Drew Madden Launches New Healthcare IT Company with Fellow Managing Partners

Drew Madden is currently one of the founders of the new consulting firm for healthcare providers, called Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The launch of the company was announced recently by Madden and his managing partners on LinkedIn. His managing partners include Jeff Leach, Rebecca Bottorff, and Aaron Friedman. Evergreen Healthcare Partner’s goal is to provide healthcare information technology expertise to their client partners. The main focus of the company will be electronic health records. Specifically, they will be focusing on implementation and advisory assistance for various electronic health record platforms and other healthcare technologies, however, they hope to expand into a lot more specialties.

Before Evergreen Healthcare, Drew Madden has had a lot of experience in the healthcare industry. His long list of experience with electronic health records will be very beneficial to the new company. Madden is known for working with companies like Nordic, Bluetree Network, Ingenix, and Sagacious Consultants. All of which specialized in healthcare information technology. Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010 and became the President of the company from 2001-2016. During Madden’s time at Nordic, the company experienced a lot of growth in regards to the number of employees and client partners. Nordic has also been recognized as one of the country’s best places to work, as well as one of the most successful Epic-specific consulting firms in its industry. Now Madden’s new company, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, will be competing with Nordic.

Madden received his education from the University of Iowa College of Engineering. He graduated with a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering, focusing in Medical Systems. He then began his career in healthcare working at Cerner Corporation. He remained there for four years where he did work as an Implementation Consultant. Later, he took on another implementation role at Healthia Consulting, where he spent another four years before he moved on to positions in Business Development. Madden has been passionate about electronic medical records since the start of his career, and he hopes to create a captivating company culture as well as build trust with client partners.

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