Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who has been recognized throughout the world. He has completed more than 2,000 surgeries in his 40 year career as a pediatric surgeon. His surgeries have changed children’s lives for the better, and he has saved many of their lives. His expertise ranges from an entire array of diseases and ailments. He is a professional who values his fellow doctors and his patients more than anything else. His knowledge has been growing, and he continues to build on his large base of expertise. To add to his professional repertoire, he has invented two medical devices that are meant to make the profession safer and smoother for his fellow practitioners.


Dr. Saad Saad’s first major invention was patented as Patent Number 5,727,553. It is the Catheter with an electromagnetic location identifier. It works by locating the catheter within the patient’s body. Traditional catheters require the use of radiation through an X-ray or magnetic imaging with an MRI to locate it inside the body. Some catheters can be left inside the body, so doctors need to know where they are located at all times to ensure there are no complications. The catheter is used to drain fluids and gases from the body. These fluids can present problems and discomfort for patients. The fluids need to be drained prior to performing surgery. The difficulty with catheters is the tracking of their location once they’re inside a patient’s body. Doctors can’t always use an MRI because they are so large, and too much radiation from an X-ray is harmful to a patient. This is what led Dr. Saad Saad to his invention. He decided to create a catheter that could easily be traced inside a patient’s body. The catheter he invented uses electromagnetic energy to locate it when it is inside the body. The catheter tip has wires inside the walls, and it has a magnetically permeable tip. A device with magnetic coils can be used to sweep over a patient’s body and quickly locate the catheter. This device is highly useful for patients in ICU and patients who cannot be moved. The device is compact and portable.


Dr. Saad Saad is an innovative doctor. He has saved many lives thanks to this innovation. Since his years as an undergraduate, he desired to be a great doctor. Once he attended his first residence, he knew he would be a pediatric surgeon. There is nothing more fulfilling than saving the lives of children. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/saad-saad

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