stayed flexible and focused on meeting the needs of the Chinese food market for many years, which has a much different culture compared to the west, and this has allowed OSI to build a relationship of trust within China’s market. Three decades working within the same market for the same company is a big deal, and David McDonald has managed to stay at the top of his game by constantly staying engaged, both with customers and colleagues. OSI Group has been functioning like one big family for more than a century since the original founder started the business in Chicago in 1909, and it has built most of its reputation on best quality service and positive feedback from local communities.

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