Doug Levitt Says Greyhound Diaries Taught Him About Despair

Journalist Doug Levitt has spend the last 10 years traveling all over the country to meet every part of American society. While crisscrossing the country by Greyhound Bus, he learned a lot of lessons about poverty and America’s forgotten underclass.

Throughout his travels, he has talked with fully-tattooed Neo Nazis, truck drivers, prostitutes, homeless people and even musicians. Over the years, what started out as an experiment morphed into a hobby. While Doug Levitt admits that transportation by Greyhound isn’t the first choice of most travelers. But this was by design for Levitt, because he knew that he would meet an eclectic group of characters.

The Greyhound Diaries was borne out of the 2004 presidential campaign. Levitt signed up as a volunteer for John Kerry to help register voters. As he traveled from town to town by bus, he met with a number of people. After the registration was over, he continued to travel around the country. He collected pictures, mementoes and songs to mark his travels.

Mr. Levitt was previously a war correspondent for CBS News. He also worked at NBC and CNN in some of the most war torn countries on the planet. The D.C. native graduated from Cornell University then went on to receive a degree in management from the London School of Economics. He has created a one-man show based on his Greyhound Diaries travels and performs it around the country. Levitt says he may continue his project for a few more years, but right now, he’s content with performances at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

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