Dr. Rod Rohrich teaches the importance of moving with the times in Plastic Surgery


Dr. Rod Rohrich has become one of the most respected and important plastic surgeons in the World following his pioneering work as the head of the Plastic Surgery Department at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Rod Rohrich has spent a large amount of time studying at different medical centers around the World before arriving at UT Southwestern and heading up his own department, the different areas of plastic surgery he has studied have made him a much sought after speaker and teacher for different groups. Dr. Rod Rohrich has spent a large amount of time creating and perfecting new techniques he hopes will improve the field of plastic surgery and reduce the number of problem cases the medical industry is faced with.

Dr Rod Rohrich embarked on his career at UT Southwestern after a successful stint at Oxford University in the UK, where he was taught a large amount about the treatment of pediatric cases in plastic surgery. From there Dr Rod Rohrich returned to the US and began a career that takes in a practical side to plastic surgery in the operating room and the completion of a number of academic papers at regular intervals that are used as teaching and learning tools by individual surgeons and larger groups around the World.

In his role as a teacher, Dr. Rod Rohrich addressed the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2014 and called upon his colleagues to look at the latest approaches to plastic surgery that are available in the field. During his lecture in Dallas, Texas, Dr Rod Rohrich stated the continued use of the term face lift should be phased out as the modern procedure bore little to no relation to that used when the term was coined. Dr Rod Rohrich explained that almost every plastic surgery procedure completed in the modern World was a combination of many different techniques and options made available through many hours and years of research and study. Dr Rod Rohrich also argues that the use of the most modern techniques also made it easier for patients to avoid the many problems they could face with older, out of date techniques.

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