Edisoft’s Timely Product Offers The Market’s Current Needs

In the report from news site Logistics Viewpoints, the transportation industry has never faced more challenges than today. With many metrics not delivering the needed data that employers and company managers want, many businesses are affected enough to look for third parties that answer the needs. In the article, it was evident that measuring the on-time performance of companies used to be the most challenging issue that transport operators face. Not anymore.


The Key Performance Indicator is a valuable asset in making sure that the companies are reaching their potential, especially businesses in the industry of carriage. However, the next challenge in the transport industry is to be able to find ways to measure KPI across different physical and regulatory factors of the supply chain.


There’s still a lot of questions for the transport industry in knowing the performance of the couriers. Questions like how timely the parcel reaches their destination in deliveries and how satisfied the customers are in the delivery time are some of the most common questions facing the supply chain areas of any company.


The Edisoft Solution

With all these problems in the supply chain come the solutions from Edisoft, which is the software company that helps provide for a customizable Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platform that helps companies reach their potential.


Right now Edisoft is the leading manufacturer of the software that helps leverage data to improve the performance of enterprises. With Edisoft’s strategic Vendor Compliance, Warehouse and Carrier Management software integrated into one single seamless system, no company gets left behind when it comes to KPI.


Edisoft is a firm believer that for a company to measure the KPI of its complete supply chain performance, it almost always needs to focus on metrics that involve a multi-level network of functions and many trading partners rather than just focusing on one network branch. This belief is what drives Edisoft’s more than 20 employees in its Toronto, ON central office to always work hard to deliver the needs of the market.


Truly, Edisoft is successful in serving clients worldwide and partners in making sure that all the data needed to understand the growth of a company gets analyzed.



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