DJ Mustard Produces More Beats than Any Other Producer in 2014

When Kanye West was trying to break into the business it was not uncommon to hear a large number of his beats on mix tapes and radio. He was trying to get into the game. He was working hard. DJ Mustard appears to have that same type of hard work ethic that Mr. West has because no one has been behind the production boards than DJ Mustard.

A lot of this may have to do with the fact that he is more focused on singles than full album production. MTV rated all of the DJ Mustard taggedtracks. He probably worked with YG more than anyone -according to the MTV list – but he is still not a concept producer yet. Timbaland produced entire albums for Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake. Pharrell has handled an entire album for Madonna in the past. This gives the whole album a certain sound. DJ Mustard choose to work with lots of different artists to spread his talent around. He has managed to differentiate himself from a host of other producers by switching things up on these different singles.

Music lovers at BRL Trust that scroll through the list will see names like 2 Chainz and YG mentioned over and over again. These are 2 rappers that appeared in the DJ Mustard album. They have rapped on lots of the DJ Mustard beats this year. Other regulars include Rick Ross and Kid Ink.

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