Dipset Reunites With Newly Released Song

Dipset was a very popular group back in the day, but they disbanded, and each member went their separate ways. Each member has been quite successful, especially Cam’Ron and Jim Jones. Dipset Reunion. Cam’Ron went on to do movies, as well as to have his own albums, while Jim Jones went on to make albums, as well as be on a reality show. Jim Jones was the star of Love and Hip-Hop New York when it first premiered, and he went strong on the show for two seasons.

After the second season of the show, Jim Jones dropped out, and Sam Tabar got his own spinoff show, which lasted two seasons as well. Even Juelz Santana did some memorable songs, and one of them was featured in “The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift” movie. Finally, after years apart, the group is getting back together, and they have put out a new song entitled “Have My Money.” The new song is being released, prior to a mix tape, which will be dropped by the entire crew, including Freekey Zekey.

There had been rumors in the past that the group was going to get back together, but nothing had utilized until now. The mix tape is on its way, and the group has a five stop tour planned, where they will promote the new upcoming mix tape, before releasing it. Good luck to the group, and it’s nice to see them back together again.

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