Desiree Perez Revolutionizes the Tidal Streaming Business

The music industry is a lucrative business. While most of the money gets acquired through the sales of records, millions of dollars also get tapped from the streaming business. Tidal is a music streaming company. However, it is an underdog in the industry. The company’s executive, Desiree Perez seeks to uplift the company and ensure it becomes the favorite among video streamers. The company’s management has evolved over time. However, the change hasn’t deterred the founder, Jay-Z. After the administration had stepped down, he steered into another direction with the idea of saving the company. Today, with the help of Desiree, Tidal is thriving with new membership and a large base of music fans.

The best decision Jay-Z made for the company is bringing Desiree into the enterprise.  Click on for related article. She has helped complete some multi-million dollar contracts. At such a time, having Desiree assist the business in transitioning from one step to the other has born great fruits. Additionally, she has helped Jay-Z transition from the rap industry to music streaming. She has the right mind and the ability to finalize deals profitable to musicians and the company. The Tidal app is gaining ground after exclusives from Rihanna, Beyoncé, TI, and Kanye West. Today, it has more than one million subscribers.  Go straight to this important link for more reading.

Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez of Roc Nation Sports. She exhibits excellent managerial and accounting skills. She is credited for the Beyoncé’s Formation Stadium tour and Rihanna’s deal with Samsung. Since her input, the Tidal app is finally cutting its path in the streaming industry.

Desiree is a shrewd entrepreneur and a figure in the entertainment industry. Today she serves as an executive at Roc Nation, an entertainment company. Roc Nation also offers management services to musicians. Additionally, she works with Jay-z in the management and development of the Tidal streaming business. Perez has worked in the entertainment industry for two decades. She has successfully negotiated deals skyrocketing her client’s profits. Perez also works at SC Enterprise.  More of this on

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