Drake Makes Billboard History

Drake has become a face that is recognized in pop music. He has managed to become a real success, and his current mix tape release is great proof of his power in the industry. With no promotion he released a mix tape overnight, and it sold almost 500,000 copies. Now all 17 tracks are on the Billboard top 50.

The current force of Drake seems to be unstoppable. He has released so many new singles that it is hard to keep track of what he is doing. There are a lot of different people that are trying to keep up with him, but Drake is a work horse. Jason Halpern says he seems to just keep getting more and more exposure to larger audiences. The scary thing is that this is not even an album. It was just considered a mix tape from Drake. He has released more music that wasn’t even on the mix tape that is on the Billboard charts right now.

It is like everything that he touches is a certified hit. He has the confidence that it takes to make great music, and he is showing the public that he is still hungry after all these years in the rap game. It is like he is on his debut album all over again. Fans are cheering, and the competition is trying to catch up. He is taking the crown in hip hop.

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